Chapter 2655 Gate of the Heavens (Teaser)

Ye Ming didn’t even look at Jiang Wuchen. “Someone who had his leg cut off isn’t qualified to speak to me.”

Jiang Wuchen’s expression sank. The humiliation of having the Alldevil Heavenwalker cut off his leg was his life’s greatest humiliation. Even Ye Ming was insulting him.

“Don’t be brash. Save your energy. When the final wave of the tribulation comes, we’ll have to go all-out.” Feng Fei pressed a hand against Jiang Wuchen who was about to explode.

Only then did Jiang Wuchen snort and shut his mouth. Feng Fei turned to Long Chen.

“At this time, we should be united.”

Long Chen looked at Feng Fei. “Is that earnest?”

Feng Fei nodded. “Yes.”

Long Chen also nodded and turned away. However, he sent a...

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