Chapter 2638 Restoring the Divine Tablet (Teaser)

Bao Buping and the others’ cultivation bases hadn’t changed. Instead, their auras were growing sharper and fiercer, as if a beast was awakening. Upon looking at them, even Long Chen’s heart shook.

“This… it can't be!” Long Chen suddenly thought of something and was filled with envy. This was a pleasant surprise.

“Hahaha, the Heavens’ Wrath rune! I no longer need to worry about not being able to control it! Fuck, who doesn’t submit to me now? I’ll directly slash them to death!” Bao Buping suddenly laughed crazily and jumped excitedly.

The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet had returned, and its primordial runes had been restored. Because of it, all disciples of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect automatically awakened...

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