Chapter 286 Poisonous Mouth

“If you want us to leave, you have to promise me something.”

“What?” demanded Tu Fang.

Although Tu Fang had a stomach of anger, he was extremely curious just why she had come to such a remote place like this.

“It’s very simple. I just want your disciples to exchange pointers with my disciples.”

“Aren’t you going too far? Your monastery is ranked thirty-sixth, while we’re ranked last. You’re clearly bullying. I knew that your mouth was dislikable, but I never knew your skin was so thick too! Why don’t you go exchange pointers with the first monastery?” demanded Tu Fang.

The power difference and background between the two of them wasn’t even comparable.

“So what if I don’t go to the first monastery? So what if I prefer to bully a group of wasteful pigs? What are you going to do about it? Your group of trash made us lose three core disciple positions for the Jiuli secret realm! Do you really think we’d let that pass so easily?” Luo Bing’s face was extremely malevolent now.

She had no idea how, but somehow the 108th monastery had managed to gather so many talents this time.

Originally, the monastery had only had four core disciples who had awakened their ancestral marks. But after that huge battle, they had all awakened their ancestral marks.

According to the rules, any core disciples who had awakened their ancestral marks would automatically get a spot to enter the Jiuli secret realm.

In total, the monastery had had seventeen core disciples. Qi Xin had essentially been killed by Long Chen, and Lei Qianshang had died in the battle. That left them with fifteen core disciples.

In addition, there was one ‘free’ spot given to the last place monastery as a gift from the supermonastery. The monastery could decide who to give that position to.

Even the supermonastery had been emotionally moved by the 108th monastery. It had to be known that the 108th monastery was always extremely pitiful. They only managed to pass their days with only the ‘free’ resources given to them by the monastery, never accomplishing anything big.

In all of history, the 108th monastery had only ever had one or two core disciples who had managed to enter the Jiuli secret realm. There had never been a third.

Now that so many powerful experts had come from the 108th monastery, the supermonastery would naturally send down their support. However, there were limited spots to enter the Jiuli secret realm. That was because each entrance to the Jiuli secret realm could only support so many people. After a certain number of people had entered, it would automatically close.

Having so many experts suddenly appear, the supermonastery had considered it and felt that this was too rare for the 108th monastery, and they hadn’t cut down on even one of their spots.

Instead, they had decided to pick a few monasteries who ranked near the top middle who would all just lose out slightly. Those monasteries had had to hand over one of their spots to the 108th monastery.

In theory, it sounded good. But where there were people, there would be conflicts.

Several monasteries had ended up losing out, each one of them having to give one of their spots for the 108th monastery.

Of course, this range was limited. The top ten monasteries couldn’t be chosen because of how many people they possessed and their powerful background supporters. They naturally couldn’t choose those top ten monasteries.

As for those ranked below fiftieth, there was no need to even think about them. Those people already possessed pitifully few spots to enter. If they deducted their last few spots, that would really be excessive.

And so they had only chosen the monasteries ranking from eleventh to fiftieth. They had chosen the relatively more suitable monasteries to pay the price for the 108th monastery.

The loss of one spot meant that one of their core disciples who had also awakened their ancestral mark would not be able to enter the Jiuli secret realm.

And the thirty-sixth monastery had really been unlucky, because the person in charge of this matter was someone who had been sneered at by Luo Bing multiple times before. Now that person finally got their revenge on her. 

The other unlucky monasteries had only lost a single spot, but the thirty-sixth monastery had lost five spots.

When he had heard this news, the thirty-sixth monastery’s sect leader almost died from anger. He had immediately gone to find that person in charge of this.

But as soon as he had seen the person in charge, he had realized everything.

That person had righteously told him that his thirty-sixth monastery had been enjoying slightly too many spots for the Jiuli secret realm for over two thousand years, and so these five spots were to balance out all of those years.

No matter how the thirty-sixth monastery’s sect leader complained, that person had just replied with that righteous and fair argument, refusing all counter-arguments and bribes. In the end, that manager had left him with a single line: even if you have to squeeze yourself to death, you still have to hand over five spots.

The thirty-sixth monastery’s sect leader had immediately flown into a rage the minute he returned to his monastery. He furiously cursed Luo Bing over and over, and Luo Bing didn’t dare retort.

This matter was because of someone intentionally making their life hard, so they naturally couldn’t let this go just like that. The sect leader had immediately gone to the first monastery to beg for a favor, seeing if they could help them haggle.

The thirty-sixth monastery had a slight relationship with the first monastery, but that relationship wasn’t very close. After all, the first monastery was miles ahead of the thirty-sixth monastery.

If a monastery didn’t even rank in the top ten, then the first monastery didn’t even deign to look at them. But the thirty-sixth monastery’s sect leader had still hoped to use their slight relationship to fight against this.

The first monastery’s sect leader was disinclined to even meet him once he arrived. He had instead sent a random Elder to deal with him.

Luo Bing’s brother had immediately felt let down. And as he had expected, that Elder had merely listened to him for a moment before leaving, saying he would ask around for him.

