Chapter 261 Caught in a Dangerous Situation


Both Long Chen and that Bone Forging Elder shouted, their energy surging out. They were both planning on using their spiritual qi to send the other flying.

This was an extremely critical moment. They had to seize the initiative. Whoever lost out first and was sent flying would immediately receive a torrent of attacks from the other, which would quickly cause them to be defeated.

And so this one exchange was critical for life and death. The two of them were erupting out with their full strength, holding nothing in reserve.

Booming continued to echo out as the two of them faced off. The ground was unable to bear their terrifying strength and began to cave in. The two of them began sinking into a crater.

Furthermore, this crater continued to spread as they released their terrifying energy, and in just a few breaths, it was over ten miles wide.

BOOM! After a final explosion, the two of them fell back at the same time. They were actually on the same level, with neither able to suppress the other.

Everyone on the battlefield, both friend and foe, was completely stupefied. Long Chen’s strength had shaken everyone.

“KILL!” Long Chen’s roar shook the nine heavens. He advanced courageously, taking the initiative to use Devil Decapitator to attack the Corrupt Elder.

Long Chen had to take the initiative at this time. His complete FengFu Battle Armor was the reason he was so incredibly powerful. But the exhaustion rate was also incredible.

Even with the support of his divine ring, he was exhausting far more spiritual qi than he absorbed. He wouldn’t be able to continue for long before his spiritual qi ran dry.

That was also the point that Long Chen was most helpless about. He might be powerful, but he wasn’t able to maintain his peak for long. He wouldn’t even be able to fight his fill before becoming weak. No man would be able to accept such a thing.

But Long Chen knew that before the Alioth Star was condensed, there was nothing he could do about this weakness. He could only persevere as long as he could.

And so Long Chen erupted with his full strength. He had to kill this Corrupt Elder before his spiritual qi ran out, or he would be the one to die.

Long Chen also couldn’t hope for others to save him. If he started thinking that and began fighting in a stalling method, that would disperse all his drive. This powerful Elder would be able to kill him in just a few moves.

The thing that irritated Long Chen the most was the will from deep within his soul. It had once more begun to disturb him, wanting him to go cut down this Corrupt Elder.

The will inside him wanted him, a Blood Condensation rookie, to go kill an old Bone Forging monster who had lived for who knew how many years. That was practically bullying!

But even if it was bullying, Long Chen still had to do it. There was no path of retreat. He could only press forward.

Devil Decapitator contained endless energy as it viciously slashed down on the Corrupt Elder over and over and over again. Somehow, Long Chen had combined three attacks into one.

That Corrupt Elder was horrified to see that Long Chen’s three attacks contained a marvelous kind of superposition effect.

After his first attack, his second attack brought with it the leftover power of the first attack, making it even stronger. Then the third attack contained leftover power from the first two attacks, and that superposition contained an incredible power.

That Corrupt Elder was forced back over and over again. Just Long Chen’s first attack had forced him stumbling back. He was completely suppressed by Long Chen’s imposingness and immediately sank into a disadvantage.

Then the next two attacks were even fiercer. That was especially true of the third attack. He had been unable to endure that mountain-collapsing, sea-toppling force and was finally sent flying.

Long Chen had been waiting just for that moment. After that third attack, all his remaining energy poured into Devil Decapitator. A saber image three hundred meters long soared into the sky, looking like a celestial blade as it hacked down with a will to destroy the very dome of the heavens!

“Split the Heavens!”

His saber caused the entire world to tremble. This was the strongest attack that Long Chen possessed. He poured all of his remaining spiritual qi into it. That spiritual qi was only a bit less than half of his max.

Long Chen had realized that if he still didn’t use Split the Heavens now, then if they kept fighting for even a moment longer, he wouldn’t have enough spiritual qi for it. And so now victory or defeat would all be decided in this one move.

This one attack contained all of Long Chen’s heart and soul. It contained Long Chen’s courageous will as well as his fearless resolution. He would only advance. No fear of death would ever make him retreat.

The instant Long Chen’s saber fell, that Corrupt Elder’s expression completely changed. He was filled with horror, as in that instant, all of his hair stood on end and an incredible sensation of death filled his heart.

Most importantly, he was still flying through the air after taking Long Chen’s third saber attack, and so he had no way of dodging. The instant his feet hit the ground, Long Chen’s saber would hit him as well. Everything had been calculated perfectly.

In mid-air, he had no way of doing anything. Seeing that saber cut through heaven and earth to reach him, that Corrupt Elder roared, and all of his energy was concentrated in his right hand.

His right hand immediately became pitch-black. As for the other parts of his body, they immediately became duller. He had drawn out all of his energy to his hand.

“Black Yin Ghost Claw!”

His pitch-black claw ferociously slammed into Long Chen’s Devil Decapitator.

The entire world became silent for an instant.

But then right after the silence, an immense explosion rang out, an explosion that could break apart mountains, an explosion that caused the ground to erupt, forming a huge crater dozens of miles wide.

