Chapter 2741 Pill Flame Refines the Soul (Teaser)

After piercing the Heaven Executioner’s head with his finger, Long Chen pulled back his hand, dragging a fist-sized Yuan Spirit out. At the same time, flames soared within his hand, enveloping the Heaven Executioner’s Yuan Spirit.


The Heaven Executioner’s Yuan Spirit screamed miserably. This was the most painful torture, but since the Heaven Executioner wasn’t an alchemist, he could never use this move.

Although the power of this pill flame was far inferior to Huo Linger’s power, it was enough when it came to tormenting people.

The Heaven Executioner’s Dantian had been crippled, and his physical body had been tortured by Lei Linger to its limit. If Long Chen wanted him to feel pain, Long Chen would have to let...

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