Chapter 2590 Fighting the Devil Lord (Teaser)

The whip was only a few meters long, but as it struck through the air, the void split apart and an invisible blade sliced through the air, slashing toward the Blood Fiend Devil Lord.

“You’re the one forcing me to do this.” The Blood Fiend Devil Lord snorted and let out a single punch. As a result, the void exploded, and from within it, he pulled out the tip of a whip.

With a wave of his left hand, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord dragged Liu Ruyan’s attack from out of the void. Both of them seemed to have transcended the limits of space. 

“Hmph.” Liu Ruyan snorted. Her whip quivered, transforming into a wooden spear. At the same time, countless thorns grew out of it.

Upon seeing this attack, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord’s expression changed. He immediately let go of the spear and slashed his golden halberd out.


At some point, Liu Ruyan’s other hand had transformed into a black sword stabbing toward his chest. His golden...

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