Chapter 258 Corpse Devouring Insect

He opened the jar, and from within that black opening, a crowd of little insects flew out.

Those flying insects were each just the size of a housefly. They had a pair of translucent wings as well as an extremely sinister looking pincer on their mouths.

Decorative designs covered their bodies. Their pincers were covered with a faint green liquid that emitted an unpleasant stink that caused people to feel a chill.

“Corpse Devouring Insects!”

Tu Fang’s expression changed. He recognized those little things to be terrifying poisonous insects.

They were specialized in eating the flesh of corpses in order to grow. They reproduced shockingly quickly, and the speed at which they grew was especially chilling.

Their rate of growth depended on their feed. They weren’t picky about their food. Any corpse was alright with them, whether it was human or beast. The more rotten the corpse was, the more they liked it.

Due to being specialized in eating a corpse’s flesh, their pincers all contained an intense corpse poison. Normally, that poison would let them ingest rotten flesh easier.

But if a living person were to be bitten by one, then even if it was a Tendon Transformation expert, they would still be unable to endure it. That kind of poison had no antidote.

As soon as you were bitten by a Corpse Devouring Insect, their corpse poison would immediately enter your body. That poison was different from ordinary poisons. It didn’t target people’s nerves, nor did it target a person’s organs. Instead, it directly rotted your flesh.

Once you were bitten, your body would immediately rot away, and in just a couple of breaths, you would become a true rotting corpse.

When Corpse Devouring Insects didn’t have any rotting flesh to eat, they could just create their own rotting corpses with their poison. So their poison was exceptionally terrifying.

The most terrifying aspect of them was that although their bodies weren’t powerful, their pincers were as hard as steel and could easily cut open a person’s flesh.

If it was an ordinary Corpse Devouring Insect, Tu Fang wouldn’t be this worried. Tendon Transformation experts were more than capable of using the astral wind released by their weapons to crush them to pieces before they approached.

But the ones this Favored had just released were not ordinary. There were three different lines on their bodies, meaning they had advanced three times.

People who raised poisonous insects usually confined many of them all together, letting them massacre each other. Within the thousands and thousands of insects, only one king would be born.

After killing enough of its fellows, that king poisonous insect would gain a faint line on top of it.

Then if thousands of one-line poisonous insects were confined again, letting them massacre each other, the last poisonous insect remaining would have two lines.

As for this Favored’s insects, they had three lines. In other words, they were kings amongst kings amongst the poisonous insects.

Not only were they defensively strong, but their attacking strength was even sharper. Furthermore, over ten thousand of those poisonous king insects had come out of his jar.

“Hahaha, brat, you’ve completely pissed me off now. I’ll let you taste the terror of ten thousand poisonous insects biting your body!” That Favored laughed crazily. However, inside, he was terribly pained. Those poisonous insects were incredibly precious to him.

His family had raised them for hundreds of years only to make such a limited number. It was his most powerful trump card. It was because of this trump card that other Favored were extremely apprehensive toward him.

These poisonous insects’ major weakness was that it was extremely taxing to raise them. That was because once they reached their king level, they had essentially reached their peaks. And along with that, the toxicity in their bodies also reached a peak. Once they released their poison, it would require many years for that toxicity to replenish.

Most annoying of all, his Spiritual Strength wasn’t strong enough. He could only point out a target for them to attack. However, before they completely devoured that target, they would refuse to return. And so they would all just foolishly release all their toxicity as soon as they were released.

But there was no way around that. Long Chen’s strength was too abnormal, and his saber was practically unblockable. Each slash of his saber was heavier than a mountain.

He could only resign himself to being unlucky. After he killed Long Chen, he would definitely receive a reward from Gui Yan. If that reward included a couple of powerful corpses, he wouldn’t have lost out too badly.

“Die!” The Favored roared and crushed a seal. Those ten thousand Corpse Devouring Insects all flew straight toward Long Chen.

No matter how brave Long Chen felt himself to be, he still felt a chill in the face of this many sinister Corpse Devouring Insects.

He hastily retreated, but he suddenly felt his arms go numb. Because he hadn’t summoned his divine ring while using his heavy saber, he had overexerted his physical body, making his arms numb.

Hastily putting Devil Decapitator back into his spatial ring, Long Chen quickly retreated. The sky was now filled with Corpse Devouring Insects. 

He punched out, releasing a powerful astral wind that collided with the Corpse Devouring Insects. Back when he had just advanced to the thirteenth Heavenstage of Blood Condensation, the wind of his fist had been more than capable of crushing rock.

However, these little insects were only sent flying back for a moment before continuing as if nothing had happened.

Long Chen felt as if his fist had struck only cotton. He was unable to use any strength, and he could only retreat.

