Chapter 260 Fighting Against Eight-Temper Bone Forging


That Corrupt Elder was a true Bone Forging expert on the same level as Elder Sun and the other monastery Elders. He was incomparable to the second-rate Elders of the Bloodnet Sect.

If Long Chen hadn’t advanced to the thirteenth Heavenstage of Blood Condensation, that terrifying pressure would have made it impossible for him to move.

Tightly clenching Devil Decapitator, he calmed down a great deal. Even against a true Bone Forging expert, he was still filled with battle intent.

“You can die instead!” Long Chen shouted. Holding his saber with both hands, all his power was focused onto the tip of his saber as he viciously slashed it down on that Corrupt Elder.


The instant Devil Decapitator collided with that Elder’s palm, Long Chen felt as if that Elder’s bones were a kind of weapon, and he was sent flying back.

But that Corrupt Elder also suffered. Under Long Chen’s attack, he was forced back a dozen steps. Even a Bone Forging expert was unable to completely ignore Long Chen’s power. 

“Bone Forging, Bone Forging, so that’s what it means! Tempering your bones, making your bones harder than steel!”

Long Chen shook out his slightly numb arm, finally understanding the meaning behind Bone Forging.

Qi Condensation, Blood Condensation, Tendon Transformation, and Bone Forging. The first three realms were to increase the power of the flesh. Only in the Bone Forging realm would the bones be strengthened. Only then could you truly release the strength of the physical body.

What Long Chen didn’t know yet was that the Bone Forging experts required an extremely large amount of energy to temper their bones. Those Bone Forging Elders from the Bloodnet Sect were only able to temper a single bone.

If they were to attempt tempering more bones, the sect wouldn’t be able to handle the cost. More importantly, their talent was only average and so tempering more bones would just be a waste.

The Bone Forging realm was an extremely particular realm. It was up to each individual to decide how many bones they would temper.

Only once they made that decision would they begin their tempering. The more bones they decided to temper, the more powerful their physical bodies would become.

That was why Long Chen was able to easily kill that Bloodnet Sect Elder. That was because those Elders were all ‘one-temper’ Bone Forging experts.

If you only tempered one bone, then you would normally choose your forearm bone, the arm you wielded your weapon with.

That was normally the only choice for second-rate Bone Forging experts. That bone was the one that would increase their attack strength the most.

As for this Corrupt Elder as well as the Elders of the other large sects, they had the benefit of many resources and were all ‘eight-temper’ Bone Forging experts.

They chose to temper two bones of both their arms, as well as two bones of both their legs. Those were the main bones for strengthening them the most.

Of Qi Condensation, Blood Condensation, Tendon Transformation, Bone Forging, and Meridian Opening, the Bone Forging realm was the one that exhausted the most resources.

This realm required an incredible amount of resources. With each increase in bones, the cost of tempering them would double. 

That kind of terrifying consumption was something that even large sects could not ignore. That was why the majority of talented monastery disciples would all be sent to the Xuantian Supermonastery once they were about to enter the Bone Forging realm.

The ones who remained in the Tendon Transformation realm were like senior apprentice-brother Wan and the others. They could only work as law enforcers for the monastery, accumulating enough resources for the day they too entered the Bone Forging realm.

As for this Corrupt Bone Forging expert, he had tempered eight of his bones, and just his physical body was tens of times stronger than an ordinary Bone Forging expert. Compared to those one-temper Bone Forging experts, the difference was immeasurable.

Otherwise, there was no way he could have sent an abnormally powerful fellow like Long Chen flying with a single punch.

“Hmph, it’s just some brute force. Let me see just how many fists you can receive from me! I’ll show you that you are nothing more than an ant to me!” That Corrupt Elder was somewhat shocked. But he just coldly snorted and once more smashed a fist at Long Chen.

That fist caused space to explode and heaven and earth to quiver. Long Chen felt as if he were about to be crushed by the pressure.

Long Chen was completely infuriated. You, an old demon who has lived for who knows how many years, a grand Bone Forging expert, have tossed aside your face to fight against me, a Blood Condensation rookie, and you are still acting pompous?

“Fuck off!” Long Chen roared and his FengFu Star circulated quickly, sending all his spiritual qi into Devil Decapitator.

With Long Chen’s spiritual qi pouring into it, Devil Decapitator seemed to come to life, emitting a loud buzzing sound. The lines on top of it lit up with brilliant, moving color, looking like circulating water.


When Devil Decapitator once more collided with that Bone Forging expert, its power had multiplied, and the entire battlefield shook.

Both Long Chen and the Bone Forging expert were sent flying back. The Bone Forging expert was completely shocked. His full strength blow just now had been completely blocked by Long Chen.

Long Chen’s blood was roiling within him and a trace of blood dripped out of the corner of his mouth. This Bone Forging expert was too powerful.

“Everyone, go protect Long Chen!” Tu Fang’s voice was transmitted throughout the entire battlefield.

Tu Fang was still stuck fighting against Gui Yan. The two of them had fought for many years, and their cultivation bases were extremely similar. Neither dared be careless.

Once he had seen Long Chen defeat that Favored, he knew that this battle was essentially won. But they were all still stuck here holding up the Corrupt path’s Elders. They couldn’t allow them to slaughter their disciples.

