Chapter 257 Beating a Favored

“Lei Qianshang!”

Gu Yang’s eyes were about to split open. He roared and crazily charged at that Corrupt Favored. Runes lit up all over his body, shining so intensely, they made him look like a blazing sun.

Lei Qianshang’s death caused everyone’s blood to boil. He was the first monastery disciple who had sacrificed their life from the start of the battle.

No one would have thought that the first of them to die would be a powerful core disciple. Everything had happened too suddenly. No one had expected that Favored who had been struck by two heavy blows would suddenly bore through the earth to launch a sneak attack on Lei Qianshang.


The monastery’s disciples’ hatred erupted. They didn’t even wait for the rest of the Corrupt disciples to charge forward before going out to face them.

Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu’s eyes were also completely red. Although they had once been enemies with him, those small offenses were nothing compared to the Corrupt disciples they were facing. Everyone had long since forgotten about any of their old enmities and become true comrades.

Lei Qianshang’s death also caused Long Chen’s blood to boil. Killing intent surged out of his heart. But he still needed to stay cool-headed for the moment.

As the commander, he couldn’t let his emotions affect his decisions. What he wanted was victory. For him, victory meant bringing back more of his companions alive.

Tang Wan-er, Ye Zhiqiu, Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, and Luo Cang crazily attacked that Favored five against one.

Lei Qianshang and Gu Yang’s previous blows had been extremely heavy. The Favored was already dealing with some internal injuries.

The fact that he had received an injury and lost the initiative as soon as he had gone out completely infuriated him.

However, Tang Wan-er and the core disciples were just too powerful. That was especially true of Tang Wan-er. He had to be extremely careful when blocking her attacks.

Furthermore, the others were also people who had awakened their ancestral marks. Their attacks surpassed those of ordinary core disciples. He, a Favored, was actually helpless against the attacks of the five of them. He was completely tied down by them.

“Stay cool-headed! Maintain your formations!” Long Chen saw that many disciples were no longer thinking due to their fury.

“You should be more concerned about yourself!”

Suddenly, a cold shout rang out, and a red-robed man with a dark green cap appeared in front of Long Chen.

“Why don’t you just kill yourself. I’m too lazy to do it personally.” That red-robed man’s eyes were completely icy. He looked at Long Chen like an emperor looked at a beggar. “You should cherish this moment and hurry up. If you wait for me to change my mind, death will become something extremely luxurious for you.”

Long Chen nodded. Taking out a golden saber, he viciously slashed it at that person’s head. “Go fuck yourself!”

Long Chen had long since been holding back a stomach full of anger. After his orders, everyone had gotten back on the right track. There was no longer a need for him to be a commander of anything, and so he no longer had any misgivings.

This idiot here had actually told Long Chen to go kill himself, as if personally killing him would be an insult to his noble self. How could Long Chen still possibly restrain himself? 

“Ah, you really don’t know how to appreciate kindness-” That person was enraged that Long Chen would actually dare attack him, a Favored. His sword slashed out to meet Long Chen’s saber.

But he had only just spoken when a terrifying force sent him flying. He had only casually swung out a blow, while Long Chen had used his full strength. The difference between the two was simply too great.

Continuous bangs rang out as a figure shot back, crashing through countless Corrupt disciples.

The Corrupt disciples who were hit by that figure exploded into bloody mist. He was like a cannonball going straight through their ranks.


The Corrupt Elders who were watching from a distance had seen that four Favored had been held up by others. They had just been about to give an order to the remaining Favored to quickly kill Long Chen and then the Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf.

Little Snow was simply too terrifying. He was constantly releasing wind blades, causing huge casualties amongst the Corrupt disciples.

But before they could give that order, Long Chen had sent that Favored flying with a single saber strike. That person had simply been too overconfident, thinking that with his strength, killing someone at the weak Blood Condensation realm was a complete insult to himself.

The result was that he wasn’t insulted, but that he was completely humiliated. That Favored flew back for almost a mile before stabilizing himself.

He felt his arms were about to break, and a huge nick had been cut into the weapon that had been bestowed to him by one of his elders.

But before he could feel any pain about his weapon, Long Chen had already arrived in front of him, once more slashing down.

“You cuckold[1] idiot, you want me to kill myself? If you want to keep acting pompous, then just keep acting, I’ll let you act…”

Long Chen’s Devil Decapitator consecutively slashed out, each time causing heaven and earth to tremble. Terrifying qi waves sent the surrounding Corrupt disciples flying.

The others were clashing intensely on the frontlines. Only Long Chen had charged into the Corrupt ranks alone to crazily attack that Favored.

Each time Long Chen attacked, the morale of the Righteous disciples would rise. No matter at what time, whenever they saw Long Chen attacking, it felt as if their blood was boiling with passion.

“Boss Long Chen has taken action! Let us kill them all!” shouted Guo Ran. His crossbow was continuously firing, focusing on wherever the Corrupt disciples were most packed. That way he wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally injuring Righteous disciples.

Beside Guo Ran were a dozen disciples in charge of defending him. Guo Ran was currently specialized in attacking from a distance; if any enemies approached him, he would be done for.

Following Long Chen’s actions, the monastery’s disciples were all filled with an inexhaustible strength, crazily cutting down those Corrupt disciples.