“Hahaha, it’s useless. My Corpse Devouring Insect Kings were chosen out of millions of ordinary Corpse Devouring Insects! Just wait for your death!” That Favored had been chased by Long Chen for a long time, so he was absolutely delighted to see the tables reversed.

Long Chen got goosebumps just by looking at those poisonous insects. Although he didn’t know everything about them, his Pill Sovereign memories contained information on all sorts of poisons. He knew that the Corpse Devouring Insect’s poison possessed a terrifying rotting effect and didn’t have an antidote.

And even if he had an antidote in his memories, he had no time to make it right now. As he ran, he continuously punched out, using the wind from his first to force them back.

“Resistance is futile. Just quietly enjoy the sweet release of death, ahahaha!” That Favored was still laughing crazily at Long Chen.

The Righteous path’s Elders were incredibly nervous. If Long Chen died, that would be a huge blow to all of their disciples below. Their rhythm might immediately become unbalanced. That hard-fought advantage they now possessed would immediately disappear.

“Will Long Chen be ok?”

Even Tu Fang was unsure. Although Long Chen was a legendary Divergent and wasn’t supposed to die to others, that was just something limited to legends. There was no one who had followed a Divergent’s growth from the start. Otherwise, Ling Yunzi wouldn’t have taken such a huge risk to determine the truth.

Currently, Long Chen was surrounded by Corpse Devouring Insects. He was clearly at the end of the line. His death was only a matter of time.

The other disciples were all risking their lives fighting. They didn’t even know about his predicament. And even if they did know about it, they were unable to help. The current battlefield was in an odd equilibrium.

If Long Chen died, the battle would immediately become unbalanced. But if Long Chen could manage to kill that Favored, then the scales of victory would immediately tilt towards the Righteous path.

Just as these Elders from the Righteous path were worrying about him, Long Chen suddenly shook his head. When did I become so stupid?

“What are you shaking your head about? Have you accepted your fate?” sneered that Favored.

“You cuckold fellow, you don’t have the qualifications to sneer at me. Watch how I destroy your little insects!” Long Chen coldly snorted.

Suddenly, his eyebrows knitted together, and a powerful energy surged out of his body.

“Pill Blaze!”

A terrifying blue flame erupted out like a volcano. It immediately filled an area of hundreds of meters, the high temperature causing the air to twist.

Long Chen’s Pill Blaze instantly swallowed those Corpse Devouring Insects.

They quickly fell from the sky. The Flame Salamander’s blue flame was something that ranked ninety-seventh on the beast flame rankings, and its power was absolutely terrifying.

The instant it appeared, those Corpse Devouring Insects’ wings were immediately turned to dust. However, their physical bodies were actually shockingly durable.

Long Chen’s Flame Salamander’s flame was able to instantly melt rock, but those Corpse Devouring Insects managed to last a couple of breaths before being burned to death.

“AH…! My Corpse Devouring Insects!”

That Favored let out a frantic shout. He had already been filled with pain just from using this trump card on Long Chen.

But now, hundreds of years of his family’s labor had been burned to dust by Long Chen. He almost exploded from anger.

This sudden change stunned everyone. Long Chen had been about to be killed by the Corpse Devouring Insects, when he suddenly killed all of them, completely reversing the situation.

Tu Fang bitterly smiled and patted his chest. What had he even been worried about? He had been thinking too much; Long Chen was a Divergent, so what did he need to be nervous about?

Long Chen’s reversal put Tu Fang completely at ease. He had been nervous because Ling Yunzi had placed all the pressure on Long Chen, but now he realized he had been worried for nothing.

“I’ll go all-out with you!” That Favored’s eyes had turned scarlet red. He slashed down that sawtooth sword at Long Chen.

If he had thought about it clearly, once Long Chen had destroyed his strongest trump card, he should have started fighting conservatively like the other Favored, waiting for others to help break the equilibrium.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t think clearly at this time. One reason was because all the bitter work that his family had put in had been ruined. 

The other reason was that those Corpse Devouring Insects had been tied to his soul. Now that they had died, it caused a huge blow to his mental state. All he was thinking about at this time was to kill Long Chen.

Long Chen coldly snorted. His blue flame might be good enough to roast insects, but it was essentially useless against a powerful Favored. He would just be wasting his spiritual qi.


His divine ring appeared behind him, and his FengFu Star began to quickly circulate. His body’s spiritual qi began to surge out, and a terrifying aura soared towards the sky.

“Careful!” Gui Yan was the first to realize that something was wrong.

Who knew whether it was Gui Yan’s warning or Long Chen’s aura, but that Favored became completely horrified as he watched Long Chen raise his saber up towards the sky, looking like a divine being.

That Favored instinctively wanted to flee, but unfortunately for him, Long Chen never gave him that chance. His Devil Decapitator slashed down on him like a bolt of lightning.

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