When the dust scattered, people saw two figures a mile from each other at the bottom of the crater.

Long Chen was lying on the ground, Devil Decapitator stabbed into the ground. His clothes were absolute rags now and his hair was a complete mess. A huge amount of blood had appeared on his chest, and he was gasping for breath on the ground.

His body was also constantly quivering due to overdrafting his energy. That last attack had not only used up all his spiritual qi, but it had also used up all his physical energy as well.

Long Chen almost felt as if he had died. He didn’t even have the strength to twitch his fingers.

He stared over at the Corrupt Elder. But his pupils shrank when he saw him still standing there.

The Corrupt Elder was still capable of standing. But his face was paper-white, and his eyes were filled with shock. He looked at his arm in disbelief.

His entire right arm was gone. The right arm he had focused a lifetime of cultivating on had been unable to endure Long Chen’s attack.

That was both shocking and infuriating to him. As an eight-temper Bone Forging expert, that arm’s bones were all tempered, and something impossible for him to grow back. No medicinal pills would be able to help him. His future cultivation prospects had been completely crippled now.

“Brat, I’ll tear you to pieces!” The Corrupt Elder angrily charged at him, not giving a damn about his own heavy injuries. 

Long Chen was unable to move anymore, and he could only watch as the Elder sent a kick at his abdomen. He was sent flying across the ground.

That single kick had been filled with hatred. An ordinary core disciple would have been killed instantly.

Without any spiritual qi protecting his body, Long Chen vomited blood from that kick. He tumbled hundreds of meters before stopping.

He then coughed up two more mouthfuls of blood. He felt as if his body was about to fall apart.


The Elder rushed after him, sending another kick at him, this time at his face. If this kick landed solidly, his head would definitely explode and he would undoubtedly be dead.

“Thousand Wood Shield!” Just before the Elder’s kick arrived, the ground in front of Long Chen split apart and a dozen wooden stakes frantically wove into a shield.

That large shield was crushed by the Corrupt Elder’s kick, but Long Chen had disappeared from behind it.

Looking up, the Corrupt Elder saw that a young woman was crouching on the ground, holding Long Chen in her arms.

That woman was naturally Chu Yao. Originally, it would have taken her a long time in order to defeat her opponent.

But after hearing Tu Fang’s order, she had been horrified to see Long Chen fighting a powerful Corrupt Elder. She had immediately stopped to have any misgivings and released her body’s core energy.

If a wood cultivator’s body was like a massive tree, then their core energy was like their roots.

The roots were the source of all energy. But once they used that energy, their cultivation base would temporarily stop advancing until it was slowly replenished. There was also a chance of it destabilizing their foundation.

Once your foundation was injured, it would impact all of your future advancements. That was why a wood cultivator’s core energy was especially important to them.

However, after seeing Long Chen in danger, Chu Yao had stopped caring, drawing out her core energy to support her regular wood energy.

The instant her core energy joined her wood energy, Chu Yao’s wooden stakes began to glow with golden runes.

Those runes made her wooden stakes incomparably hard as if they were made of metal.

With hundreds of those golden wooden stakes attacking him, that Favored, despite how powerful he was, had been unable to endure. He had been directly killed by the terrifying energy contained within her golden wood.

Chu Yao had only just killed him when Long Chen and that Corrupt Elder began to fight fiercely. Their collision, in the end, had sent her flying.

By the time she rushed back, she saw that Long Chen had really been about to die and summoned out a wooden shield to protect him.

Chu Yao knew that this Corrupt Elder was extremely terrifying, and she wouldn’t be enough to stop him even if she went all out. She only used her ordinary wood energy, conserving her core energy again.

Her wood energy had pulled Long Chen to her while also blocking the Corrupt Elder’s attack. Placing her hand on Long Chen’s shoulder, she began to pour in her life energy to heal him.

“You dare obstruct me? Die!”

That Corrupt Elder’s anger soared, and he charged at the two of them.

“Old ghost, you should die instead!” Suddenly, a roar rang out as Gu Yang appeared, punching out at him.

“Six Yang Fist!

At the same time as Gu Yang’s fist was about to reach him, two other attacks also arrived.

“Frigid Wind Slash!”

“Chilling Ice Destruction!”

Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu had also come at this time. The three of them launched simultaneous attacks on this Corrupt Elder.

“Ants! Fuck off!” That Corrupt Elder swung out a single fist, immediately shattering Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s wind and ice blades.

As for Gu Yang, the instant his fist met the Corrupt Elder’s fist, he was sent flying, his arm broken in multiple places.

Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu were both alarmed. They hastily condensed new weapons and charged forward again. They had to stall long enough for Long Chen to heal.


That Corrupt Elder’s hand became completely black, and when his palm slammed forward, gale winds raged. The two of them were sent flying, vomiting blood. The difference between them was too great.

“Since you want to die, I’ll help you out.”

That Corrupt Elder laughed sinisterly, and his hand reached out to grab Tang Wan-er’s neck.

But before his claw could touch Tang Wan-er, a chilling attack came slashing for his arm.

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