Chapter 271 Special Present

“Wilde, you basically never stopped eating while we were in the capital. Are you still not full?” Tang Wan-er looked at Wilde in shock.

Wilde had never stopped eating while in the capital. He had literally eaten through day and night.

Occasionally, he would feel sleepy and take a nap for less than an hour before waking up from hunger, continuing to devour all of the food. Just watching him had stunned Tang Wan-er and Chu Yao.

Wilde bitterly grumbled, “Nothing I can do! That meat has no energy in it. Only by continuously eating it can I barely make up how much energy I use daily. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even be able to walk by now.”

Only Long Chen knew that eating was essentially cultivating for Wilde. The better the food he ate, the faster he would cultivate.

That ordinary beef could only barely keep up with his energy expenditure. There was no energy for him to replenish himself or advance.

If he hadn’t eaten, he would have immediately fallen into what would essentially be a coma. Without enough energy, his body’s cells would go on strike.

Just at this moment, a thick python charged at them. That was a first rank Magical Beast.

Cold-blooded, low ranking Magical Beasts had exceptionally low intelligence. It hadn’t even sensed their cultivation bases before attacking them. In fact, it hadn’t even noticed that Little Snow, a third rank Magical Beast, was present.

Wilde’s eyes immediately brightened when he saw that python. Food!

Tang Wan-er waved a single finger, and a small wind blade directly cut off that python’s head. But even after cutting off its head, that wind blade didn’t lose any strength and pierced a small hole into a huge boulder.

Long Chen was shocked by that. The spot in the boulder that had been pierced was completely smooth. With just a random wave of Tang Wan-er’s hand, she was able to cut through that hard rock as easily as cutting through tofu.

Wilde didn’t care how that snake died. All he needed to know was that python was about to enter his stomach.

“Wait a moment for me to cook it a bit Wilde.”

Seeing Wilde was about to start devouring that python, Long Chen hastily stopped him. He knew that Wilde was being driven crazy by his hunger, so he naturally wouldn’t care about the taste.

If it had just been him and Wilde, he wouldn’t have cared all that much, but it wasn’t suitable with Chu Yao and Tang Wan-er present. He quickly took out a grilling frame, skinned the python, washed it clean, and placed it on the grill.

With a wave of his hand, a blue flame burst forth and immediately engulfed that python’s corpse.

Long Chen’s beast flame was extremely powerful. If he didn’t keep it restrained, it would have instantly burned this first rank python to ashes.

As a pill cultivator, Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was extremely strong. Controlling the flame was just a fundamental skill, and in just a couple of breaths, that python was completely cooked, releasing a fragrant scent.

Long Chen cut off a large portion of it for Tang Wan-er, Chu Yao, and himself, leaving all the rest for Wilde.

He had cooked it extremely well, and it was extremely satisfying to them. It practically melted in their mouths, and although he hadn’t added any seasoning, both women had only praise to give.

“It’s too bad we didn’t bring any Wonder Carps. Otherwise, it would have been a great snack for big sister Yao-er,” said Tang Wan-er with some regret.

Long Chen ate a bite and then suddenly asked, “I find it strange. How come you call Yao-er big sister and Yao-er also calls you big sister? Just which one of you is the big sister and which is the little sister?”

Chu Yao laughed somewhat mischievously. Smiling craftily, she asked, “Well which one of us do you think is bigger? Which one of us is the big sister?”

Long Chen stiffened for a moment. Looking at the two of them gazing steadily at him, he immediately realized that this was not such an easy question to answer. This was a word trap. A bad response would result in some punishment.

But just who was Long Chen? Did they think he would fall for this trap? He stared at the two of them for a long time, stretching it out awkwardly as his gaze roved over their bodies and faces. Finally, when the two of them were completely red, he sighed:

“Both your figures are extremely amazing. If you don’t take off your clothes, I won’t be able to tell just which one of you is bigger.”

The two of their faces were so red it looked like blood might drip out at any moment. The two of them simultaneously raged:



On the other hand, Long Chen laughed loftily. Being able to tease two absolute beauties like this was practically the greatest delight of his life.

However, Long Chen still felt that this was strange. With Tang Wan-er’s fiery temper, normally he would definitely have received a beating with her fists after teasing her like this. Perhaps she would even throw in a couple of kicks if she felt like it.

Could it be that Chu Yao’s gentle temperament had rubbed off on her? Then, that really would be too boring. In the future, he wouldn’t have anything to do when he was bored.

“Long Chen, what are you planning on doing once you return?” asked Chu Yao once she had recovered.

Long Chen threw the last piece of meat into his mouth. Wiping his mouth, he bitterly smiled, “What plans could I possibly have? All I can do is cultivate all-out. I still don’t know just when I can break through this bottleneck. With my current cultivation base, wouldn’t I end up doomed once I enter the Jiuli secret realm? Especially with that fellow, Yin Mule or something-”

“It’s Yin Luo! Can you not be so ridiculous?” Tang Wan-er rebuked.

“Yeah, that Yin Luo fellow. I only managed to cut off one of his legs. He probably won’t be too happy about that. Most likely, he’ll come to settle things with me in the secret realm,” sighed Long Chen.

