Chapter 285 Overbearing Arrogant Bully

Within the Xuantian Pavilion was an enormous martial training field, thirty miles wide. Within that training field was a large, martial arena.

That martial arena was a square three thousand meters wide. It was exceptionally hard and was usually used for disciples to swap pointers.

By the time Long Chen was dragged here by one of the Heaven Earth Faction’s disciples, all the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples and Elders had already gathered here.

Everyone from the Xuantian Monastery was gathered on the east side of the martial arena. On the western side were over a hundred unfamiliar faces.

The person at the front was a woman in her thirties. She had willowy eyebrows and had an attractive light in her eyes. She could just barely count as not bad.

But her cheek bones were raised, her lips were very thin, and her chin was pointed. She gave off an extremely sharp and unkind feeling. Such a person was hard to like.

But although she might not be that pretty, just by standing there, she caused the space around her to fluctuate. A strange energy came from her. It was as if she was merged with heaven and earth.

“Xiantian realm!”

Long Chen was shocked. Other than Ling Yunzi, this was the first time Long Chen had seen another Xiantian expert.

However, Ling Yunzi aura was calm and cool, while this woman’s aura was constantly spreading from her. Even her own people had to distance themselves from her. Obviously, they couldn’t handle that pressure.

Long Chen estimated that this woman had only just broken through to Xiantian and was unable to control her own power the way Ling Yunzi could, causing her aura to leak.

There were over a hundred young disciples behind her. They all looked at the monastery’s disciples with sneers; their eyes filled with disdain.

Long Chen was surprised that amongst those disciples were over thirty core disciples with powerful auras.

But that wasn’t all. The most surprising thing was that amongst the core disciples were four different auras.

Those four were like cranes standing amongst a flock of chicken. Their auras were clearly different.

That aura was a bit strange, but Long Chen had already sensed that aura from the experts of the Corrupt path. That was the same as Tang Wan-er’s aura.


They had actually brought out four Favored. Just who were these people?

The Xuantian Monastery’s disciples were all focused on these people, so they hadn’t noticed Long Chen’s arrival.

Long Chen gestured to that disciple who had brought him to be silent. The two of them stealthily entered the crowd to watch.

“Senior Luo, why has your thirty-sixth monastery come to visit us here at the training field?” Tu Fang was looking at that woman.

When these people had arrived at the monastery, they had forcibly charged through the gates, causing an alarm to ring throughout the entire monastery. The monastery had thought the Corrupt path was invading again, so everyone had come out to investigate.

As for this group of people, they hadn’t said a single word. After just pausing slightly, they came directly to this training field.

Some disciples had tried to stop them on the way, but they had all been attacked and injured. Although these people didn’t use any heavy attacks and didn’t take any lives, these injuries still infuriated these disciples. They had all taken out their weapons, prepared to have an all-out war.

But they had been stopped by the Elders. That was because the Elders had noticed a certain mark on their clothes.

That mark was the same as the monastery’s disciples’ robes. Except, that mark had a small 36 on it.

As for their disciples, they all saw that their own mark had a 108 on theirs.

At the start when they joined the monastery, there had been many disciples who had been curious as to what that 108 had meant. Some of them had asked their senior disciples, but those senior disciples had refused to say.

Now Tu Fang finally arrived, standing at the front of all the Elders. From his words, everyone realized that Tu Fang was acquainted with that woman.

But they didn’t understand why this woman would be so rude and unreasonable if they really were acquaintances. Why would she barge in forcibly like this?

This Xiantian woman was called Luo Bing. She was the Chief Elder of the thirty-sixth monastery.

She had originally been on the same level as Tu Fang, but she had just recently advanced to the Xiantian realm. For cultivators, age meant nothing. Strength was respected, and so Tu Fang had no choice but to call her senior.

As the Enforcement Elder, Tu Fang had often been required to make trips to the supermonastery, and so he had often run into the experts from the other monasteries.

As for this Luo Bing, considering how sharp her face is, it was impossible for him to forget who she was.

Three years ago, she had been at the peak of Meridian Opening. Tu Fang had no idea when she had broken through to Xiantian.

Tu Fang couldn’t help but curse the heavens for being blind. This Luo Bing was famed within the supermonastery for being unkind and unreasonable. Her big brother was the sect leader of the thirty-sixth monastery, and so she frequently spoke down to others.

But of course, this woman wasn’t especially stupid, and so she would only speak down to those from monasteries ranked near the bottom.

Once she had been stupid and sneered at someone from the top ten monasteries. As a result, that person was not so well-disposed and immediately gave her a slap in the face.

Then when Luo Bing had gone crying to her brother, her brother had given her another two slaps on the face, tied her up, and sent her to the person she had offended as an apology. Only then was that matter settled.

That was something that had happened over ten years ago. Practically, everyone in the supermonastery knew of it. In fact, it was often something people chatted about when they were bored.

