Chapter 259 Seizing Dao-mark

Devil Decapitator pointed to the sky, then chopped down like a bolt of lightning.

There was no way for the Favored to dodge, so he frantically took out an odd shield.

It wasn’t a true shield, but a snow-white tortoise shell. Lines covered it, and its aura was extremely powerful. It was surprisingly the shell of a peak third rank Magical Beast.

The strongest part of tortoise-type Magical Beasts was naturally their shells. Within the same realm, there were no Magical Beasts that could break through that defense.

BANG! Devil Decapitator slammed onto the tortoise shell, and immediately smashed it apart in front of everyone’s shocked eyes.

One reason was because Long Chen’s own strength was so great. With the assistance of his divine ring, his strength was practically enough to cleave mountains apart.

The other reason was that this tortoise shell was too old and had already lost its original hardness. That was why it shattered in one blow.

That Favored’s arms were also broken as the tortoise shell shattered, and he vomited blood that also contained some pieces of his internal organs.

Long Chen’s attack had managed to destroy his tortoise shell as well as break apart many of his internal organs. And that was because he was a Favored; if it had been another expert, they would definitely have died.

“Ah, no wonder you like wearing a green hat. It’s a set with your tortoise shell.[1]” Long Chen stepped forward, attacking that Favored again. He was already heavily injured; now was the perfect time to kill him.


Long Chen suddenly felt a chill. An icy shout rang out and a red light locked him completely in place. Long Chen felt as if he had been frozen in a glacier, unable to move in the slightest.

But the red light had only reached him partly before a ray of Sword Qi shot across the sky, cutting it apart.

“Old demon Gui Yan, you want to interfere?” Tu Fang raised his sword to point at Gui Yan. It was his sword that had destroyed Gui Yan’s sneak attack.

Gui Yan was completely furious. His Corrupt disciples were falling rapidly, while the Righteous disciples had always maintained the superior position. In fact, they were becoming more and more courageous, and if this continued, all the Corrupt disciples would quickly be exterminated.

He was still able to accept the ordinary disciples dying here. But he absolutely could not allow a Favored to die.

That was why he had directly launched a sneak attack when he saw that the Favored had been defeated. 

He was someone above the Bone Forging realm. He was the same as Tu Fang, an expert in the Meridian Opening realm. Any of his random attacks could easily crush Long Chen without giving him the slightest chance to resist. But Tu Fang had long since been prepared, and he moved as soon as he did.

“Kill all these bastards from the Righteous path! Especially this damn brat leading them!”

Gui Yan no longer cared about any rules. If this continued, then even their Favored would be killed, which would be a huge blow to the Corrupt path.

Once Long Chen killed that Favored, the entire battlefield would become unbalanced. The other Favored were also in danger, and so Gui Yan gave the order for the Elders to also get involved.

In his eyes, Long Chen was even more terrifying than Yin Luo and Mo Nian. That was because Long Chen was still in the Blood Condensation realm.

With that weak cultivation base, he was able to kill Favored a realm above him without giving him the slightest ability to retaliate. What kind of heaven-defying talent was that?

And the most alarming thing about him was not just Long Chen’s battle strength, but that unparalleled intelligence. He had somehow managed to reverse what should have been a complete slaughter. That was his most terrifying talent in Gui Yan’s eyes.

If he allowed Long Chen to mature, then with that level of wisdom and strength, he would pose a mortal threat to the Corrupt path.

And so Gui Yan no longer gave a damn about the rules. He had to kill him!

“All forces move out! Don’t let our juniors laugh at us!” shouted Tu Fang. All the Righteous Elders and senior disciples also charged out.

Their task was to stop the Corrupt path’s experts. Long Chen had managed to reverse the situation, giving their junior disciples newfound confidence and passion. They held absolute superiority at the moment.

The battlefield became a complete mess. 

On one side were Tu Fang and Gui Yan. The two of them were old opponents, so they went full strength in all of their attacks. The terrifying energy they released caused the huge mountain beneath their feet to crumble. Sword Qi surged into the sky, wild gales unfurled, and it was as if heaven and earth were about to explode.

A bit further from them were the regular Righteous and Corrupt Elders who were fiercely fighting, blood flying everywhere.

And then outside the Elders’ battle was the senior disciples’ battlefield. There were especially many of them, and their battle was the most chaotic.

The Righteous path’s senior disciples’ eyes were completely red. As long as it wasn’t someone on their side, they would immediately go all-out to kill. There was no longer any terror in their hearts, only endless killing intent.

Long Chen had completely excited their desire. That desire was to become strong. And to become strong required a powerful determination and resolution.

They finally realized where they were lacking. It wasn’t that their talent was lacking, but that they didn’t have a strong enough resolution in the face of death.

And so those senior disciples were all attacking without the fear of death. Their blood had long since begun to boil from watching their junior disciples, and now that they had an opportunity as well, they immediately leaped at it.

Long Chen hadn’t expected the battle to quickly develop to this point. However, the battlefield had already become a complete mess. He had to speed things up. Raising Devil Decapitator, he charged towards that Favored.

