Chapter 265 Sword Qi Surges into the Sky

“Wu Li, your claw has really stretched far today.” A sword cut apart the blue dome of the sky, slashing down on that hand.

That was a sword image that contained a heaven-toppling sword intent. 

Slashing onto that huge hand, it was almost split in two. Long Chen was surprised to see that blood actually dripped from that seemingly illusory hand.

“LING YUN-ZI!” An angry roar rang out from the teleportation portal as that hand retreated back within.

People then noticed there was also a teleportation portal behind Tu Fang now.

In front of that portal was a certain figure. That figure wasn’t solid. In fact, it looked like a figure straight out of fantasy. But its form was the exact same as the Xuantian Monastery’s sect leader.

Ling Yunzi held his hands behind his back, speaking back to the opposing teleportation portal, “Wu Li, it’s been thirty years. You’re becoming more and more pathetic. You actually attacked a group of little children? What happened to that pride of yours?”

Although it was just an illusory figure, Ling Yunzi’s figure still contained a domineering sword intent. He now looked like an unsheathed sword, his sharpness so chilling that it would cause the world to shiver.

Because of Ling Yunzi’s appearance, the pressure radiating from that huge hand was finally repelled by his sword intent, allowing everyone to breathe again.

However, now everyone was completely covered in sweat, their faces pale as paper. In front of that huge hand, they had all thought that they would die.

“Ling Yunzi, I wouldn’t have thought that you’d have condensed a spiritual body.” A surprised roar came from the other side of the teleportation portal.

Ling Yunzi’s spiritual body was more accurately a spiritual clone. It was something that could be condensed after entering the Xiantian realm—when a person’s Spiritual Strength reached a certain pinnacle.

Such a spiritual clone contained ten percent of the true body’s combat strength. It was an essential tool for experts to help support their junior generation.

However, it wasn’t every Xiantian expert who could condense a spiritual clone. Not only did it require powerful Spiritual Strength, but it also required an extremely rare talent.

“It’s not like I can be as pathetic as you, bullying the junior generation all day.” Ling Yunzi sneered, his voice filled with disdain.

“Ling Yunzi, are you trying to provoke me?” An angry roar came from his opponent.

“I suppose. Unfortunately, you no longer have the qualifications to fight me! Scram!” Ling Yunzi snorted and his sword once more swept out. Sword Qi slashed down on that teleportation portal.

That teleportation portal faded back into heaven and earth after being struck by Ling Yunzi. As it broke down, it was possible to hear an angry roar coming from the other side, but it was too indistinct to hear what it said.

After destroying that teleportation portal, Ling Yunzi’s gaze swept over the battlefield, his gaze finally lighting on Long Chen. Although his spirit clone’s body was indistinct, Long Chen could sense that he was looking at him.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, well done. You really haven’t disappointed me.” Ling Yunzi laughed and then stepped back into his teleportation portal, disappearing from people’s view. The teleportation portal faded along with it, and the crowd descended into complete silence.

No one had expected that the battle this time would end up having Xiantian experts involved. Everyone was completely shocked.

Although that black hand and Ling Yunzi had only released three attacks each, that kind of destructive power awed them all. This was a Xiantian expert? They were definitely too terrifying.

In front of their strength, everyone else was just ants, unable to receive a single blow.

Once Ling Yunzi had left, Gui Yan knew that it was already a foregone conclusion that they had miserably lost. Three of their Favored had died, one had his courage broken and was only retreating, while the last one had had his leg severed. This was an absolute humiliation.

But the circumstances were pressing. There was no longer any way for him to reverse this battle.


Following Gui Yan’s orders, the remaining one thousand Corrupt disciples began to retreat in relief.

“You think you can retreat just like this? Brothers, kill them all! Their spatial rings still contain the heads of our fallen brothers. We have to take them back! We can’t let our brothers die without a full corpse!” Seeing that the Righteous path’s experts, from disciples to Elders, actually didn’t move to stop any of them, Long Chen roared out angrily.

Those disciples, who had just been about to cheer in victory, suddenly heard Long Chen’s shout. Without even thinking about it, they began attacking the Corrupt disciples again.

“Bastards, you’re breaking the rules!”

The Corrupt path had already retreated, declaring their defeat. According to the previous tacit agreement, the victor was not to chase. And so Long Chen really was breaking the rules, shocking and infuriating Gui Yan.

Tu Fang also felt that this was inappropriate. He was about to stop it, but then after a moment’s thought, he icily shouted, “Long Chen is the commander of this battle. I have no authority to meddle.”

Gui Yan raged, “Bullshit! Do you think I’m an idiot? You self-acclaimed bastards from the ‘Righteous’ path are clearly not abiding the rules!”

He could only watch as his disciples below were crazily chased by the Righteous disciples. The Corrupt disciples’ morale had already been broken, and they couldn’t form the slightest bit of effective resistance. They were killed one after another.

“You farting old ghost, shut your ass. Don’t stink up the air with your farts.”

Long Chen didn’t have any energy to kill others, but he still had his Spiritual Strength. That was definitely enough to curse others.

