Chapter 284 Something Big Has Happened

Long Chen arrived at a familiar, bare mountaintop. Looking up at the sky covered in black thunderclouds, he sighed.

His cultivation base was completely stuck in a bottleneck that he could not advance past, and he also couldn’t find the Qilin Fruit. The best thing he could do is come up with some alternative methods to raise his strength.

Last time when he had fought Yin Luo, he had essentially exhausted all his thunderforce. And since he had been so busy ‘buying’ medicinal ingredients during this time, he hadn’t had the time to go recover that thunderforce.

Now that he finally had a break, he came to this place.

Long Chen’s thunderforce was something merged within his blood. It would require a great deal of time and energy to replenish it through normal means. Only by properly feeding his thunderforce runes would they produce more thunderforce for him.

Rather than wasting time and energy on that, Long Chen preferred to just directly gather more lightning.

With Long Chen’s character, if he could accomplish something lying down, then he definitely wouldn’t bother sitting up. Completing tasks in the quickest, safest manner was the way of a king.

Long Chen took out a kite three feet long. This kite was extremely special though. It was made entirely of iron.

It was something Long Chen had asked Guo Ran to make for him. The wings had thirty-six sets of springs. When the wind blew by those springs, it would cause them to constantly compress and decompress, allowing the kite to fly stably in the air. 

Once it was in the air, it wasn’t like other kites. It wouldn’t need someone to constantly change its direction.

Guo Ran estimated that as long as it was anchored to the ground and that there was wind in the sky, this kite could stay up forever.

Furthermore, Long Chen’s kitestring was also very special and made of an especially tough steel wire. It was both slender and durable.

Long Chen quickly got the kite in the air, bringing it to a height of three thousand meters.

That was where the thunderclouds were the densest. Occasionally, lightning would strike the kite, and a powerful thunderforce would pass on down the kitestring.

But this thunderforce didn’t cause any injuries to Long Chen. In fact, this level of thunderforce was actually relaxing for him.

The thunderforce runes in his blood were like hungry wolves that had been awakened, crazily devouring this new energy.

As for the kite, even in the midst of all that lightning, it was only trembling slightly. There was no sign of it being damaged whatsoever.

“Seems that Guo Ran’s devices are trustworthy.” This brother of his was surprisingly reliable in this aspect.

He found a boulder and tied the string onto it. He then took out a jar and poured in Jade Butterfly Queen Bee Honey.

He lay back on the boulder, a straw connecting his mouth to the jar. With the sweetness in the mouth and the gentle massage on his back from the thunderforce, Long Chen felt like he might float to the heavens.

“This must be how gods and immortals cultivate…”

Long Chen was deeply moved. The thunderforce in the sky was constantly being conducted down onto his body, allowing the thunderforce in his body to quickly replenish. And after experiencing this exhaustion and replenishment, his thunderforce runes had grown slightly in size. 

Perhaps such a lazy cultivation method was something only Long Chen could think of. 

Other than his thunderforce, Long Chen didn’t have any other way to increase his strength. He was prepared to cultivate here until the Jiuli secret realm opened.

Although he hadn’t obtained a Chosen disciple position, he had naturally gotten a core disciple position. There was no way he lacked the qualifications to enter.

Long Chen naturally didn’t like having to spend all day watching others bitterly cultivate and their strength constantly rising. He decided to just stay here the entire time.

And so a month passed, just like that. Long Chen’s blood was roaring crazily as the thunderforce runes in his body continuously surged. 

During this month, Long Chen had spent day and night being tempered by that thunderforce. The runes in his blood had also grown slightly over this time. Naturally, Long Chen felt a corresponding increase in the strength of his thunderforce as well.

Back when Long Chen had fought with Yin Luo, he had released a thunderforce attack. But he hadn’t managed to control it properly and it had ended up dispersing.

And yet its power had still been terrifying. If Yin Luo hadn’t taken out a precious treasure at that time, he most definitely would have died.

Now Long Chen’s thunderforce was even stronger than back then.

These thunderforce runes were like little housepets he had raised. As long as Long Chen wished it, he would be able to unleash their power.

Furthermore, as those runes grew stronger, his control also increased. In the future, his attacks probably wouldn’t go out of his control and disperse like last time.

With a final explosive sound from the sky, the black clouds disappeared, leaving behind only sunlight and regular, white clouds.

“Tch, after a month, all the thunderforce has been used up.” Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh.

He had really overfished the thunderforce here. 

Last time he had absorbed away over half of the thunderforce here. But now he had spent a whole month, absorbing day and night. All of it was gone now.

Long Chen estimated that it would require several months, and perhaps even a whole year, for the thunderforce here to finally recover to its original level.

Patting off some dust, he cupped his fists towards those powerless clouds in thanks.

When Long Chen returned to the monastery, he went straight for the Xuantian pavilion. He was planning on choosing a couple of Battle Skills.

Normally, Long Chen mostly relied on his FengFu Battle Armor as well as Split the Heavens. But those two were just too exhausting, especially Split the Heavens. No matter how much energy he had, Split the Heavens would always use up everything he had.

