Chapter 287 Anger to Death

At this time, even if the sect leader himself had come, it might not have been able to stop everyone’s charge.

But this voice was able to do that. That was because this voice came from Long Chen, a god-like figure in their hearts.

Everyone celebrated when they heard Long Chen’s voice, and forgetting their anger, they withdrew.

Long Chen slowly walked out and respectfully went to Tu Fang. “Elder Tu Fang, can you leave this place to me?”

Tu Fang also sighed a breath of relief when he saw Long Chen. It was like with Long Chen present, no matter how difficult a problem was, everything could be easily resolved.

“Ok, then you can handle this. And Long Chen, you don’t need to be worried about anything, because even the sect leader backs you.”

Tu Fang’s meaning was obvious. Long Chen didn’t need to be afraid of Luo Bing. If she dared personally attack, the sect leader would definitely come out to stop her.

“You are Long Chen?” Luo Bing was somewhat flabbergasted.

Long Chen didn’t pay attention to Luo Bing. He beckoned to Guo Ran. Guo Ran had been with Long Chen for so long that he could immediately tell what Long Chen was planning just from his expression.

He hastily came over and took out a luxurious chair from his spatial ring. Long Chen immediately sat down.

He had only just sat down when Guo Ran opened up a large parasol, sticking its end into a hole on the back of the chair.

Long Chen comfortably lay back in the shade. Guo Ran quickly produced a cup filled with something. As soon as that cup appeared, a sweet scent that everyone could smell floated out.

“Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Crystal!”

Even Luo Bing was moved. A small Blood Condensation rookie actually possessed Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Crystal. Furthermore, from his posture, it seemed that he drank it like it was just tea.

He gracefully sipped it, relishing in the taste. He had only just swallowed when Guo Ran produced a white napkin that Long Chen used to wipe his mouth.

Whether it was disciples or Elders, everyone present was stunned. As Tang Wan-er watched Long Chen and Guo Ran’s act, she couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Once again, this scoundrel was up to mischief.

Guo Ran put on a respectful look, but inside, he was laughing intensely. Back then when he had first become acquainted with Long Chen, he had known that Long Chen could definitely become an absolute peak braggart.

Because he thought Long Chen could become an amazing braggart, Guo Ran had taught Long Chen an extremely flashy entrance method. In fact, he had come up with a whole process.

But Long Chen had always refused to do it. If someone really showed off like this, they would definitely be beaten by others. So no matter how Guo Ran had persuaded him, Long Chen had refused.

That had depressed Guo Ran greatly. But even in his depression, he knew that there would be one day when his boss finally understood how important being a show-off was.

He had always kept the props with him. When Long Chen had beckoned with his hand, Guo Ran’s eyes had immediately lit up. That was precisely the starting gesture of the pretentious sequence Guo Ran had taught him.

As this pretentious act played out, Guo Ran went all-out playing his part, looking extremely natural and pleased.

The entire crowd was completely silent. The thirty-sixth monastery’s people were all just stunned. What were they doing? Who were these two? What was with this extravagant display?

After Long Chen wiped off his mouth, he unhurriedly passed the napkin back to Guo Ran and indifferently said, “Who are these people? They must be stupid. If they know I’m Long Chen, why would they still ask?”

“They probably have some illness.”

“Do you know what kind of illness?”

“From what I’ve seen, it’s probably a mental illness.”

“Aren’t people mentally ill supposed to be kept under lock and key? Otherwise, wouldn’t they just randomly run amuck, biting others?”

“My guess is that their master didn’t look after them!”

“They took advantage of their master not paying attention to run out. They really must be peak grade.”

“No, from what I see, they seem more like trash grade.”

Suddenly, a roar interrupted the two of them.

“You two juniors, are you looking to die?!”

Luo Bing had finally reacted. These two were actually cursing her!

The thirty-sixth monastery’s disciples were still stunned. They all knew Luo Bing was incredibly unreasonable and definitely wouldn’t forgive the two of them.

Even sect leaders of all the monasteries ranked below fifty would feel a headache when they saw her and would generally avoid her.

As for ordinary Elders, running into her was incredibly unfortunate for them. But now she was being ridiculed like this by some random disciples.

Tang Wan-er was covering her laughter. In her opinion, this scoundrel Long Chen’s greatest ability was infuriating others. He was practically able to anger living people to death, and anger dead people back to life. As for people half dead, he would probably anger them so much that they alternated between life and death.

As for the other disciples behind Long Chen, they all looked at him worshipfully. This was their idol.

Who cared if you were ranked thirty-sixth? Who cared if you were in the Xiantian realm? Even so, Long Chen wouldn’t give a damn about you.

Long Chen smiled slightly. Acting pretentious like this wasn’t bad. At the very least it had completely infuriated this high and aloof Luo Bing. It really was satisfying.

