Chapter 2576 When the Old Tiger’s Not at Home (Teaser)

“Fatal weakness? Tell us!” exclaimed Qu Jianying.

“The Blood race relies entirely on their bloodline power. While fighting, their blood starts flowing inconceivably fast. Hence, being poisoned is fatal to them. Due to how rapidly their blood flows, as soon as the poison enters their bloodstream, they’ll die before having a chance to expel it. You all saw how they died after they touched the poison from my bombs, right?” said Long Chen.

When they had seen those Blood race experts collapse in numbers, they had been startled, but they hadn’t noticed why. Only now did they suddenly recall that it was a bit odd.

This could be considered a major difference between the Blood race and the human race. Since they relied on their bloodline power to fight, a touch of poison could instantly spread throughout their entire body.

On the other hand, the human race’s power was spread through the essence, qi, and spirit. The essence represented essence blood, which was Spirit Blood, and this was just a supportive power.

As a result, when it came to resisting poison, the human race was far superior to the...

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