Chapter 2677 Heaven and Earth Resonate (Teaser)

“It doesn’t matter how strong you are. In front of me, you are nothing. Some people simply have their fates set once they are born.” Long Aotian remained as arrogant as ever even when he saw the terrifying phenomenon that Long Chen evoked.

The nine dragons behind Long Aotian converged into three parts each. His essence, qi, and spirit were bound into one. At this moment, his dragon spear pierced forward. Immortal light and black qi exploded when the saber and spear met.

The clash of the two divine weapons caused the world to quiver in fear. It was as if the laws of the world were afraid of their power.

As a result, ripples spread, crushing heaven and earth. People felt their souls being twisted. This was a kind of power that was practically unaffected by the restrictions of sp...

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