Just as the thirty-sixth monastery’s sect leader had been about to leave dejectedly, that Elder had suddenly called out to him, saying the sect leader cared deeply about this matter and would help him handle it.

And as it turned out, the first monastery really lived up to its name. With its power, even that manager had to give them face.

Two days later, the thirty-sixth monastery received the news that they only had to hand over three spots.

Two more spots for them was a huge favor. The thirty-sixth monastery’s sect leader had been completely delighted, praising himself for having made the right decision and going to beg the first monastery.

But just three days after that, an Elder from the first monastery had paid them a visit. During that visit, he had ‘coincidentally’ brought up the 108th monastery.

According to what he said, the 108th monastery had recently acted in a manner that extremely displeased his sect leader.

Now Luo Bing and her brother understood why the first monastery would help them. Their real target had been the 108th monastery.

Luo Bing had immediately said that she would go embarrass the 108th monastery, and that Elder had simply smiled, not saying any more.

Although acting in this manner wasn’t too appropriate, they definitely had to repay the first monastery.

Furthermore, if they managed to handle this matter properly, that would strengthen their relationship with the first monastery. It was definitely extremely worth it for them.

And the thirty-sixth monastery’s sect leader had immediately agreed to Luo Bing’s movements. But he secretly told her not to let the matter blow out of proportion.

Luo Bing’s specialty was finding trouble for others. And as expected of her, she had barged into the 108th monastery with her disciples.

“You’re clearly just causing trouble for nothing. This is just you bullying us.” Tu Fang was completely infuriated. He had seen bullies, but he had never seen such an overbearing bully.

“Hmph, the cultivation world is survival of the fittest. There’s no need to waste resources on the weak. Are we supposed to rely on you trash to fight against the Corrupt path? How laughable. After just one battle, you don’t even have a thousand disciples left. As I thought, you really are just pigs waiting to be slaughtered,” sneered Luo Bing.

In comparison to the 108th monastery, the thirty-sixth monastery would always get over thirty thousand new disciples for each of their disciple selections. That was because they covered a larger area and also possessed the resources to raise them.

However, Ling Yunzi was unable to do the same. This monastery had been ranked last for thousands of years now. The lower ranking they were, the fewer resources they got. Under that vicious cycle, they were never able to stand out.

Back then, Ling Yunzi had been filled with a drive to reverse the situation. But a person’s ability was limited. He had been unable to change this reality.

It was said that the first monastery was even more terrifying and that they always selected over a million new disciples each time. Furthermore, those million disciples were the best of the best.

The first monastery and the 108th monastery were worlds apart. And so Luo Bing had immediately known to take the first monastery’s side, barging into the 108th monastery and disdainfully looking down on them all.

It was like she was an empress looking down on a group of beggars. She naturally gave off a kind of high and aloof feeling.

As for those disciples behind her, they were also looking down on them; their eyes filled with contempt.

“I also won’t make it hard on you. We can have disciples who are on the same level fight. We’ll have ten matches. But don’t worry, my disciples are all much stronger and have good control, so we definitely won’t take any lives. But if you end up injured or crippled, you can’t blame us for that.

“If you’re afraid, then just admit that all of you are just pigs and we’ll immediately leave. How is it? Are you fighting or not? You can decide for yourself.” Luo Bing crossed her arms overbearingly.

“Elder Tu Fang, let’s fight! They’re too much!”

“Yeah, let’s fight! We’re not scared!”

“Even in front of those savage Corrupt disciples, we didn’t retreat a single step! How could we be afraid of them?”

The monastery’s disciples were almost exploding from anger. Luo Bing called them pigs each time she opened her mouth. That kind of humiliation was unacceptable.

Although the thirty-sixth monastery’s disciples hadn’t said anything, that contemptuous posture of theirs was incredibly irritating.

“Hmph, how surprising that a group of pigs has such courage. Well, Tu Fang? Are you fighting or not?” Luo Bing icily snorted.

“Elder Tu Fang, let’s fight. If Long Chen was present, blood would already be splashing. If we don’t agree, then when Long Chen returns, we won’t even have the face to see him,” said Tang Wan-er.

Although she was doing her best to control her anger, she was never able to reach Long Chen’s level of nonchalance. Her voice trembled, revealing how furious she was.

“Long Chen? That idiot faking he’s a Chosen so he can get more resources from the supermonastery?” mocked a core disciple from the thirty-sixth monastery.

“Shut the fuck up!”

As soon as he said that, all of the 108th monastery’s disciples exploded, taking out their weapons. They charged across the martial arena to that person.

Perhaps they could control their anger when people merely insulted them, but if they were to insult Long Chen, they would explode.

Long Chen was a god to them. If anyone dared smear Long Chen’s name, they definitely wouldn’t rest until death.

Everyone from the thirty-sixth monastery, including Luo Bing, was given a fright. Their assumption had been that everyone from the 108th monastery were all cowards.

But seeing the killing intent soaring off these disciples, they seemed more like fiends from hell. They had to be at least ten times more savage than Corrupt disciples.


Suddenly, a shout rang out, and all those charging disciples stiffened, stopping.

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