The monastery’s disciples were extremely well-coordinated and were unafraid of death. They were practically even more vicious than the Corrupt disciples, and the sight of them cutting through their ranks caused a chill to run through their hearts.

The other Righteous disciples were also impassioned when they saw how glorious the monastery’s disciples were. They coordinated with them, focusing on defending their backs.

Behind the monastery’s fighting disciples were the disciples from the Healing Hall. They were weaker in terms of strength and were only capable of healing everyone’s wounds.

But there were a dozen people amongst them who were exceptions to that. They were the experts from Skywood Palace. Skywood Palace had only sent these dozen disciples to this battle as support.

However, although their numbers were few, they were all on the core disciple level. They were capable of both offense and defense. They might not be as strong as Chu Yao, but to compare them to members of the Healing Hall was laughable. They were more than capable of protecting themselves on this battlefield.

They directly rushed across the frontlines, healing everyone as quickly as they were injured.

Their healing method was not the same as the monastery’s. They didn’t even need to touch a person’s body. They could simply form a hand seal and a vine would grow out of the earth, wrapping around the injured person. Powerful life energy would immediately flow into that person’s body.

Ordinary external wounds were healed in an instant. Even heavy wounds would only require a couple of breaths’ time to completely heal.

Seeing how powerful they were, the monastery’s Healing Hall disciples were all dumbfounded, filled with envy and reverence.

The frontlines of the battle were all filled with experts. With these dozen core disciple wood attribute experts providing assistance, the monastery’s disciples’ lives were kept protected.

It was precisely because of those dozen experts that Long Chen had dared personally go out to fight. There was already no meaning to him conducting them. He needed to personally go out, inciting everyone’s morale, letting them see a hope for victory.

Long Chen was actually very grateful for this idiot Favored. He had given him an opportunity to instantly raise everyone’s morale.

It went without saying that Favored were extremely powerful. Despite being caught off guard and being suddenly attacked by Long Chen, he still hadn’t suffered any heavy injuries.

However, he was still stuck in a predicament. Long Chen’s saber rained down on him rapidly, not giving him any chance to counterattack. He could only passively defend.

That Favored was completely enraged. Due to that single mistake in the beginning, he was continuously forced back by Long Chen’s continuous blows.

Long Chen’s Devil Decapitator was too terrifying. It was as heavy as a mountain, and with each blow, the ground beneath him was constantly breaking down with each impact. 

That Favored felt like he had sunk into a swamp, and his feet were unable to step onto solid ground. He was unable to find any chance to escape from Long Chen’s attacks.

Most infuriating of all was that his weapon, which one of the seniors of his sect had gifted him, was covered in nicks from Long Chen’s rain of attacks. Now it looked more like a double-sided saw.

That sword was an extremely precious weapon. If he hadn’t been a Favored, there was no way he could have obtained it.

Normally, he cherished this sword like his life. Seeing its current state, he felt so much pain that he almost started to cry.

However, Long Chen’s attacks came down too quickly, not giving him a moment of rest. He could only wait for an opportunity to counterattack.

“Who let you wear that green hat? Who let you act so pompous? Who made you not follow a good example, who let you peep on women bathing…”

As he slashed out his saber, Long Chen didn’t even know what he was saying anymore. In any case, cursing someone while also attacking them was quite satisfying.

“When the hell did I peep on women bathing?!” That Favored raged, angrily retorting while blocking Long Chen’s attacks.

“You still dare talk back? Who let you talk back… who… let you talk back… let you talk…”

Long Chen continued raining down a torrent of attacks. Each time his saber fell, the ground would fly into the air, and qi waves would surge out. He continuously forced back that Favored.

“How savage!”

Even the Righteous path’s Elders, who were watching him force that Favored back miserably, were dumbfounded. That Favored looked like he might cry from being stifled so much. They actually felt some pity for him.

A grand Favored was forced into a miserable situation by a Blood Condensation rookie. In fact, he was being beaten as if he were just a child. Somehow they felt that it was Long Chen who seemed more like a member of the Corrupt path.

“Hehe, this is a real man. Our Yao-er’s eyesight really is not bad,” admired Hua Yu.

With a peak Blood Condensation cultivation base, he was able to completely suppress a Tendon Transformation Favored. Furthermore, he was beating him to the point that he couldn’t even attack back. No, it would be more accurate to say that he couldn’t even talk back to him! Just how crazy was that?

Seeing that miserable Favored, Gui Yan was finally unable to restrain himself and began to curse loudly at everyone.

“What the fuck! Who can tell me just what the hell is happening?!”

The other Elders of the Corrupt path shivered. Not one of them tried to reply. If they weren’t personally seeing this, none of them would have believed it either. 

They currently still had three times the disciples compared to the Righteous disciples who were fighting right now. However, the Righteous disciples were completely suppressing them. The number of their disciples was quickly falling. 

BOOM! Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out. Everyone turned to see that the Favored fighting Long Chen had finally found an opportunity. Stamping down on a large boulder, he managed to jump out of Long Chen’s attack range.

That Favored angrily roared, his eyes filled with a demonic red light. A jar appeared in his hand.

“Damn brat, I’ll turn your bones to ashes!”

[1] Cuckold is a pun on his green hat.

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