Chapter 2666 Heaven String, Earth String (Teaser)

Sovereign Han Wei’s five-string Heavenly Dao zither was destroyed just like this. Where did the Nine-Headed Lion get this power from?

“What dogshit Sovereign, you’re only at this level!” sneered the Nine-Headed Lion. He then unleashed a second punch at Sovereign Han Wei.

“He’s using the power of his world to fight Sovereign Han Wei!” A startled cry rang out from a sharp observer. The power being unleashed by the Nine-Headed Lion was completely foreign. It was not part of the Martial Heaven Continent.

After the five-string zither was destroyed, Sovereign Han Wei’s expression finally turned cold. Killing intent exploded within her.

“You dare to interfere in my transmission of the Dao? You’ve lived for nothing.”

Sovereign Han Wei then clapped her hands, and violet qi exploded. Right away, the five-string Heavenly Dao zither reappeared with...

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