Chapter 2690 Divine Items Collide (Teaser)

With her sword in hand, Feng Fei blocked Jiang Wuchen and Ye Liangchen’s path. This action of her startled everyone.

Feng Fei angrily shouted, “Long Aotian is a disgrace to the divine families. His entire family is trash that has tarnished the honor of the divine families, so I will not permit you to help Long Aotian. We should not participate in their battle.”

“What bullshit! What kind of time is it for this kind of nonsense?! In the martial path, when is reason ever taken into account? Get out of my way! Your conduct is already a betrayal of the divine families. Have you considered the consequences?” raged Ye Liangchen.

Feng Fei frostily said, “Long Chen and I are destined to be enemies. But even as enemies, it is an...

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