Chapter 280 Furious Elder Sun

“Long Chen, get the hell out here!”

Elder Sun arrived at Long Chen’s immortal cave so angry that his hair was standing on end, an ominous glint shining in his eyes. Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu were both given a fright and they came out to look.

Long Chen unhurriedly came out of his room, seeing Elder Sun who was so angry that smoke was practically coming out of his pores. He shook his head.

“For good or bad, you’re still an Elder of our monastery. Don’t you feel that shouting abuse and curses so loudly and in the morning is a bit tasteless?” mocked Long Chen.

“Shut up! Long Chen, you dare cheat me! The thing you gave me wasn’t a complete set at all!” Elder Sun clenched his teeth. But at least he hadn’t lost his mind in his anger, and he didn’t mention that ‘the thing’ was his cultivation technique.

“So what if it wasn’t a complete set?”

“You… you clearly said that thing was split into two portions, an upper and lower portion-!”

Long Chen waved his hand, indicating for him to shut up. He righteously explained, “Elder Sun, I seem to recall that although I said it was split into upper and lower portions, I didn’t say there were only two.”

“What nonsense! An upper and lower portion is two portions!”

“You’re wrong. The upper portion is only one part, but the lower portion is split into two parts. I gave you the lower part of the lower portion.” Long Chen shrugged helplessly.

“Bastard, that’s clearly an upper, middle, and lower portion split! What am I supposed to do with just the upper and lower portions?!” Elder Sun raged.

When he had obtained both those black zirconiums, he had returned to his immortal cave to research them, finding that it was really incomparably profound.

But when he tried to circulate his spiritual qi in accordance to those diagrams, he found that he was unable to undergo a full circulation.

After testing it several times without succeeding, he had finally undergone one test where his meridians had almost exploded from the forceful circulation.

Feeling that something was wrong, he had studied the diagrams for two full days, finally coming to the conclusion that he was still missing a portion!

That infuriated him so much that he almost coughed up blood. Naturally, he had come to find Long Chen.

“That’s just how you categorize it. Where I come from, it’s like that.” Long Chen shrugged fearlessly and shamelessly.

Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu looked from the furious Elder Sun to the mischievous Long Chen. Neither said anything.

Elder Sun was ashen from anger. His chest was heaving and his fists were tightly clenched. He looked like he might attack at any moment.

But Long Chen just looked at him mockingly. Go ahead and try to attack. I’m not afraid of you.

And in the end, Elder Sun really didn’t dare to attack. He wasn’t stupid, and he knew that even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to kill him. Furthermore, that would only bring more trouble for him, so he could only endure.

“Speak. What do you want?” Elder Sun’s voice was a bit rough from his anger. Probably the fact that he hadn’t turned mute from anger was already not bad.

“That’s right, young people shouldn’t be so angry! Don’t worry, I’ve already gotten the prescription that’ll fix all your anger. Here, go gather all these medicinal ingredients.” Long Chen handed over a list to Elder Sun.

Elder Sun was quivering uncontrollably as he received that list. When he looked at the huge number of medicinal ingredients and the quantities, he directly coughed up blood.

“Long Chen, you’re too excessive!” raged Elder Sun.

“Excessive? Hehe, have you gone senile? Do you not remember all that you’ve done back then?

“You really had to act all virtuous and noble in front of me. The reason why I’m willing to sell my most precious treasure to you is all for you to taste the feeling of being oppressed.

“What happened to all your majesty from back then when you tried to force me to kneel? You wanted to use your Bone Forging pressure to subdue me? Don’t you like to be very arrogant? On the battlefield, you even wanted to use someone else to kill me. Hehe, just keep acting arrogant!

“Now that you’re in the palm of my hand, you better either listen to me, or just fuck off!

“Of course, you can also try to attack me. But if you dare try that, hehe, well, if a monastery Elder wanted to selfishly attack a disciple, then that Elder would have to directly get the fuck out of the Xuantian Monastery!” cursed Long Chen.

Although he had tried to keep his emotions in check, when he remembered how Elder Sun had targeted him multiple times, in the end even trying to have him be killed, causing Chu Yao and Tang Wan-er to enter danger, his killing intent surged out.

Long Chen took out a black zirconium, the exact same as the previous two he had given Elder Sun. Seeing that stone, Elder Sun was filled with rage.

“Old fellow, you can choose. Do you want to do this shady deal once, or twice?” snorted Long Chen.

Since he had already revealed his feelings for him, Long Chen was too lazy to act polite. Long Chen’s meaning was clear: if you want the complete technique, you’ll need to risk being cheated again.

You could refuse, but if you do, then that price you paid before would be wasted on two useless rocks.

