Chapter 274 Chosen Disciple

On the side of Skywood Mountain was an immortal cave. From that immortal cave, it was possible to overlook the entire monastery.

This immortal cave was the highest construction within the entire monastery. It was the Xuantian Monastery’s sect leader’s immortal cave.

Within the immortal cave, Long Chen was curiously examining the surroundings. He was surprised that the sect leader’s immortal cave was extremely simple. It was the complete opposite of what he had imagined.

There were no decorations on the walls. It looked like Ling Yunzi had simply left it the same as when it had first been carved open. In fact, it looked quite similar to the caves of beasts Long Chen had run into.

Of course, Long Chen didn’t dare speak those thoughts aloud. Ling Yunzi and Tu Fang were standing right in front of him.

In terms of furniture, there was only a large prayer mat and a single wooden table. There were some cups and a teapot on the table.

“Sit.” Ling Yunzi smiled slightly when he saw Long Chen enter.

“With two seniors present, how could disciple possibly sit?” Although that was what came out of Long Chen’s mouth, he had already sat down.

“Hahaha, ah, Long Chen. You really are strange. Do you not have a time when you are restrained?” Ling Yunzi couldn’t hold back a laugh.

Long Chen really was an easy-going person, someone who didn’t fear heaven or earth. Panic and terror were expressions that almost never appeared on him.

Even when Long Chen had been facing that terrifying hand from that expert of the Corrupt path, he hadn’t shown any despair. That was what Ling Yunzi especially admired about Long Chen.

He was always filled with self-confidence no matter what happened. Such a person was one of two things: a madman, or an idiot.

However, Long Chen didn’t act like a crazy person or an idiot. But then again, it wasn’t exactly correct to say that he acted like an ordinary person either.

Even when the Elders saw Ling Yunzi, they would all be trembling with trepidation and reverence, unable to handle the pressure. But Long Chen didn’t seem to feel any pressure at all.

“Hehe, my strongest point is my mental fortitude which lets me be myself at any time.”

Long Chen laughed and poured cups of tea for both of them, respectfully handing the cups over to the two of them.

“Please have a drink. Thank you both for your care.” 

Ling Yunzi and Tu Fang laughed and received the teacups that Long Chen offered them.

Long Chen was easy-going, preferring to be free and open, not caring so much about trifles. But his attention to detail was actually extremely high.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to control the flow of the battle so perfectly last time. The Corrupt disciples had clearly outnumbered the Righteous disciples, and yet they were all led by the nose by Long Chen, and he had pulled off a perfect reversal.

Furthermore, the way Long Chen had offered them tea had also been extremely detailed and well-done. His right hand had held the cup, his forefinger curving ever so slightly without touching the side. That was a sign of respect for seniors.

In addition, Long Chen’s left hand looked like it had just been randomly holding the cup up at the bottom, but in reality, only his middle finger and ring finger had been holding it from the bottom. That was a special mark of respect for martial artists. 

Those kinds of respectful gestures were all common within the secular world, but there were only a few cultivators who knew about them. However, both Ling Yunzi and Tu Fang knew about them.

“Child, if you put it like that, it’ll make me blush with shame. Both of us have only treated you in accordance to the monastery’s rules without giving you the slightest special treatment.” Tu Fang shook his head.

After handing them their tea, Long Chen added in more water and also poured himself a cup. Then he smiled.

“Although we haven’t interacted much, I can tell that you two truly cherish this little one, so that’s enough.”

Although the two of them were two high and grand existences in comparison to him, with Ling Yunzi even being a sect leader, Long Chen could see that neither of them were those arrogant types that were so unlikable.

Most importantly, although the two of them said that they had only treated him in accordance with the rules, Long Chen had been able to sense that the two of them really were looking out for him from a few small clues.

Ling Yunzi laughed. “What an interesting little fellow. It’s no wonder all those disciples would follow you so unswervingly. But for you to say it like that, I really am embarrassed.”

“What happened?” Long Chen was surprised to see Ling Yunzi sigh.

“Tu Fang, you explain it.”

Ling Yunzi gently drank a sip of tea. Although his expression was calm, Long Chen’s sharp senses noticed that a single vein on his hand had suddenly pulsed ever so slightly.

That kind of minor reaction could mean nothing. But Ling Yunzi was a Xiantian expert. He had a connection to heaven and earth’s energy. He had fine control over every cell of his body. So such a minor reaction was actually very alarming.

For such a reaction to occur, that meant Ling Yunzi, who was normally extremely calm, must really be feeling some sort of intense emotion. Furthermore, from this kind of reaction, it seemed that the emotion was fury.

When his sword had slashed down on that Corrupt path’s expert’s huge hand; when his sword had broken that spatial door, his expression had always been calm.

But such a top expert now seemed infuriated. Long Chen really was at a loss.

Tu Fang nodded. He said to Long Chen, “This time you managed to kill a Corrupt Elder. With your strength, we applied for a Chosen disciple position for you.”


“Yes, a Chosen. For most people, to gain a Chosen disciple position requires you to also be a Favored,” explained Tu Fang.

“But I’m not a Favored.” Long Chen bitterly smiled.