But then, less than half a year later, Luo Bing had once more gone out arrogantly, but this time she seemed to have become smarter, not provoking people whose strength she didn’t know.

As a member of the lowest ranked 108th monastery, Tu Fang often received her ridicule whenever he went to the supermonastery.

However, in accordance to the ideology that a man should not fight with a woman over something so ridiculous, Tu Fang had never bothered with her. But that didn’t represent Tu Fang didn’t hold a grudge against her.

The most irritating thing about this annoying woman was that hateful mouth of hers. No one would be able to bear it.

There were several times when Tu Fang had almost snapped and gone all-out against her, but in the end, his reason had always won out, and he didn’t act impulsively.

Afterward, whenever Tu Fang went to the supermonastery, he would always try to be more low-key and avoid running into this busybody.

However, last time, because of Long Chen’s matter, he had once more run into her. This idiot woman had then ridiculed the 108th monastery in front of countless experts, saying that he had fabricated someone in a vain attempt to cheat the supermonastery of a Chosen’s resources.

That was also one of the reasons Tu Fang had been so incredibly furious once he had returned. However, he hadn’t told Long Chen about that matter, as that was really too shameful to talk about.

Now that this woman had barged right through their door, Tu Fang was grinding his teeth angrily. But he couldn’t be too rude in front of his disciples, so he could only act cooly.

Luo Bing didn’t even look at Tu Fang, disdainfully saying, “You don’t have the qualification to talk to me. Scram and call out Ling Yunzi.”

Luo Bing’s words caused Tu Fang’s expression to sink. It really was a case of giving face but not receiving face. “The sect leader is in seclusion. Right now, everything in this monastery is handled by me. Whatever you came here for, you can tell me.”

“You? That’s fine too!”

Luo Bing disdainfully glanced at Tu Fang. Then her gaze roved over Tang Wan-er and the other core disciples. But when her gaze fell on Tang Wan-er, she was given a surprise.

However, that surprise quickly returned to ridicule. She sneered, “Really a group of bumpkins, wretched and repulsive. I really wonder what the supermonastery is doing, giving you sixteen core disciple positions. You’re just a pack of wasteful pigs.”

“Luo Bing, pay attention to your tone. This is the 108th monastery, not your thirty-sixth monastery.” Tu Fang sternly warned her.

This woman really was too hateful. Even though they hadn’t done anything to her, she had barged in here with her malicious mouth. No one would be able to bear this kind of bullying.

Tu Fang’s expression was extremely ugly, and the other Elders weren’t much better off. But in the face of a Xiantian expert, someone on the same level as their sect leader, they could only endure.

However, although the Elders could bear it, the disciples couldn’t. No one would be able to accept such naked insults, especially not when that person cursed them all as pigs.

But obviously the monastery’s disciples were much better-behaved, and they knew not to interrupt while the Elders were speaking. Still, the hatred in their eyes was not concealed in the slightest bit.

If angry glares could kill a person, Luo Bing would have already turned to ash. But unfortunately, anger was unable to hurt people.

As for Luo Bing, she wasn’t at all uncomfortable with those gazes. In fact, when she saw that anger, she even became a bit more excited.

“By calling you all pigs, I’m actually praising you. You don’t even have a thousand disciples left. It’d be better for you to just disband.

“Each year, the supermonastery wastes so many resources on a group of pigs like you. Why do they bother? Pigs are just pigs. No matter how big you raise them, they’re only raised to be slaughtered.

“If the monastery took the resources they wasted on you all and instead gave them to the monasteries ranked towards the front, that would be enough to raise a couple more Chosen.

“Frankly, all of you are just a waste of resources, a group of pigs just waiting to die. What was the point of giving you so many core disciple positions?

“Once you’re in the Jiuli secret realm, with your skills, just how many of you will survive? You’re actually fighting over being sent to your death. Really a bunch of pigs.”

Luo Bing’s gaze roved over those disciples, especially on those core disciples, her expression filled with disdain and contempt.

Her words were like a whip that viciously thrashed on their faces. Those core disciples were grinding their teeth and clenching their fists in anger.

Long Chen’s mouth twitched from the back of the crowd. He sighed. Other than himself, was there no one bold enough to curse back at her?

If none of you are going to stand up, then neither will I. Let me see just how long you can endure such humiliation.

No one knew that Ling Yunzi, who had been announced to be in seclusion, was actually standing at the front of his immortal cave, watching from a distance. He smiled. Would there be another good show to watch?

“That’s enough. Luo Bing, shut your repulsive mouth. We do not welcome you here, so hurry up and leave,” raged Tu Fang.

“Without Ling Yunzi present, you do not have the qualifications to make me leave,” sneered Luo Bing. “If you want us to leave, you’ll have to first promise me a single thing.”

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