Chapter 263 Xiantian Power

Arriving at Mo Nian and Yin Luo’s battle, Long Chen’s heart shook. Their battle was incredibly intense.

A spear and arrows continuously shook the heavens. Qi waves surged out, causing the sky to constantly tremble.

Although Long Chen had already killed a Favored, these two were much, much stronger than that Favored. They were simply not on the same power level.

“Brother Mo Nian, do you want some help?”

Seeing their battle, Long Chen’s heart was filled with a desire for battle. The two of them were around the same age as him, and they were shockingly powerful, not at all inferior to that Corrupt Elder. In fact, looking at their battle now, they might even be stronger.

“I’m still a bit lacking. Come, let’s kill him quick and then find a place to drink some good alcohol.” Mo Nian’s bow was constantly shooting out arrows, but from the start, he was unable to do anything to Yin Luo, which irritated him.

He had bragged at the beginning of their fight, but this Yin Luo was just too powerful. The two of them were completely even for now.

Mo Nian was unable to kill Yin Luo, but Yin Luo was also unable to do anything to Mo Nian. The two of them were both top experts, and it was incredibly difficult to kill either of them.

Mo Nian had already grown tired of this. This was the first time that he met someone in the same realm who could fight against him for such a long time. He surprisingly didn’t have any complaints about Long Chen’s suggestion.

Long Chen laughed and shot forward, entering their battle range and bringing his saber down on Yin Luo.

But when he entered their range, he felt a strange forcefield present.

That forcefield wasn’t any aura, but both of their wills. This was the first time Long Chen had encountered such a forcefield.

But as soon as he entered that forcefield and was influenced by their wills, Long Chen’s own will erupted out of his control.

His will was different from their wills. Long Chen’s will wasn’t focused on any person but against all of heaven and earth. His will was one that wished to break apart the shackles of the world and disdainfully look down on the nine heavens.

Both Mo Nian and Yin Luo sensed Long Chen’s will erupting and were shocked.

“Watch out!” Long Chen’s Devil Decapitator radiated brilliant light as it slashed down.

Yin Luo coldly snorted. The spear’s runes lit up, smashing into Long Chen’s saber.


Golden light shot out and an explosion shook the sky. Long Chen’s body shook, and his arm turned a bit numb.

“What powerful strength!” Long Chen was appalled. Yin Luo was really too powerful, definitely not weaker than that Corrupt Elder in the slightest bit.

Long Chen was forced back, but Yin Luo was also shocked. His strength placed him number one amongst this region’s Corrupt path’s junior generation.

In all of his years, he had always relied on his powerful strength to directly kill his opponents. He had even killed quite a few Bone Forging experts.

But Long Chen’s attack had caused his arm to turn slightly numb as well. In fact, his spear had almost been knocked out of his hands. How could he not be shocked?

Just at this moment, Mo Nian shot over an arrow, and Yin Luo hastily raised his spear, smashing the arrow apart.

But due to the powerful strength behind it, he was knocked back. Long Chen naturally wouldn’t give up that opportunity, and his saber once more attacked him.


With Long Chen at close range and Mo Nian at long range, they forced Yin Luo to retreat over and over again. After all, no matter how strong Yin Luo was, he couldn’t handle their combined attacks.

“Let’s hurry up and kill him.” Mo Nian was delighted to see that Long Chen was so powerful. His bow continuously shot out arrow after arrow.

Mo Nian was a long-range fighter, so naturally he had been at a disadvantage when fighting against Yin Luo. Yin Luo was just too fast, and it was difficult for Mo Nian to keep him at a distance.

Now that Long Chen was in the front, he no longer had to be worried about that and could continuously rain down arrows. Although he kept the pace a bit slow since he was afraid of accidentally hitting Long Chen, the two of them were still extremely powerful when fighting together.

“So what if you two are joining hands? Netherworld Possession!” Yin Luo suddenly shouted, and an illusory phantom appeared behind him before then slowly fading into his body.

Space suddenly began to surge. Long Chen and Mo Nian’s expressions changed. They sensed that something had changed in the world around them.

“Not good, this bastard has refined Xiantian essence blood!” Mo Nian warned.

That was something that could only be formed once a Meridian Opening expert broke apart the limits of the Houtian realm, stepping into the Xiantian realm[1]. Only once you were in the Xiantian realm and your body had been completely cleansed could you form Xiantian essence blood.

Xiantian experts had already escaped the limits of the Houtian body. Heaven and earth blessed them, allowing them to control the natural energy around them for their own use. Even their lifespans would extend to over a thousand years. 

And their essence blood was the source of their energy and was extremely precious. That was because only Xiantian essence blood was able to control natural energy.

As for Yin Luo, somehow his body also contained Xiantian essence blood. He could now control the natural energy around him. However, he could only control the slightest little bit.

But that slightest little bit was absolutely terrifying. It wasn’t something an ordinary person could resist.

“Die!” An unhealthy flush appeared on Yin Luo’s face. Although his body contained Xiantian essence blood, natural energy was not so easy to control. Even that little bit was not something he could control perfectly.