Even if Elder Sun reported this matter to the monastery, Long Chen could say that this trade was to be paid in installments or even just make up something ridiculous. With the backing he had from the sect leader and Tu Fang, no one would purposely make things hard for him. In the end, nothing would happen to him.

At this point, both parties had obtained half of what they wanted from the other party. But Long Chen had gained a huge advantage. With just those two stones, it was impossible to figure out the complete technique, and so they were useless.

But Long Chen had obtained a huge number of precious medicinal ingredients. Those were treasures that had their own value.

And so Elder Sun really didn’t have much of a choice. He looked from that black stone to the list.

“Fine, I agree. But you have to swear that once I obtain those things, you have to hand over what’s in your hand right now.” Elder Sun gritted his teeth.

This time the quantity of medicinal ingredients on the list was a bit lower than before. However, their quality was also of a level higher. He knew that the price this time wouldn’t be much lower than the last time. In fact, it might even be a bit higher.

And so if he did agree, then all his lifetime savings would be gone. But if he refused, then half of his savings would have disappeared for nothing. He was unwilling for that to happen.

“Fine, I, Long Chen, swear that if Elder Sun can gather everything on this list without one missing, I will definitely hand over what is in my hand to Elder Sun. If I violate this oath, let me be struck by heavenly lightning,” swore Long Chen.

The heavenly lightning oath was an extremely poisonous oath amongst people. If you broke it, your soul would scatter and you would never reincarnate.

Only after Long Chen swore this oath did Elder Sun let out a breath of relief. He took the list and left.

But as he left, his expression was incredibly ugly, so gloomy that he looked like someone who had just heard the news that his parents had died.

“Long Chen, what are you doing?” Tang Wan-er had forgotten her embarrassment now.

Just now, Elder Sun had been on the verge of going out of control. In fact, Tang Wan-er had almost reflexively attacked first.

Qing Yu was also terribly frightened. She wasn’t a Favored and was just an ordinary inner disciple. There was no way for her to resist Elder Sun’s pressure, and so she was a bit pale.

“It’s nothing. That old fellow wants me as master. But how could there be such a good thing? Does he think I’ll take just any apprentice?

“So I gave him some missions. If he pleases me, I’ll give him a taste of my amazingness and permit him to call himself my apprentice.

“But who would have thought this bastard only just made some achievements before wanting more from me? How absurd.” Long Chen managed to spout a bunch of rubbish as soon as he opened his mouth.

Tang Wan-er thought of what he had done and suspiciously glanced at that black zirconium. Suddenly, she realized what he was doing.

“No wonder you were laughing so wickedly back then! Just like I thought, Long Chen, you’re really trying to cheat Elder Sun! Are you not afraid of his reprisal?” Tang Wan-er was extremely worried.

She knew Long Chen’s temperament. He was someone who would cheat someone until they were dead. Qi Xin was a good example.

“Ugh, calling it cheating makes it sound so unpleasant. This is clearly just an equal trade. I’m passing on my cultivation technique to him. How is that cheating?” Long Chen shook his head righteously.

“As if I’d believe you. Your expression completely sells you out. It’s written all over your face: you’re definitely being a cheater!” exclaimed Tang Wan-er.

“No way, it’s that obvious?”

Long Chen put on a shocked expression, causing Tang Wan-er and Qing Yu to laugh. Some of their worry faded. Tang Wan-er scolded, “Don’t mess around. This is serious.”

Long Chen was somewhat wronged. “I am talking seriously.”

“You’re really planning on handing over your complete cultivation technique to him?” asked Tang Wan-er curiously.

“Of course.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“I really am planning on handing over my complete cultivation technique to him. However, we’ll see if he has that sort of fate.”

Seeing how enigmatic Long Chen was acting, Tang Wan-er was a bit irritated. She reminded him, “Let me warn you: don’t play with fire. It’s very dangerous.”

Looking at Tang Wan-er’s pretty face, Long Chen winked. “Then let me warn you: don’t play with fire. It’s very dangerous.”

The same words, but completely different meanings. That flirtation in Long Chen’s words was obvious, and Tang Wan-er immediately became as red as an apple when she thought of their kiss. She quickly hid herself back in her room, tightly locking the door.

“Let me warn you: don’t play with fire. It’s very dangerous.” Qing Yu solemnly warned Long Chen.

Long Chen immediately began to sweat. This time it seemed he had ended up jumping into his own trap. He hastily said, “Yes, I will carefully follow sister Qing Yu’s instructions!”

In the following two days, Long Chen continued to refine medicinal powders. During this time, the entire monastery was deathly silent.

Whether it was the new disciples or the old disciples, they were all in seclusion. They probably wouldn’t come out for a whole month.

They had to properly absorb the benefits from their experience in this battle. That would solidify their foundation as well as temper their Dao-hearts.

After those two days, Elder Sun returned.

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