Chapter 262 Wood Spirit Union

That Corrupt Elder was worthy of being an old ghost who had survived hundreds of battles. He sensed something was wrong at the first instant, immediately giving up on Tang Wan-er and retreating.


He had only just retreated when a terrifying saber image fell where he had been. A long ditch was cut into the ground.

That Corrupt Elder was horrified. Long Chen had just been half-dead! But now he was standing, spiritual qi circulating throughout his body, looking completely recovered!

Long Chen had been heavily injured, and it was Chu Yao who had used her enormous life energy to save him, healing all of his injuries.

But Long Chen’s body was too powerful. Even with Chu Yao’s enormous life energy, she was unable to help him recover completely in just a short moment.

Seeing how much danger Tang Wan-er and the other two had been in, Long Chen had been about to charge out despite having only recovered the slightest bit of spiritual qi. However, he had been stopped by Chu Yao.

“Long Chen, do you trust me?” asked Chu Yao extremely gravely.

“Of course, I trust you. What is it?” Long Chen was a bit surprised that Chu Yao would actually ask such a question at this critical moment.

Warmth appeared in Chu Yao’s eyes, and she smiled slightly. “Since you trust me, open up your soul to me. Let my soul touch your soul; only then will you have a chance of defeating that old demon from the Corrupt path.”

Although he didn’t know what Chu Yao was talking about, he still had absolute trust in her. Long Chen didn’t hesitate to lower his spiritual defenses.

Normally, a person’s soul was hidden in the space between their eyebrows. It was in a closed-off state, separated from the outside world. This was in order to keep themselves protected from spiritual attacks.

Now that Long Chen had opened up his soul to her, that was equivalent to giving her his life.

If Chu Yao wanted to, she could kill Long Chen with just a thought right now.

Chu Yao was incredibly moved that Long Chen had such trust in her. She sniffled and took a deep breath before forming a hand seal in front of her.

She sat lotus-style on the ground. The instant she formed that hand seal, it was as if her entire body became a wooden carving. All her vitality had faded.

“Wood Spirit Union.”

Chu Yao’s aura completely faded away. At the same time, Long Chen’s soul shook.

Countless memories poured into him in an instant. Long Chen saw everything that Chu Yao had experienced in her lifetime.

He immediately understood that Chu Yao’s Wood Spirit Union used her Spiritual Strength to guide all of her energy into him.

As a wood cultivator, attacking was not her forte. However, she had an ocean’s worth of energy in comparison to others of her level. 

Chu Yao had an enormous amount of energy, and yet she wasn’t able to release it in any powerful attacks. As for Long Chen, he was the opposite, with powerful techniques but lacking enough energy to use them.

When Chu Yao’s energy poured into Long Chen, three large leaves that were three meters long appeared on Long Chen’s back.

Those weren’t real leaves, but the form that Chu Yao’s runic power had taken. They were both real yet not real, illusory yet not illusions. They alternated between solid and ethereal, completely incomprehensible.

Long Chen could feel an incredibly vast amount of energy inside those three leaves. Compared to his own FengFu Star’s energy, it was at least ten times greater. And now all that energy was at his disposal.

With the support of this powerful energy, Long Chen was completely revived. He had immediately attacked when he saw Tang Wan-er in danger.

Tang Wan-er had really thought that she would die. That Corrupt Elder was just too frightening. 

“Wan-er, you guys don’t attack. Make sure to protect Chu Yao. Don’t let anyone get close to her.” Long Chen knew that Chu Yao was in a special state right now. Her soul was acting as the bridge to share her energy with him. At this moment, she was unable to move her own body, and her defensive strength was zero.

Long Chen then rushed out, slashing down with Devil Decapitator onto the horrified Corrupt Elder.

“I see a black mark on your face. Today, you’ll definitely die.” 

BOOM! The Corrupt Elder pushed down his shock, pushing out with his full strength at Devil Decapitator. As a result, he was sent flying back. He tumbled across the ground for hundreds of meters before miserably stabilizing himself.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!” That Corrupt Elder angrily roared up at the sky.

Long Chen was now even more powerful than he had been before. His own full strength attack was now unable to block even a random wave of his saber! 

In truth, it wasn’t that Long Chen was now stronger than before, but that he had just become weaker. After blocking Long Chen’s Split the Heavens, he had lost one of his arms while also suffering internal injuries. But in his fury, he had completely forgotten that his body was now too weak. That was why he couldn’t even receive an ordinary attack from Long Chen anymore.

Long Chen slowly walked over to the Corrupt Elder. His divine ring appeared behind him once more. The three hundred meter wide divine ring looked just like a rainbow in the sky.

Long Chen’s aura erupted like a volcano, the space around him twisting. Looking from a distance, his figure was extremely indistinct through that twisted space, making him appear both powerful and strange. 