Space trembled as all the energy within three thousand meters of him was poured into his spear. 

“Chasing Soul Pierce!” Yin Luo’s golden spear ferociously shot at Long Chen, its terrifying energy almost causing space to erupt.

“Earth Reversal Mountain Shaking Arrow!” Mo Nian was the first to react. Unlike Long Chen, he had a greater understanding of how terrifying Yin Luo’s attack was. This attack had the power to kill even Bone Forging experts. And so he no longer kept anything back. All of his energy was poured into his bow and a thirty-meter-long, red-colored arrow shot out at Yin Luo.

Although he didn’t know what Xiantian essence blood was, Long Chen’s intuition told him that this attack would definitely be terrifying.

Holding Devil Decapitator with both hands, he poured Chu Yao’s vast energy into his saber. This time, Long Chen was being a true spendthrift.

He used up every single bit of Chu Yao’s energy that was several times more than what he possessed even at his peak.

But Long Chen was shocked to find that even with Chu Yao’s vast energy, he still hadn’t reached the limit of Split the Heavens.

Due to how vast that energy was, Long Chen felt the familiar sensation of his meridians in pain, as if they were about to burst.

A terrifying saber image shot out. Long Chen’s Devil Decapitator began to let out a cry that was full of a desire to massacre.

“Split the Heavens!” Devil Decapitator slashed down. This was the most powerful attack Long Chen had ever used.


The three attacks ferociously slammed into each other. A loud rumbling deafened the world. Long Chen’s arm was shaken so intensely that he lost hold of Devil Decapitator. He was sent flying, vomiting blood.

When Long Chen’s line of sight recovered, he saw a huge crater had formed. At the bottom, a spring of water was gushing out. The entire battlefield turned sluggish.

He couldn’t hear anything, but he could see that there were still two figures who looked just as exhausted as him.

Yin Luo’s face was paper-white. His aura had plummeted, and he was completely shocked. Mo Nian wasn’t any better off. That previous blow had exhausted all of his energy, and he was now frantically gasping for air.

Yin Luo took a deep breath and suddenly took out a jade tile. When Long Chen saw that jade tile, his expression immediately changed.

That jade tile’s appearance was the same as the jade pendant that his parents had left for him! Only the color was different, as Yin Luo’s was white while Long Chen’s was violet.

“This fellow’s trying to run! Stop him!” Mo Nian recognized what that jade tile was. He quickly shot out an arrow.

However, Mo Nian was completely out of spiritual qi now. It was impossible for him to condense any powerful arrows, so the arrow he shot wasn’t any more powerful than an ordinary arrow. It was completely useless.

Yin Luo coldly snorted and took a single step to dodge. He just managed to squeeze out a single strand of spiritual qi from his weary body and then crushed the jade tile, sending that strand of spiritual qi into it.

The jade tile lit up, and space erupted. A transparent spatial door gradually appeared behind him. He had actually managed to open a teleportation portal. 

Only now did Long Chen recover from his shock at seeing that jade tile. 

He quickly picked up Devil Decapitator and rushed at Yin Luo. He was already out spiritual qi, and Chu Yao’s leaves had disappeared from his back. But he still had a bit of physical energy left. As long as he could reach Yin Luo, he would simply slash him to death.

Yin Luo was truly too terrifying. If Mo Nian had not joined hands with him to block that last attack, he would very likely have lost his life.

He definitely couldn’t give up this opportunity to kill him. That was why he pushed himself so hard to reach him in time.

Yin Luo smiled at Long Chen mockingly, sneering, “Long Chen, I’ll remember you. Next time, I’ll definitely take your life.”

Although Long Chen’s eardrums were still broken from that collision and couldn’t hear anything, he could easily tell from Yin Luo’s expression that he was acting pompous.

Little Snow, kill him! Although his spiritual energy was exhausted, his Spiritual Strength was still present. He immediately connected to Little Snow who was still fighting fiercely in the distance.

Receiving Long Chen’s message, Little Snow didn’t hesitate to rush over. When he was close enough, he shot out a huge wind blade.

Yin Luo had just finished speaking. Icily glancing from Long Chen to Mo Nian, he made a gesture of cutting their throats before moving to step into the teleportation portal.

But before he could, a huge wind blade shot out. It went without saying that Yin Luo was definitely a top expert. Even after such a huge battle, even after his spiritual perception had dropped to its weakest state, he still sensed the wind blade the instant before it reached him and raised his spear.

BOOM! If it was during a normal time, Yin Luo might have been able to ignore Little Snow’s attack. But now he was so weak that he was sent flying by Little Snow’s wind blade, tumbling through the air.

Without wasting a moment, Long Chen rushed after him. The horrified Yin Luo watched as Long Chen’s saber viciously fell on him.

[1] Houtian/Xiantian are common cultivation terms. Usually Houtian refers to the training of the body, whereas once you reach the Xiantian realm, you begin to train in something else, such as a golden core or the Dao. In this novel, Qi Condensation, Blood Condensation, Tendon Transformation, Bone Forging, and Meridian Opening are all realms within the Houtian realm. 

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