Chapter 2733 The Southern Sea Zither’s Secret (Teaser)


An explosion came from the pill furnace, startling Meng Qi and the others. The Demon Moon Furnace had actually caused the pills to explode.

“What happened?” asked Meng Qi, looking at Long Chen’s clone.

Ling-er was also startled. “Spiritual fluctuations came from senior Evilmoon, disturbing me. It seems that something has happened.”

Long Chen’s clone had Evilmoon controlling the spirit, while Ling-er and the Heaven Flipping Seal controlled the qi and essence. When Long Chen left and brought away Evilmoon, Evilmoon had left a portion of its soul behind to maintain the clone.

Right now, the void split open. Evilmoon appeared and merged into the clone. “It’s not good....

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