With each step Long Chen took, the ground beneath him would shatter. He was like a celestial descended from the heavens, an existence that all beings could only submit to.

Whether it was the Righteous or Corrupt path, everyone was given a fright when they saw Long Chen’s current appearance. Long Chen was an absolute monster, powerful beyond compare. 

“KILL!” Long Chen suddenly stamped on the ground, shooting forward like a wild gust of wind at the Corrupt Elder. He looked like a demon king demanding his life, once more slashing out with Devil Decapitator.

However, this slash was different from his previous attacks. Previously, each time Long Chen had brandished his saber, gusts of wind would whistle around it. But this time, there was no sound at all.

That was because his energy had been focused to the pinnacle, cutting through the air so sharply that there was no wind.

That Corrupt Elder was shocked, infuriated, and yet also filled with terror. By relying on his many years of battle experience, he knew that at this time, the only chance for him to win was to go all-out. Circulating all of his energy, he concentrated everything into his hand.

“Black Yin Ghost Claw!”


The entire battlefield shook intensely. A figure shot out like a cannonball, shooting through the entire battlefield to crash into a huge mountain a dozen miles away.

The place that he crashed into was a cliffside. He slammed into it so hard that his body left behind a deep imprint. Cracks spread throughout the entire cliff, but it didn’t collapse. The Corrupt Elder was still embedded in the cliff, his eyes having lost all their color, his expression both shocked yet vacant.

Lazily resting Devil Decapitator on his shoulder, Long Chen took a deep breath, so emotionally moved that he almost teared up.

He was simply too refreshed and excited at being able to use spiritual qi in this manner. Previously, he had had to carefully use each and every bit of his spiritual qi.

But with Chu Yao sharing her energy with him, he was able to become a complete spendthrift. He no longer had to worry about running out of spiritual qi.

“Brothers of the Righteous path, become heartless killers! Dye your robes red with blood, let your blades pierce through the bodies of your enemies. Unleash all your desires, all your vengeance! Look at your fallen brothers! They are definitely watching us from the heavens! Brothers, kill them all!” Long Chen’s passionate speech rang through the air.




Long Chen’s fight with the Corrupt Elder had been so eye-catching that the entire battlefield had slowed down. But now, the eyes of the Righteous disciples turned red, and their blood boiled. Thinking of their fallen brothers, they began going all-out against the Corrupt disciples.

By now, the battlefield held almost equal numbers of Righteous and Corrupt disciples. They each had just over two thousand people.

But the Righteous path had started off with just over three thousand people. As for the Corrupt disciples, they had started off with more than ten thousand at the time of the first clash. Now they had been reduced to just twenty percent of their number…

This huge disproportion was largely thanks to two fighters. One was Little Snow. His wind blades could rapidly dispatch multiple Corrupt disciples. If Long Chen hadn’t told him to focus on core disciples, he would have managed to kill even more.

The other contributor was Guo Ran. However, Guo Ran was now only wielding a saber behind the front lines and ferociously hacking it at the Corrupt disciples.

That was because he had run out of arrows an hour ago. He had been incredibly angered by that. But he could only fight like the others now.

His regular combat strength was extremely ordinary. It would take him quite a while just to kill an ordinary Corrupt disciple. Furthermore, those Corrupt disciples had already been covered in wounds from this battle. Otherwise, it would be difficult to say just who would be killing who.

That angered Guo Ran even more. He practically went insane, and he vowed he would never let himself run into this state of having no more ammunition again.

The Righteous disciples were incredibly dominant now, suppressing the Corrupt disciples. After experiencing this kind of battle, they would undoubtedly become amazing experts.

Seeing that the result of this battle was already set, Long Chen turned to look at the senior disciples’ battle. The battle there was even more intense because they had more people. But both sides’ combat abilities were relatively even.

Long Chen immediately rushed over. He deliberately picked out the more powerful Corrupt disciples who was at the peak of Tendon Transformation.

With Chu Yao’s enormous spiritual qi supporting him, Long Chen activated all of Devil Decapitator’s runes. Each swing of his saber contained an incredible force, and almost no one was able to block him at all.


Long Chen’s saber killed a bunch of experts who had been surrounding senior apprentice-brother Wan. Senior apprentice-brother Wan’s expression was one of crazy rapture.

“Nice job Long Chen! I really didn’t misjudge you!” Senior apprentice-brother Wan laughed. He had always believed that Long Chen would definitely become a peerless expert. “We don’t need you here, Long Chen. Go see whether you can go and kill that person called Yin Luo. But you have to be careful, as he’s definitely not weaker than you at all!”

Long Chen nodded. Randomly killing a couple of displeasing fellows on his way, he rushed over to Yin Luo and Mo Nian’s battle.

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