“Long Chen, use your Spiritual Strength to snatch his Dao-mark! That way, you’ll have a chance to become a Favored!” Tu Fang suddenly shouted out to Long Chen.

Long Chen was startled. He had heard that Favored were blessed with a trace of extra karmic luck from heaven and earth. Did that mean that karmic luck could be taken away?

His saber went slashing straight for that completely panicked Favored. In his fear, that Favored used all his remaining strength to block with his sword.

As a result, his sawtooth sword finally shattered, and Long Chen’s saber directly cut him in twain.

After that Favored’s body was cut in two and all his vitality faded, a mark slowly surfaced from his forehead.

That mark was extremely odd, almost looking like a drawing. Within that drawing were the sun, moon, and stars, as well as mountains, plains, and rivers. They were just a bit indistinct.

“Quickly, Long Chen! The Dao-mark will disappear soon!”

Tu Fang’s sword was repeatedly striking out. He was going all-out against Gui Yan. Just giving Long Chen this reminder was already extremely taxing, and he was forced into a disadvantage.

Long Chen hesitated a moment. Grabbing the upper half of that Favored’s body, he rushed towards where another hostile Favored was fighting.

Tang Wan-er and a group of other core disciples were currently risking life and limb to fight against that Favored.

After killing Lei Qianshang, that powerful Favored had managed to kill another two core disciples.

As for Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, and the others, they were completely covered in blood and injuries. However, they were still going all-out to besiege him.

“Watch out!”

Suddenly, a loud cry rang out like a clap of thunder. A golden saber slashed down on that Favored like a heavenly blade.

That Favored had just knocked Gu Yang back, pushing him off balance. In fact, he was ninety percent certain that he would be able to kill Gu Yang right now.

But before he could celebrate that, a dense air of death completely locked him in place. He was horrified, and his water-thorn immediately went to block.


His entire body intensely trembled, and his organs felt as if they were flipping inside of him. He was sent flying back from that saber.

“Long Chen!”

Tang Wan-er and the others were delighted by his arrival. They had been completely focused on their fight and weren’t aware of what was happening outside. In fact, they were so focused that they hadn’t even heard anything happening outside.

“Wan-er, use your Spiritual Strength to snatch the Dao-mark on his head. The rest of you go kill other core disciples, quickly!”

After tossing Tang Wan-er the corpse, Long Chen rushed off, his saber once more attacking that Favored.

The others didn’t hesitate after hearing Long Chen’s orders. They all spread out, choosing their own core disciple targets. The faster they killed them, the greater the chance was that their fellow disciples would survive.

Tang Wan-er took a deep breath as she looked at that corpse. Touching the space between her eyebrows, incorporeal energy slowly spread into that Favored’s Dao-mark.

As for the water-thorn Favored who had been sent flying by Long Chen, he quickly realized who that corpse was.

That Favored couldn’t help but feel shocked. A powerful Favored had been killed so quickly?!

“Parting Wind Slash!”

Saber Qi filled the sky, slashing down viciously on this Favored.

From just his first blow, the Favored already knew just how terrifying Long Chen was. There was no way he could fight against him directly.

His water-thorn thrust out, and a curtain of light appeared. He actually surprisingly used Long Chen’s force to retreat.

This Favored was extremely crafty. Now that the battle had already progressed to such a chaotic state, he wasn’t planning on facing Long Chen directly. He was hoping to retreat back into the Corrupt path’s army.

And his defensive method was extremely odd. It was unknown what kind of technique he had used to actually deflect over half of Long Chen’s force.

Long Chen had an urge to chase after him, but he gave that up in the end. Something like that would take too long, which would be detrimental to their Righteous path. He rushed directly to where Chu Yao was.

There was no need for him to worry about Wilde. His spiked club was continuously whistling around, and he wasn’t even slightly tired.

As for the Favored with the hatchet who he was fighting, he was constantly coughing up blood under Wilde’s attacks. It was obvious he wouldn’t be able to continue for much longer.

Chu Yao still occupied the superior position, but it would require a long time for her to kill that Favored. A battle of attrition had little attacking power.

Long Chen was planning on helping Chu Yao to kill that Favored. Once they accomplished that, Chu Yao would be freed up to influence the rest of the battle.

With her powerful attack range, she would be able to influence the entire battlefield, tilting the scales of victory to the Righteous path.

Long Chen was rushing over to her when space suddenly solidified around him. He was alarmed to find that a Bone Forging expert’s pressure had locked him in place.

“Die, brat!”

A Corrupt Elder had somehow managed to escape from the layers of blockades to charge at him.

Even in his shock, Long Chen saw a figure disappear not far from him.

Long Chen clenched his teeth; he recognized that figure. Elder Sun had intentionally acted as if he had been unable to stop that person! He had let him by, hoping to use him to kill Long Chen.

You dare plot against me you old bastard? Just wait!


That Corrupt Elder icily shouted, and a withered hand that looked like firewood slammed toward Long Chen.

[1] More puns! The word he used here for tortoise also means cuckold, similar to his green cap!

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