Chapter 264 Terrifying Hand

Yin Luo had never imagined that he would fall into such a desperate plight in such a place. All he could do was raise his golden spear to block Long Chen’s saber.

Sparks shot out. When it came to physical strength, Long Chen would definitely not fear anyone. The instant their weapons collided, the webbing of Yin Luo’s hand split apart and he wasn’t able to keep a hold on his spear. It turned into a ray of golden light that flew over a mile away.

Long Chen also didn’t have it much better. He was forced back several steps, his arms shaking, and a dull pain coming from his hand.

Now Yin Luo was without his golden spear while facing Long Chen and his terrifying physical body.

Yin Luo had just used his Xiantian essence blood to control a trace of natural energy. He had thought that he would be able to kill the two of them with that attack.

However, neither of them had died, while he had ended up running out of spiritual qi and receiving a backlash from the natural energy. Although that wasn’t severe, if he didn’t handle it quickly, it would end up having a heavy impact on his foundation.

Now that Long Chen was forced back, Yin Luo was much closer to the teleportation portal. He abandoned his golden spear and rushed straight to it.

“You want to run? Leave your life behind!” Long Chen coldly snorted. His blood surged and a spear of flowing light appeared in his hands. 

Now that Long Chen’s spiritual qi was exhausted and even his physical energy was gone, he could only rely on the thunderforce in his body.

Back when Long Chen had gone through with his crazy plan and used thunderforce to temper his body, he had found those strange thunderforce runes flowing through his blood afterward. 

Those runes could be considered Long Chen’s core runes. They were normally nourished by his blood, and they had enough energy in them that he could use them to attack one time without spiritual qi.

This thunderforce was his only chance now. With his spiritual qi exhausted, his Pill Flame was out of fuel and was unusable.

The main reason Long Chen hadn’t used his thunderforce yet was that he didn’t want to reveal his trump cards. Another reason was because these runes exhausted Long Chen’s blood energy.

It would be a long time before he could use his thunderforce after this. Or perhaps he would have to go gather more thunderforce in order to let his runes recover. Either way, Long Chen had been unwilling to use this move.

But now seeing Yin Luo about to step into the teleportation portal, he had to do something even if he was unwilling.

His lightning spear left his hand, growing larger and flying out like a phoenix at Yin Luo.

Now that it had spread out instead of remaining concentrated, its power was actually weakened. However, Long Chen was helpless to do anything about that. That lightning was refined from heaven and earth thunderforce. Although it had condensed within Long Chen’s body, it was still like a berserk Magical Beast. It always refused to submit completely. As soon as it left his hand, it began to escape his restrictions, attacking instinctively.

Yin Luo felt his body tighten and his hair stand on end. A strong air of death immediately enveloped him. 

He was unable to hold back his horror upon seeing that lightning shooting at him. A yellow paper immediately appeared in his hand.

That yellow paper was only the size of a palm. There were strange lines on top of it. They seemed like words, but not words. They seemed like images, yet not images. It was extremely bizarre.

Yin Luo immediately crushed it in his hand and a translucent shield of light covered him.

Long Chen’s thunderforce had been condensed into a spear while he had held it, but while flying out, it had spread out into the shape of a phoenix. When it reached Yin Luo, it was a complete mess of chaotic strands.

Lightning lit up the sky, so incredibly bright that people had no choice but to turn away. Loud thunder rolls continuously rang out, mixed with a muffled groan.

When the golden light scattered, people saw that the shield of light which Yin Luo had summoned from that yellow paper had protected him.

However, now his body was charred black and his clothes were rags. His long hair was completely singed, and his body was quivering.

“LONG CHEN! I’ll remember you! Just you wait!” Yin Luo clenched his teeth. That was the first time he had been forced into such a desperate state. He was so angry that he thought he would explode.

But he knew he was already at the end of the line. He had to run. Otherwise, he would undoubtedly die.

“I’m pretty impatient, so let’s not wait. I’ll just kill you now!” Long Chen rushed at Yin Luo with Devil Decapitator. However, now Long Chen felt as if his legs had been filled with lead, and Devil Decapitator was even heavier than a mountain.

Long Chen had already used up all of his spiritual qi, physical energy, and even his blood energy. Other than his Spiritual Strength, he was completely on his last legs.

His current speed was probably not much faster than an ordinary non-cultivator. And yet, even despite that, he refused to give up.

