Chapter 2565 Will We Die? (Teaser)

“This time, I’ve profited immensely!”

Long Chen was in a private room, looking at the bronze fragment. It was shining brightly with divine light.

Long Chen had made an excuse that he needed to recover from his wounds, but in reality he had come to look at this treasure.

Using the fragment of the Eastern Wasteland Bell, Long Chen had broken the counterfeit. When it broke, the sealed Source Qi inside of it flowed out and was absorbed by the fragment. The suction of the fragment was why the Ye family head had been unable to stop the leak no matter what he tried. 

The Source Qi originally belonged to the Eastern Wasteland Bell, so the fragment’s suction was returning the Source Qi to its home.

There was now a new complete rune on the fragment, and it seemed to contain the flow of time within it. It was as if all changes of all living things could be seen within it. It possessed terrifying power.

Long Chen made a light swing with the fragment, and thin cracks appeared within the void. This fragment’s power was...

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