Chapter 2640 Resolving the Curse Energy (Teaser)

“You almost scared me to death! What did you make such a commotion for?!”

Long Chen had just fallen asleep when Evilmoon’s shout rang out like thunder in his head. Someone with a weaker soul might have their soul fall into chaos.

“Long Chen, I’ve figured it out!” Evilmoon was still shouting excitedly.

“Figured what out?” demanded Long Chen. Just what was it that made Evilmoon so excited?

“I know how you can resolve the backlash from the Heavenly Daos when you use the ninth form of Split the Heavens!” 

“Really? Aiya!” 

Long Chen was so excited that he jumped up, almost slipping out from the leaves and falling. Long Chen was even more excited than Evilmoon.

“How? Tell me!” said Long Chen urgently.

The Heavens’ Wrath state was to use his own anger to draw out...

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