“Just now you said our 108th monastery’s disciples are all pigs. Then let me ask you, what are you guys?” Long Chen asked Luo bing.

“Hmph, a small Blood Condensation brat doesn’t have the qualifications to ask me a question,” sneered Luo Bing.

“Oh? So, it’s like that? Then you should scram. What are you still doing here?”

Luo Bing obviously didn’t want to talk with Long Chen. She was a Xiantian expert, someone on the same level as a sect leader.

Just speaking to Tu Fang made her feel like she was losing status. Talking to Long Chen would be even worse.

And most hateful of all, Long Chen was sitting down while she was standing. But if she then sat down, then that would essentially be accepting that Long Chen had the qualifications to sit on an even level with her.

So she couldn’t sit, and she also couldn’t stand without losing status. That infuriated her. She asked Tu Fang, “Does your 108th monastery really not have anybody left? You sent a little brat to talk to me?”

Tu Fang icily smiled. “Long Chen is the representative of our monastery’s disciples. He was also the commander in the last Corrupt and Righteous battle.

“He led the Righteous disciples to defeat Corrupt disciples who outnumbered them by several times, leading us to an unprecedented victory.

“Then by using his powerful combat ability, he managed to kill a Favored, an eight-temper Bone Forging Corrupt Elder, and-”

“Forget about it. You can leave your bragging lies in your mouth. I’m not interested.” Luo Bing glared at Tu Fang.

“If you don’t want to listen, then scram. Long Chen is the representative of our monastery.” Tu Fang smiled coldly.

As soon as Long Chen appeared, he used a practically perfect pretentious display to immediately exterminate Luo Bing’s overbearing attitude.

That was really just too refreshing for Tu Fang. In all his life, he had never been as irritated as today. Now Tu Fang didn’t have any more misgivings.

Luo Bing was even more infuriated. She, a grand Xiantian expert, was repeatedly told by those inferior to her to scram.

“Ling Yunzi, is this how your 108th monastery treats guests?!”

Luo Bing’s angry roar rang out, shaking the heavens. It could clearly be heard for thousands of miles.

This was her attempt to force Ling Yunzi to come out. She needed someone on the same level as her to talk to.

“How are you, guests? Long Chen can represent our entire monastery. His words are the same as my words. If you don’t like it, scram.”

Ling Yunzi’s voice rang out in all their ears. That raised the spirits of the monastery’s disciples. The sect leader’s support was a great encouragement.


Luo Bing was completely infuriated. It had always been her bullying others. This was the first time she had been so vexed.

But thinking about her mission, she clenched her teeth and spat out, “Fine, Long Chen, I’ll talk with you.”

“You shameless old bitch, you’re so old, you’re so ugly, and you still want to court our boss? What delusional thinking!” Long Chen hadn’t even had a chance to reply before Guo Ran stood up with righteous indignation, cursing at Luo Bing.

Long Chen spat out a mouthful of Queen Bee Crystal. Being caught off guard, it dripped out of his nose and he teared up.

“Guo Ran!” raged Long Chen.

“Boss, don’t worry, I’ll protect you. I definitely won’t let this bitch defile your purity!” Guo Ran righteously patted his chest.

Killing intent surfaced from Luo Bing. She detested when people called her bitch, whether it was in the open or in secret. All those who called her that had to die.

If previously she was filled with fury, then now she was filled with killing intent. It appeared as though she might snap and start killing people at any moment. That gave Long Chen a fright.

“Speak, why did you come here?” Long Chen hastily pulled the conversation back on topic.

Luo Bing had to take a couple of deep breaths. If she hadn’t had her own mission in coming here, she really would have snapped and killed these two brats.

She knew that this was a rare chance for the thirty-sixth monastery to cozy up to the first monastery. She had to take this seriously.

It was only with a great deal of effort that she finally suppressed her killing intent. But inside, she swore that as soon as there was a chance, she would definitely smash these two into mincemeat.

Luo Bing began, “This time, we came to have a friendly exchange of pointers, to mutually raise each other, to-”

“Don’t give me your crap and get to the point.” Long Chen waved his hand impatiently.

Luo Bing clenched her fists so tightly they creaked. She was on the edge of exploding. 

Within the thirty-sixth monastery, other than the sect leader, she possessed the highest authority. Anyone would have to treat her respectfully.

If she didn’t make life hard on someone, they would have to go back and light incense in thanks. But here, it was the opposite.

She had no choice but to tolerate Long Chen’s words, even though his words were constant provocations against her. 

She used her greatest restraint to keep herself calm, but her voice still trembled slightly.

“We’ll each send out ten people, and each battle will be between people at the same level. Whoever wins six matches will win overall.”

Long Chen icily looked at Luo Bing, his expression extremely strange. His gaze contained a bit of ridicule, a bit of despise, and a bit of pity. 

He sighed, “You must have some kind of mental illness, right?”

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