Back when he had fought Yin Luo and had Chu Yao’s Wood Spirit Union, his energy had been ten times what it was normally. 

After fighting Yin Luo for a while, when Yin Luo had finally used his last attack, Long Chen estimated that the energy remaining in the three leaves on his back had still been four or fives time what he normally possessed.

But all that energy had been used up by Split the Heavens. It was clear just how exhausting it was to use.

But at the same time, Split the Heavens had never disappointed him. In Yin Luo’s final attack, Mo Nian’s arrow had only managed to block thirty percent of it.

The remaining seventy percent had been dealt with by Split the Heavens. Before he managed to condense the Alioth Star, Split the Heavens was definitely his strongest trump card.

Furthermore, it was like Split the Heavens was a bottomless hole. Long Chen was unable to sense just what class of Battle Skill it was.

To have been able to exchange a garbage pill for this Battle Skill, Long Chen had really gotten an enormous advantage. Sometimes he would even admire his own business skills.

But whether it was his FengFu Battle Armor or Split the Heavens, they were all decisive moves unsuited for prolonged battle. So this time, he was looking for some Battle Skills that used up less energy. It would be best if their consumption was equal with his divine ring’s energy replenishment.

This was actually only the second time he was going to the Xuantian pavilion again, the first time being with Tang Wan-er to buy some medicinal ingredients and that expensive spiritual space opening art. In fact, he had spent so much on it, that when he had realized how simple it was, he had almost coughed up blood.

Later he had never come back. One reason was that he was busy, but the other was that he didn’t want to come here just to see all the things he couldn’t afford to buy.

Even later when he had needed medicinal ingredients to refine pills, he had always gotten Tang Wan-er to go buy them. He would rather not be vexed by the sight of these things he couldn’t afford.

The Battle Skill floor of the Xuantian pavilion had around thirty senior apprentice-brothers guarding it. Seeing Long Chen enter, they hastily greeted him:

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen.”

Long Chen was startled. “Senior apprentice-brothers, have you made a mistake? You’re the senior disciples.”

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen must not be aware of it, but all disciples in the Xuantian Monastery call you senior apprentice-brother now. 

“Senior apprentice-brother is a term of respect. Those who are stronger have to at least be called senior apprentice-brother. It has nothing to do with who joined the sect earlier. The strong are the senior disciples.

“Hehe, during that battle, senior apprentice-brother Long really was too awe-inspiring. That was probably the first time in many years that we all felt our blood surging like that.”

Those law enforcers were all filled with excitement just from thinking about that battle.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, Elder Tu Fang has already said that all the treasures of the Xuantian pavilion will be open to you for free. You can take whatever you want.” One of the law enforcers was more astute and realized Long Chen must be busy and had come here for something.

“Haha, then I’ll have to thank you all. I’ll just browse through them.”

Within Ling Yunzi’s immortal cave, Ling Yunzi had already said that all the monastery’s resources would be open to him.

Originally, Long Chen had been thinking of just getting medicinal ingredients, but then he had suddenly realized he was being stupid. Of course, he had to first take advantage of how many resources Elder Sun had had…

And so the matter of medicinal ingredients had been resolved easily and quickly, also allowing him to pay back a grudge. 

He strolled around the Xuantian pavilion for half a day, finding two suitable techniques: Violent Gale Saber and Thunderization Art.

The two of them were both high-grade Earth class techniques. They cost nearly two million points.

Long Chen liked using sabers, but he had never trained in any saber arts. When he fought with others, he would always fight head-on, essentially just hacking at them. He had never learned any skillful techniques.

So this Violet Gale Saber would definitely be of great assistance to him. 

As for the Thunderization Art, it was the only lightning attribute cultivation technique[1] in the monastery. That was because people who could control thunderforce were incredibly rare in this world. They were so few that it was pitiful.

When he had found this Thunderization Art, Long Chen had been incomparably excited. When he tried to use thunderforce, he was only able to control it in a very simple manner and was unable to truly use it properly.

But just at the start of this Thunderization Art, he saw many introductions toward methods to use thunderforce, and it was extremely detailed. It was just what he was lacking.

Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. The monastery really was amazing with a powerful foundation. Carrying those two secret tomes, Long Chen contentedly walked away from the Xuantian pavilion.

Long Chen didn’t train in these two techniques within the monastery but decided to leave once more for a period of time. This time he was gone even longer and only returned two months later.

When Long Chen once more returned to the monastery, his blood and qi were soaring. In the last two months, he had killed an uncountable number of powerful Magical Beasts. 

But when Long Chen returned to the Heaven Earth Faction, he found that it was completely silent. He was completely bewildered. Where was everyone?

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you came back! Quick, follow me! Something big has happened in the monastery!”

[1] In some novels, you can only train in one cultivation technique at a time, while in some novels, you can train in multiple cultivation techniques at a time. For example, you might train in one for your elemental energy, while you might train in another for your physical body. 

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