He didn’t even have a Spirit Root, so how would he become a Favored? Just thinking about that angered Long Chen. Inside, he cursed whatever person who had stolen his Spirit Root.

Tu Fang continued, “You aren’t a Favored, but your strength would not be inferior to any Chosen.”

That was what he said out loud, but inside, he said, What are Favored when compared to you? If you don’t die, those Favored won’t even be fit to polish your shoes.

“The fact remains that you managed to kill a Favored, kill an eight-temper Bone Forging Elder, and in the end, even cut off the leg of another Chosen. That proves you have enough strength.”

“That Yin Mule- ah, I mean Yin Luo, is also a Chosen?” asked Long Chen.

“Correct. Back when Yin Luo was just born, he already had a Dao-mark supporting him. When he was five, his Dao-mark covered his entire body and incited a special manifestation of heaven and earth. That’s why he was raised with a Chosen’s treatment.” Tu Fang sighed.

Yin Luo was extremely famous. In truth, when they had first found out that the Corrupt path had instigated that battle, they had immediately gone to ask the supermonastery for aid in order to handle Yin Luo. They had been hoping for the monastery to send down another Chosen to face Yin Luo.

Ling Yunzi’s Xuantian Monastery was the 108th monastery, the last place monastery. This monastery was unable to compare to the other monasteries.

All the higher ranking monasteries had Chosen talents within them. But those fellows wouldn’t go out fighting for others.

The supermonastery knew that if they didn’t send a Chosen to help, then the 108th monastery would be completely routed. So they had dispatched one of the first monastery’s disciples to go provide assistance.

The first monastery was the strongest monastery, and it possessed three Chosen. Sending one down was extremely simple for them.

But that Chosen had used getting lost as an excuse to arrive half a month late.

By that time, the battle had already ended. Completely infuriated, Ling Yunzi had directly reported this to the higher levels of the supermonastery.

However, the first monastery had a very deep relationship with the supermonastery. They had actually managed to suppress this matter so it didn’t become bigger.

That had truly infuriated Tu Fang and Ling Yunzi. That was intolerable bullying! The fact that the Chosen had arrived late could have caused countless of their disciples to die. How could this matter be settled just like that?

The heavens really had been protecting them during this battle. Mo Nian had appeared out of nowhere, Chu Yao had displayed a shocking battle ability, and Wilde had been incredibly powerful as well. Furthermore, Tang Wan-er and the other core disciples had also fought outstandingly. With Long Chen leading them, they had completely reversed this battle which should have resulted in a massacre for them.

If it was just the fact that they had suppressed this information from becoming widespread, that would have been one thing. After all, the first monastery was extremely powerful and was not an existence they could provoke. They could only endure.

But when Tu Fang had brought over a huge number of Corrupt disciple’s heads to them to exchange for points, he had also reported the matter of Long Chen killing an eight-temper Bone Forging Elder in hopes of getting Long Chen a Chosen disciple position.

Chosen were all existences unrivaled within their realm. Even the supermonastery valued them and would provide plenty of resources to raise them.

But Tu Fang had only just sent in the request when an Elder from the supermonastery rejected him, his reasoning that this was clearly fake.

Tu Fang had really been infuriated then. He had gone straight back to the monastery and received a photographic jade from Ling Yunzi that had the events of the battle recorded.

When he ran back to the supermonastery and handed over that photographic jade, that Elder had been silent for a long while.

He had then told Tu Fang that this matter was too peculiar, and he had to report it to the higher-ups first.

Tu Fang had felt that it was odd for him to have to wait. Normally, this kind of matter would be handled extremely quickly, especially since he had handed over that photographic jade as proof.

But then again, this situation really was peculiar. After all, Long Chen was only at the peak of Blood Condensation, and he was also not a Favored. The fact that others found it inconceivable and had to discuss it first was reasonable.

However, the next day, that Elder had sent Tu Fang a message saying that he was extremely sorry, but all the Chosen spots for this generation had already been taken, and there were not enough resources to distribute anymore. 

Tu Fang had been about to burst with rage. This was clearly making it hard on them on purpose. The supermonastery’s inheritance stretched back for tens of thousands of years. Would they really be lacking resources for a single genius?

But Tu Fang also had no way around this. There was no way he could get in touch with the true higher-ups. He could only swallow this stomach of fire and simply receive the ordinary resources and rewards for the monastery.

But just as he was about to leave, he had heard a single bit of news: the first monastery had just given birth to another Chosen.

Didn’t they say that there were no more Chosen spots to hand out? 

This time Tu Fang was far too suspicious. He hadn’t gone to find that Elder and had instead secretly asked around. He had learned that the Elder who had refused to give them the Chosen disciple position was someone extremely close to the first monastery’s sect leader.

Tu Fang had then come to a sudden realization. It was no wonder Long Chen’s Chosen application had not gone through. They had just angered the first monastery by reporting the fact that their Chosen had failed to accomplish his task.

Once he realized this, Tu Fang realized that there really was no hope. He had had no choice but to dejectedly return.

After hearing Tu Fang’s explanation, Long Chen smiled, stood up, and bowed to Ling Yunzi and Tu Fang.

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