But just now, Long Chen and that Bone Forging Elder’s exchange had shaken the entire battlefield. When Tu Fang saw that Long Chen was fighting an eight-temper Bone Forging expert, he was immediately given a fright and called for people to assist Long Chen.

Even if Long Chen was a Divergent who was supposedly not destined to be slain by a man, that didn’t mean he couldn’t be defeated. If Long Chen were captured alive, then the entire battlefield would reverse once more.

Tu Fang’s voice rang out in every single person’s ears. The Xuantian Monastery’s Elders were especially panicked when they saw Long Chen fight an eight-temper Bone Forging expert. They all released their greatest strength, attempting to charge in Long Chen’s direction.

“Hahaha, you want to save him? Keep dreaming!”

The Bone Forging Elder that Long Chen was fighting suddenly laughed loudly. His entire body began to glow, and countless bizarre lines appeared on his arms.

“Brat, you still don’t know just how terrifying the Bone Forging realm is. Ah, I guess I’ll be charitable and let you have a taste! Eight-temper body armor!”

The clothes on that Elder’s arms and legs exploded, bone-like lines appearing on his skin.

When those lines appeared, the ground beneath him split apart and his entire aura immediately erupted to an absolutely terrifying level.

Long Chen’s heart pounded. He really had never imagined that Bone Forging experts were so terrifying.

What he didn’t know was that Bone Forging experts who were above four-temper were able to use their bones as vessels to store a huge amount of energy.

During ordinary times, they would continuously send energy into their tempered bones, sealing it inside. At a critical moment, they could lift that seal, releasing their terrifying energy.

This was that Bone Forging Elder’s strongest technique. He would normally never use it. But Long Chen was just too powerful, and the threat he posed to the Corrupt path was too great.

He had to kill him before the Righteous Elders arrived to save him. If Long Chen managed to escape him, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Now that he had used his eight-temper body armor, his aura was so powerful that it caused others to tremble. Taking a step forward, his withered hand slammed down at Long Chen.

Even from dozens of meters away, Long Chen still felt a cold chill run through his bones. Even before his attack had arrived, a terrifying pressure made it difficult for him to breathe. He felt as if he might explode.

“I can’t continue like this, or I’ll definitely die. Time to bring out all my firepower.” Long Chen took a deep breath. His quickly circulating FengFu Star came to a sudden stop, and a terrifying aura erupted from within his body as if an ancient monster had awakened.

“FengFu Battle Armor!”

A star appeared within Long Chen’s eyes. The ground beneath his feet burst apart, and a ramrod pillar of qi soared into the sky.

His clothes fluttered and his long hair danced. Because of Long Chen’s strength, the surrounding air was constantly twisting. The current Long Chen looked like a god of war; his eyes filled with disdain for all the world.

Long Chen’s saber buzzed, and its runes lit up. Like a heavenly blade, it hacked down on the Bone Forging Elder’s palm.


Devil Decapitator heavily collided with that Bone Forging Elder’s rune-covered hand. The ground split apart and the sky shook as a terrifying wave of qi shot out.

The Corrupt disciples, who were over a mile away, directly exploded into little pieces just from that shockwave. That kind of power was too amazing.

“What?!” Gui Yan was completely shocked. He had never even dreamed that a Blood Condensation brat would be able to block an attack from an eight-temper Bone Forging expert. Perhaps even Yin Luo, who was praised as a genius found once in a thousand years, was unable to do that.

That one exchange shook the entire heavens, and the clouds were completely blown away. The battlefield slowed down as everyone involuntarily turned to look to see what had happened.

They saw Long Chen looking like a celestial deity, majestic and domineering beyond compare. He had actually managed to block one of the Corrupt path’s Elder’s full strength attacks.

Even Yin Luo and Mo Nian who were fighting in the distance turned to look. Mo Nian smiled. No wonder I felt something strange when I looked at him. So he was actually hiding his strength.

Back when he had first seen Long Chen, he had had a feeling that he was extremely special. But as for what was special about him, he was unable to tell. That was also why he had taken off his hood on that day and announced his name. That was respect for a rare expert on his level.

Looking at the distant Long Chen, killing intent surfaced in Yin Luo’s eyes. His golden spear shook and he turned to go personally to kill Long Chen.

“Do you really think that you can just come and go in front of me? Since it seems like you do, I won’t hold back anymore!” Mo Nian suddenly roared, and a pair of translucent wings appeared on his back. Those wings were ten meters long, graceful and elegant, looking like a water screen.

When those wings appeared, Mo Nian’s aura immediately went berserk. His bow shook and millions of golden lights flew at Yin Luo.

Yin Luo’s expression changed and his golden spear swept out before him. With an angry roar, a phantom appeared behind him, and crazy energy soared to the heavens.

Yin Luo and Mo Nian had previously just been exchanging probing blows. That was because they could sense how strong the other was, and so they had to be cautious.

But having tested the other out for so long, they had finally lost their patience. They began to truly fight all-out in a decisive battle. Their battle immediately escalated to a whole new level, and berserk energy continuously exploded out, shaking the sky.

As for Long Chen’s side, Devil Decapitator was still pressed against that Bone Forging Elder’s hand, the two of them glaring at each other viciously. 


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