Chapter 275 Nine-Vein Soul Calming Jade

“Disciple thanks seniors for their care. Please accept disciple’s thanks.” Long Chen bowed towards Ling Yunzi and Tu Fang.

Although Tu Fang had explained it all extremely calmly, Long Chen could guess just how much pent-up frustration and anger he had.

Because of something involving him, Tu Fang, an upright and solemn man, had been driven to such intense fury. That moved Long Chen.

“Child, we really will be too embarrassed like this.” Tu Fang was somewhat ashamed. It was true that he had fought for Long Chen, but in the end, he had still failed.

Furthermore, fighting for a Chosen disciple position for Long Chen didn’t just benefit Long Chen. Once Long Chen received a Chosen’s treatment and his cultivation base grew, he would be able to help their monastery increase their ranking.

Fighting for him would also benefit the monastery, and so Long Chen’s bow really did cause Ling Yunzi and Tu Fang to blush.

“Long Chen, although we couldn’t get you a Chosen position, I can promise you that all the monastery’s resources will be available to you.” Ling Yunzi suddenly clenched his teeth.

“What?!” Tu Fang was given a fright.

“It’s no matter. If the supermonastery refuses to raise him, then we’ll do it ourselves. As for the consequences, let me accept them all,” said Ling Yunzi resolutely.

Tu Fang’s expression changed slightly. He knew that with Ling Yunzi’s stubbornness, nothing he said would change his mind.

“Then I’ll thank seniors again.” Long Chen really did need the monastery’s support at this time.

He didn’t need cultivation techniques or Battle Skills, but he did need medicinal ingredients. Furthermore, he needed a huge amount of those medicinal ingredients to condense the Alioth Star.

Long Chen suddenly thought of a matter. Hesitating for a while, in the end, he took out his Soul Calming Jade and asked:

“Seniors, do you know the origin of this jade pendant?”

Seeing the jade in Long Chen’s hand, Ling Yunzi and Tu Fang’s expressions changed. They were filled with disbelief.

Neither of them took the Soul Calming Jade from his hand. Instead, they just carefully examined it for a long time.

“This should be the legendary nine-vein Soul Calming Jade. This is the first time I’ve ever seen it in person. Just where did you get this jade?” asked Ling Yunzi.

“Wait, no, don’t tell me. What do you want to know about it?” Just as Long Chen was about to reply, Ling Yunzi stopped him. It’d be better for him not to know that much.

Long Chen had just been hesitating over whether or not he should really tell them the origin of this jade. Although he knew the two of them were trustworthy, this matter was just too major for him to tell others about.

Long Chen sighed in relief that Ling Yunzi didn’t want to know. “Thank you, sect leader. Disciple wants to know about where this Soul Calming Jade comes from and its use.”

Ling Yunzi nodded. “Soul Calming Jade is a very special item because it is able to accept Spiritual Strength. That allows it to have many effects.

“In terms of quality, the first thing to mention is its grade. It is first split into five categories that are very easy to distinguish. Its grade can be determined by their color. They go from white, blue, yellow, green, and then violet.

“Other than grade, there is also a matter of its texture. Soul Calming Jade is a natural treasure that is able to absorb natural energy. It can also ‘cultivate’ just like a person.

“Each time it matures to a certain point, an extra vein will appear on the jade. The more veins and the higher the grade, the greater the amount of Spiritual Strength it can endure.

“However, most Soul Calming Jade is used to make teleportation jade talismans.

“An ordinary one-vein white Soul Calming Jade has a teleportation distance of around three thousand miles. As for nine-vein Soul Calming Jade, it has a teleportation distance of twenty-seven thousand miles. 

“Although I said Soul Calming Jade can be split into white, blue, yellow, green, and violet grades, I’ve only personally seen white and blue jade. The rest, I’ve only heard of.

“Blue Soul Calming Jade should have a teleportation distance of thirty thousand miles. But blue Soul Calming Jade is extremely rare. Our monastery doesn’t have it. Only the supermonastery has it.

