Chapter 2597 Sovereign Zi Yang (Teaser)

Space twisted. After that, Long Chen found himself within a strange place where multicolored sunlight flowed all around him.

Before he even got a look at his surroundings, he heard a voice from behind him.

“Black robes? A back turned to all life? How surprising.”

Long Chen turned around to see a middle-aged man in pure white robes. Just standing there, he seemed to have transcended the mortal world of dust. Everything within the universe seemed to be in his gaze.

There was no aura coming from him, but he gave off an unspeakable nobility. At this moment, a questioning look could be seen in his eyes as if Long Chen was a surprise to him.

Long Chen had encountered Sovereign Yun Shang, Sovereign Qing Xu, and Sovereign Mo Li. From experience, he could feel that this person possessed the same noble air. Just his gaze alone was enough to make a person follow him into death.

This was the air of a Sovereign. Only a Sovereign was able to win over all races and lead them to win an unwinnable battle. This was the indescribable charisma of a Sovereign that was impossible to resist.

“Junior Long Chen greets...

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