“If you want to talk about breaking rules, then it was you guys who broke the rules first! That shameless old fellow actually passed through a teleportation portal to attack me! Why didn’t you talk about the rules then?

“Now that it’s disadvantageous for you, you start talking about the rules? Are your faces made of leather? You actually can say such shameless words?

“Brothers, cut them down! And don’t just cut them, cut them to death! Kill!”

Those Righteous disciples were completely exhausted, with quite a few people tottering on the verge of collapse. They had already overdrafted their strength.

And yet, Long Chen’s words were like stimulants for them, activating all of their nerves.

Those Corrupt disciples’ faces still looked malevolent and sinister, but now there was also terror on their faces. That view excited them greatly. 

In the past, everyone had told them that Corrupt disciples were savage, cruel, terrifying, and were dauntless in the face of death. But now, because of them, they were fleeing like rats. That was an absolute honor for them.

With this honor in front of them, even their lives didn’t seem as important. They all charged out recklessly to kill them.

What they didn’t know was that they had long since reached their limit. They were relying solely on their willpower to keep fighting.

There were dozens of core disciples who were so completely focused on killing that they hadn’t even realized a faint mark that had appeared on their foreheads. That mark was constantly sending energy into their bodies, allowing them to continue.

They might not have noticed that, but the Elders watching all saw it. They were completely shocked, and quite a few of them even began to cry.

Those Elders mostly came from smaller sects. Those core disciples were perhaps their own family members. Back when they had seen the Xuantian Monastery’s core disciples who had awakened their ancestral marks and how powerful they were, they had been filled with shock and envy. Now their own family’s disciples had awakened their ancestral marks. How could they not go crazy with joy?

The entire battlefield became a complete mess because of Long Chen’s words. Fierce battles reigniting everywhere.

The Corrupt path’s Elders and senior disciples wanted to go save their new disciples, but the Righteous path’s people naturally wouldn’t allow that to happen so easily.

“Long Chen, where do you want to stop?” Gui Yan was alarmed and infuriated, yet he was also helpless. He could only clench his teeth.

That was because he saw that if this massacre continued and if their experts were unable to break through the Righteous path’s blockade, then this entire new generation of Corrupt disciples would be completely slaughtered within an hour.

“Have all your disciples hand over their spatial rings so we can take our brothers’ heads back,” said Long Chen

These Corrupt disciples had done it differently than their Righteous disciples. They were only out for their own selfish profit, and so the first thing they did after killing a Righteous disciple was to cut off their head and place it in their spatial ring. 

They weren’t like the Righteous disciples who waited until the end of the battle to sweep through the profits. They refused to divide their gains evenly with others; after all, Righteous disciples’ heads could be exchanged for generous rewards for them.

There were definitely many heads from Righteous disciples in the Corrupt disciples’ spatial rings.

And that was why these Righteous disciples had listened to Long Chen’s call and were fighting so recklessly now, despite being exhausted.

Everyone had brothers, everyone had companions. Once a companion died, although there was no way to revive them, they had to at least snatch back their heads.

“What nonsense. Our disciples’ spatial rings also contain all of the treasures they’ve gathered over the years. How could we possibly give them to you? We’ll only give you the heads.” Gui Yan was incredibly infuriated. But in the end, he still compromised, agreeing to hand over the Righteous disciples’ heads.

“Nonsense must be your strong point. Don’t think everyone is as stupid as you. They have to hand over all their spatial rings, or how could we know whether or not you’ve secretly kept some heads? Do you think I’m an idiot like you?” Long Chen coldly snorted, not yielding a single step.

“This is too much! You’re committing a grave violation against the rules!” Gui Yan was so pissed off that he was quivering from rage.

Long Chen disdainfully snorted, “So what if it’s too much? What are you going to do about it? Those so-called rules are just game rules that the weak gave to the strong. Don’t try to play any word games with me, as that’ll really piss me off.

“If there were really rules, then how come the time and location of all the Righteous and Corrupt battles are always chosen by you guys?

“If there were really rules, for what reason must we always passively defend against your beatings? For what reason do those helpless commoners have to be massacred arbitrarily by you guys? Fuck your granny, can you fucking give me a single explanation?”

When Long Chen thought of those innocent commoners that had been slaughtered helplessly by them, his eyes turned completely red. He pointed at Gui Yan and roared, “Isn’t it just because you were stronger and you felt yourselves the dictators of the rules? When we were weak, you talked with your fists, and when we’re strong, you want to talk about rules with me? Go shit yourself, you old shithead!”

The Righteous path’s experts all felt years of suppressed anger relieve itself as Long Chen cursed. Long Chen’s cursing really was extremely satisfying to them.

Gui Yan began to fume, wanting to bite Long Chen to death. But with Tu Fang keeping a close eye on him, he didn’t dare make a move.

“I’ll agree to let you examine our disciples’ spatial rings. We definitely won’t hide any heads.”

Gui Yan finally had no choice but to swallow his anger. He couldn’t let all of his disciples be completely slaughtered. But Long Chen’s reply really almost made him explode.

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