“I’ve heard that yellow Soul Calming Jade has uses other than teleportation, but I’m not sure about the specifics. And so of course I know nothing about your peak tier nine-vein violet Soul Calming Jade.”

Long Chen was dumbfounded by this explanation. The supermonastery had a total of one hundred and eight monasteries. It was a huge existence that had existed for tens of thousands of years. And yet, it only had up to blue jade.

Then this violet jade, which his parents had left for him, really was too frightening. Just who were his parents? They were actually able to use a peak tier Soul Calming Jade as just a keepsake for him.

This discovery both excited and saddened Long Chen. He was excited to have found a clue. But this clue told him that he still had a long, long way to go before finding out the secret of his origin.

Before arriving at the peak of the martial path, do not try to search for your origins.

Those words that terrifying expert had left for him echoed within his mind.

He was still far too weak. This discovery depressed him. Saying farewell to the sect leader and Tu Fang, Long Chen returned to the Heaven Earth Faction.

Tu Fang and Ling Yunzi looked at his back as he left. Ling Yunzi finally sighed, “No wonder Long Chen is so mature at such a young age. It seems he is carrying far more on his shoulders than we imagined.”

Tu Fang also sighed. “That’s true. Many people have seen his powerful side, but no one knows just how much he had to pay in order to become so strong. Sect leader, are you really planning on supporting Long Chen? Aren’t you afraid of the Heavenly Dao’s karma?”

Ling Yunzi smiled slightly. “I’m not afraid. Didn’t I already say that all the consequences will be shouldered by just me?

“I, Ling Yunzi, have no child or wife, my master has already departed from this world, and I also have no apprentices. Who cares about the backlash of the Heavenly Daos? The most it can do is take my life. Is that so terrible?

“To be able to personally watch a Divergent grow, that is heaven-defying karmic luck. Or perhaps Long Chen’s appearance in front of me was all set up by the heavens.

“Since no one can be sure of what the final result will be, what’s the point of being so fearful and worried? It’d be better to just stop having any misgivings and do whatever I want!”

Tu Fang bitterly smiled. “In any case, nothing I say will change your mind.”

Ling Yunzi said, “The Heavenly Daos are difficult to fathom. The higher your realm, the more the Heavenly Daos veil themselves. Rather than trying to analyze the Heavenly Daos, it’d be more interesting to do whatever I want to do. I’m going to do my best to raise Long Chen. Hmph, the other monasteries’ Favored are nothing in front of him. I’m looking forward to seeing Long Chen dominating in the next competition.”

“You’re getting addicted to gambling,” said Tu Fang helplessly.

“I really am getting a bit addicted. I feel like my bottleneck has loosened a great deal now. Perhaps I’ll go into seclusion and try to break through. This time, I feel like I have a thirty percent chance of advancing.” A confident light shined in Ling Yunzi’s eyes.

“That high?” Tu Fang was shocked.

“Long Chen’s success in the battle also filled me with confidence. Hmph, if I succeed, then during the next competition, I’m definitely going to give a slap to a couple of old faces.” Ling Yunzi icily snorted.

“That’s right, I forgot to tell Long Chen. He absolutely can’t tell senior Cang Ming about the matter of the Chosen position. Otherwise, if senior Cang Ming learns of it, he’ll definitely go slaughter a path to the supermonastery.” Tu Fang suddenly slapped his leg.

“You’re worrying too much. Long Chen isn’t the gossiping type. He probably won’t tell this to anyone.” Ling Yunzi shook his head. “I need to go into seclusion now. The monastery will be in your hands during this time. Remember, give Long Chen everything he needs. Even if he wants to empty the entire monastery of its treasures, let him.”

Although that was what he said, he knew with Long Chen’s character, he definitely wouldn’t do anything like that.

Tu Fang nodded. He then suddenly asked, “What about Elder Sun…?”