Chu Yao and Tang Wan-er both remembered how terrifying Yin Luo was, and their smiles faded to be replaced with worry.

“That Yin Luo really is too terrifying. His body actually contains Xiantian essence blood. Although he can’t control it perfectly, as his cultivation base grows, he’ll gradually become accustomed to it.

“If he can use his body’s Xiantian essence blood to control natural energy, then his attacks really will be horrifying.

“Last battle, he should still have been unfamiliar with his Xiantian essence blood. He was afraid of dying from the backlash of the natural energy, and so he didn’t dare use too much strength.

“Yet, even so, you all saw just how powerful that last attack of his was.” Just recalling Yin Luo’s last attack filled Chu Yao with worry. 

This time Yin Luo had ended up injured. He would probably go all-out cultivating so he could wash away that humiliation. It was extremely likely that he would attempt to kill Long Chen in the Jiuli secret realm.

“Long Chen, with your current strength, it should be no problem for you to at least survive against Yin Luo if you manage to break through to Tendon Transformation. But if you can’t break through to Tendon Transformation before the opening of the Jiuli secret realm, that really will be dangerous,” said Tang Wan-er.

The reason Long Chen had been able to seize victory last time had been because of Chu Yao’s secret art. She had loaned her ocean’s worth of spiritual qi to him to use.

If it hadn’t been for Chu Yao, let alone Yin Luo, just that Corrupt Elder would have killed Long Chen.

Long Chen also understood his weak points. One weak point was that his cultivation realm was too low, while the other was that he didn’t have enough energy.

In regards to ordinary core disciples, his FengFu Star’s energy definitely wouldn’t be lacking compared to any of them.

But Long Chen’s FengFu Battle Armor and Split the Heavens were both too exhausting.

So right now, Long Chen had two choices: one, he could do his best to attempt to make a cultivation base breakthrough to Tendon Transformation.

Or his other option was to condense the second of the nine stars, the Alioth Star. Long Chen was sure that if he could just condense the Alioth Star, then with both stars’ superposition, he would be even stronger and be able to fight longer.

As for more Battle Skills, Long Chen didn’t really need them. That was because his spiritual qi wasn’t able to keep up with such a huge expenditure.

The crucial point of all this was that Long Chen was stuck in a bottleneck, and he had no idea how he could break through to reach Tendon Transformation.

The bottleneck he was in was extremely strange. He had already reached the peak of Blood Condensation, and yet he was unable to break through. That was extremely vexing for him.

But Long Chen knew that this kind of situation couldn’t be rushed. Rather than attempting to break through this impossible bottleneck, it would be better for him to focus on gathering all the Alioth Pill’s ingredients.

They had killed many Corrupt experts this time, and there would definitely be large rewards. Long Chen didn’t need anything else; all he needed were the Alioth Pill’s medicinal ingredients.

As long as he gathered even just a few sets of them, he could at least condense an embryonic Alioth Star.

Long Chen had a premonition that as long as he could condense the Alioth Star, his combat ability would definitely surge crazily.

Seeing that Long Chen looked a bit grave, Chu Yao didn’t want him to feel so much pressure, so she held his hand and asked, “What did you do yesterday at the alchemist guild and the Huayun Pavilion?”

Yesterday, despite how busy he had been, he had taken the time to go to those two places. Chu Yao and Tang Wan-er had stayed with his parents, and so they didn’t know what he had done there.

Long Chen laughed mischievously, “First, I went to the alchemist guild to officially greet the new chairman. After all, he has treated our Long family really well. It would have been too rude if I didn’t at least pay him a visit. Other than just greeting him, I also asked him a couple of matters to do with the alchemist guild. As for the Huayun Pavilion, I just wanted to see if I could find anything I need, and, hehe, I actually did manage to buy it.”

An ink-black stone appeared on Long Chen’s hand. It was just the size of an egg. Ancient lines covered it, and it gave off an extremely archaic aura.

The two women were slightly surprised. They took that stone from his hand and examined it from all directions, unable to see through its mysteries.

“It looks very ancient. These lines should also be natural and contain an ancient aura. But other than that, I can’t find anything special about it,” said Chu Yao curiously.

Long Chen purposely acted mysterious. “It’s natural that you can’t see through what’s so special about it. After all, you’re all too young. Then let me tell you, the most special part about this stone is: it is very old!”

“And then…?” asked Tang Wan-er.


“Are you playing us?” asked Tang Wan-er disdainfully.

Long Chen laughed mischievously again; he rubbed that stone with a pleased expression. But looking at Long Chen’s smile gave the two of them a chill. They both had a bad feeling.

“Long Chen, are you planning on doing something bad again?” Chu Yao understood Long Chen very well.

“Of course not!”

Long Chen shook his head like it was a rattle, righteously saying, “What kind of person do you think I, Long Chen, am? This is to be sent as a gift.”

But neither Chu Yao or Tang Wan-er really believed him. That was because Long Chen’s smile just now really had been too mischievous.

Tang Wan-er suddenly had a thought. “I think I know who Long Chen is sending this gift to.”

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