At this speed, he would definitely not be able to arrive at Yin Luo fast enough. But he knew that a certain someone would definitely not just watch.

An arrow shot straight at Yin Luo’s back. It was completely silent as if it was an arrow from a death god. 

However, Yin Luo seemed to have eyes at the back of his head, and without even turning back, he dodged to the side.

However, Yin Luo had forgotten one thing. He was already completely exhausted, and so there was no way he could be as nimble as before. Despite dodging at the first moment, he was still struck in the shoulder. Mo Nian’s spiritual energy was already exhausted, but this arrow contained all of his remaining power. Yin Luo’s shoulder burst apart, and his arm almost fell.

Yin Luo let out a pained groan as he staggered. But clenching his teeth, he still stepped back towards the teleportation portal. He stuck his head in.

However, before the rest of his body entered, Devil Decapitator mercilessly slashed down.

Blood flew, accompanied by a miserable scream. One of Yin Luo’s legs had been completely severed.

“Long Chen, Mo Nian, you two bastards better wait for me! I, Yin Luo, swear to cut you into a thousand pieces…!”

The large teleportation portal shrunk down, and Yin Luo’s voice became indistinct.

But that hatred in his voice truly caused people to shiver in fear.

Mo Nian used his bow as a crutch as he laboriously walked over to Long Chen. Looking at that leg, he smiled slightly. “A leg’s not bad. Do you want it?”

Long Chen put away Devil Decapitator and sat on the ground. He didn’t even have the slightest bit of energy anymore.

He shook his head, “Why would I want this? Although my appetite’s not bad, I really don’t think I could manage to swallow this thing.”

“This little fellow really was worthy of being a top expert of the Corrupt path. His body contains Xiantian essence blood, making this leg quite the treasure.” Mo Nian didn’t have any hesitation and picked up Yin Luo’s leg. He was just about to say something when the teleportation portal that had been about to shrink to nothing suddenly expanded violently.

A heaven-encompassing hand appeared, and a large finger hundreds of meters long jabbed down on the two of them.

Long Chen and Mo Nian were horrified. And it wasn’t just them. Other than Tu Fang and Gui Yan, everyone else was completely overwhelmed with horror, unable to move in the slightest in front of that large hand.

It was as if the entire world had frozen. Even all their breathing and heartbeats had stopped. In front of that hand, they could only wait to die.

It looked just like a huge divinity’s hand. Just its finger almost caused heaven and earth to break down. If Long Chen and Mo Nian were hit, not even their bones would remain.

Mo Nian suddenly roared and a mark appeared in the space between his eyebrows. Mo Nian just barely managed to resist the pressure enough to touch his spatial ring. 

A scale half a foot long appeared in Mo Nian’s hand. As soon as it appeared, Mo Nian spat out a mouthful of blood onto it. 

The scale instantly absorbed his blood and grew larger, becoming a huge shield. At the same time, it released a green light to protect Long Chen.

That scale came from an ancient, terrifying Magical Beast. Its defensive strength was shocking.

An expert of the Talisman Dao had refined and carved runes onto this scale to increase its defensive strength even further. It had been given to Mo Nian by one of his elders for protection. Even experts on the level of Gui Yan wouldn’t be able to break it.

That huge hand descended, breaking apart the vast sky. Long Chen felt a terrifying energy hit him, and the green scale instantly shattered.

Space seemed to have torn apart. Long Chen felt as if his body was about to be pulled apart along with it, and he and Mo Nian shot out like two cannonballs.

They tumbled through the air for several kilometers before stopping. The two of them both vomited blood, intense pain wracking their bodies. They felt like they were about to collapse.

That large hand was too powerful. If it weren’t for that treasure Mo Nian’s elder had gifted him, the two of them would have been crushed to pieces.

And yet, even with that powerful scale, the two of them had still almost died. Long Chen was absolutely horrified. Just what kind of monster was that? The entire battlefield had been suppressed to the point that no one was moving. 

Seeing that this first attack hadn’t killed them, that large hand suddenly formed a huge heavenly palm in the air and viciously slammed down at the two of them.

“Wu Li, your claw has really stretched far today.”

Suddenly, a clear voice rang out, sounding as it had come from above the nine heavens. A sword cut apart the blue dome of the sky, slashing down on that hand.

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