“Leave it be. Let Long Chen handle it however he wants. It’s his life.”

Tu Fang left Ling Yunzi’s immortal cave. Looking down on the scenery below, he suddenly felt that although it looked the same on the outside, the monastery was undergoing a complete transformation.

By the time Long Chen returned to the Heaven Earth Faction, all the monastery’s disciples had already gathered there. They had already set up food and alcohol. They were just waiting for Long Chen.

When Long Chen finally arrived, all those disciples cheered. Long Chen’s melancholy was immediately blown away by their enthusiasm.

“Boss, let me tell you, these little fellows are all planning a conspiracy to get you completely drunk.” Guo Ran immediately called out from within the crowd.

“Fuck, Guo Ran, you little traitor, how dare you betray us so quickly!” 

“What are you talking about? I’ve always been on the same side as boss! As if I would ever follow your bad examples!” Guo Ran didn’t get embarrassed or angry. Instead, he acted completely righteous.

Watching this play out, how could Long Chen not realize what was happening? He laughed. “Isn’t it just drinking alcohol? When have I, Long Chen, ever been afraid of that? Come, Guo Ran and I will challenge you all!”

Seeing that Long Chen immediately agreed despite knowing their intentions, everyone cheered. That kind of heroism was the same heroism Long Chen had on the battlefield.

“Let’s go! Drink Long Chen into the ground!”

“Brothers, hurry up!”

Even Tang Wan-er, Ye Zhiqiu, and the other women who didn’t like drinking alcohol laughed and got a cup, prepared to charge over at any time as well.

Victory in that huge battle had not been easy. Over half of their monastery’s disciples had ended up sacrificing their lives. Everyone had been filled with sorrow.

When they had first returned to the monastery, they had all been silent. There hadn’t been any party or celebration. But now Long Chen had returned. He was everyone’s spiritual pillar. They vowed to drink to their heart’s content with Long Chen. That was also a way to vent their feelings.

Guo Ran was actually unnerved now. Originally, he had thought that Long Chen would pull in all the brothers of the Heaven Earth Faction to drink against everyone else. 

But now it was just him and Long Chen against everyone. His face was completely green. His capacity for alcohol was definitely not high enough for this.

He suddenly cried out, “Brothers, just now I succeeded in invading the enemy camp and managed to find out the truth about him! I’ve found out that Long Chen is all alone and won’t have any help! Brothers, quick, don’t be afraid, charge with me!”

“Come boss, let me offer you a cup!” Guo Ran raised a cup, his face not turning the slightest bit red.

“Fuck, Guo Ran, you really are becoming more and more shameless!” cursed Long Chen.

“Boss, that’s just what I have learned from you! A real man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him!” Guo Ran said quietly, quickly drinking his cup.

He then cheered on everyone else. “Brothers, come! I, Guo Ran, have already taken the first shot! The rest will be up to you all!”

“Hurry up and get out of the way!” A large hand quickly pulled Guo Ran aside. Gu Yang stood in front of Long Chen. “I, Gu Yang, have to admit that I’m no match for you in terms of combat, but I don’t believe I can’t drink more than you! Let’s start with ten jugs!”

Long Chen laughed and didn’t waste words. As long as someone came to challenge him, whether it was with cups, bowls, or basins, he would drink just as much as them.

Last time when he had been with Shi Feng and them, he hadn’t used any qi to protect himself. Otherwise, that really would have been bullying them.

But this time, everyone was an expert. He went all-out drinking. 

In the beginning, everyone would only come to challenge him one by one, but later on, no one was patient enough for that. They all began to drink together, and in the end, everyone else was already passed out drunk around him.

Long Chen took one final drink before passing out too. He slept for two full days before awakening. After that huge drinking party, he had relaxed a great deal. Drinking alcohol also had its benefits sometimes.

Within a room of the immortal cave, an old stone appeared in Long Chen’s hand. A devilish smile appeared on his face. Time to get to business.

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