Chapter 2742 The Secret From Back Then (Teaser)

Under Long Chen’s forceful torture, the Heaven Executioner finally spat out the secret of what had happened back then. This story was something that only a few people knew of within the divine families.

Back then, the Long family of the divine families had produced a shocking genius. He reached Netherpassage at eighteen and Heaven Merging at twenty. After three more years, he gave up on focusing on his rapid cultivation, instead roaming the surrounding worlds around the Martial Heaven Continent and comprehending the Heavenly Daos. He then created nine completely unprecedented magical arts and divine abilities.

Within the entire continent, the only ones who could compare to him was the Sovereigns, and he was said to be the closest existence to the Sovereigns. All the other heavenly geniuses of that time lost their luster when compared to him.

At that time, the Martial Heaven Continent was in a special period....

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