Chapter 2752 The Eastern Wasteland Bell Chooses a Master (Teaser)

The Eastern Wasteland Bell didn’t give Long Chen any chance to refuse. It directly appeared above Long Chen’s head, and divine light enveloped Long Chen.

Some of the immortal corpses charging over had their runes directly corrode when they were touched by that light. They quickly began to rot.

The sound of an ancient bell rang throughout the world, and golden light filled the air. The Eastern Wasteland Bell brought Long Chen flying away.

“It’s the Eastern Wasteland Bell!”

The divine families’ experts recognized the Eastern Wasteland Bell, the leader of the five supreme divine items of the Martial Heaven Continent. However, they didn’t know why it would appear here. Only those on the level of Saints were aware of the secret involving the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

At this moment, the void was torn apart....

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