Chapter 256 Lei Qianshang Falls

That Favored’s hatchet brought with it a terrifying gale as it slashed down viciously on Wilde.


Wilde’s spiked club slammed into the huge hatchet. Wilde hadn’t expected that Favored to have used some sort of secret technique to multiply his strength.

A huge force pushed him back a dozen steps. With each step, the ground beneath him trembled. The ground seemed to have become liquid, with waves of dirt spreading out.

After being forced back a dozen steps, he then even lost his center of gravity, tumbling back even farther before finally stabilizing.

Long Chen was shocked. This Corrupt Favored was incredibly powerful. He was actually able to suppress Wilde in terms of power.

“I’ll let you taste one of my attacks!”

Wilde stood up and suddenly shouted, his voice like thunder shaking the heavens. A strange red color appeared over his body.

Long Chen was truly shocked now. He had seen that situation occur once before. This had happened to Wilde back in the Heroic Assembly House in Phoenix Cry. 

At that time, Long Chen had been sent flying by Huang Chang, while Wilde hadn’t even begun cultivating. And yet, when that red color had appeared over his body, he had been able to block one of Huang Chang’s attacks.

Now that the red light once more surfaced on his body, Wilde’s body erupted with a terrifying aura. It was as if there was an ancient monster inside his body that had opened its eyes.

With each step forward, Wilde caused the ground to quiver, appearing incredibly intimidating with his giant form.

Wilde roared, his arms covered in green veins. In fact, it was possible to see the blood flowing under his skin.

He swung his club, causing heaven and earth to shake. That Corrupt Favored was horrified. He felt as if he wasn’t facing a human, but a demon god, a bloodthirsty demon god.

The instant Wilde attacked him, he was completely locked down by a terrifying force. He was filled with horror, and he didn’t even have the will to resist.

He viciously bit down on his tongue. He was extremely ruthless, biting off a portion of his tongue, using the pain to awaken himself from his terror.

If he let his terror extend to his heart, he wouldn’t be able to fight back at all.

He roared, smashing his huge hatchet onto Wilde’s club.


It was like a bomb had gone off. The ground exploded into dust, and a huge wave of earth spread in every direction.

That Corrupt Favored’s arms turned numb, and he was sent flying back, tumbling across the ground. When he got up, his hands were completely covered in blood and the webbing between his thumb and forefinger had been split apart.

“You didn’t die? Come again!”

Wilde roared and once more swung his club at him.

That Favored was completely shocked. He had never imagined that even after using his secret technique, he would still lose in terms of power.

He finally realized something: he was not a match for Wilde in terms of brute power. If he once more faced him head-on, he would definitely end up suffering.

He was a brute power kind of expert and wasn’t used to utilizing skillful techniques. He could only continue facing off against him. However, now he focused purely on defense. He no longer tried to forcibly attack.

Although he was focused on defense and conserving his strength, lessening the impacts of Wilde’s blows, he had given up the initiative and superior ground to Wilde. Now under Wilde’s crazy blows, he was forced back miserably time and time again.

The Corrupt Elders that were watching were stunned. That Favored had been forced into a disadvantage this quickly. In fact, he was essentially defeated, only relying on delaying tactics to hold out until the battle was over.

“Tu Fang, you old fox, how dare you play such a trick against me! Just you wait!” Gui Yan was grinding his teeth. He thought Tu Fang had just made his side appear weaker in order to bait him. In his imagination, this wasn’t supposed to have been a battle, but a one-sided massacre. 

They had had twenty-seven thousand disciples, which was almost five times the Righteous path. Normally, the Righteous path’s disciples were at least double theirs, and they only barely managed to eke out a draw.

Furthermore, they had gained five peak geniuses who were all Favored. And Yin Luo was a genius amongst Favored, someone rare for them to find even once in a thousand years.

With that kind of numbers and power, Gui Yan had just thought that this would be a game to kill them. However, it had now developed to this point.

Before the two armies had even met, half of his army had been exterminated.

Yin Luo had now been tied up with some fellow named Mo Nian who was inconceivably powerful. He had somehow been able to fight against Yin Luo this entire time without entering a disadvantage.

And now two other Favored-level experts had appeared on their enemy’s side. That immediately ruined his plans. Now a trace of unease appeared in Gui Yan’s heart.

“Are you guys idiots? What are you just standing around for? Hurry up and kill them all! First, slaughter that damn brat who’s leading them!” raged Gui Yan. In his fury, he no longer cared about capturing Long Chen alive. All he wanted was to exterminate them all.

If more unexpected things popped up, he really wouldn’t have the face to report back after this. Just reporting what had happened so far was enough to warrant him receiving a torrent of curses from his higher-ups.

Hearing Gui Yan’s words, the Corrupt army finally recovered from their shock, doing their best to bring down their opponents.

There were two figures in particular who were rushing directly for Long Chen. Those two were also Favored who had stood behind Yin Luo.

Originally, they hadn’t been planning on taking action. They were high and noble Favored. Killing a lowly insect was an insult to them. They were only interested in fighting other Favored.

But they didn’t dare ignore Gui Yan’s orders. That resentment in their hearts would have to be released on Long Chen.

“Chilling Wind Slash!”

A wind blade flew straight towards one of the Favored. Tang Wan-er had surprisingly come out of nowhere.

Having advanced to the fourth Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation, Tang Wan-er’s aura had become even more solid. Her wind blades were practically solid, and with the runes covering them, they were incomparably sharp.

One of the Favored coldly snorted and punched out at Tang Wan-er’s wind blade.

But what was surprising to him was that although he forced back Tang Wan-er’s attack, he hadn’t managed to destroy her wind blade.

Weapons condensed from spiritual qi might possess powerful attacking strength, but they weren’t solid weapons, so they were lacking in terms of toughness. They were extremely easy to break.

But now that Tang Wan-er had advanced to the mid Tendon Transformation realm, her control over her runic power had increased further, allowing her wind blades to contain both strength and flexibility.

Although Tang Wan-er wasn’t a Favored, she possessed a gold Spirit Root, and her talent was shockingly high. She wasn’t someone an ordinary core disciple could compare to.

“You’re asking for it!” That Corrupt Favored coldly shouted and a bizarre weapon appeared in his hand. It looked like a sword, and yet there were two shorter blades on it, similar to a harpoon.

That weapon was called a water-thorn. The water-thorn didn’t have a handle but instead wrapped around the arm.

Despite being four feet long, it wasn’t at all cumbersome on his arm. The water-thorn’s three blades were lined with sharp teeth that reflected coldly.

After taking out his water-thorn, that Corrupt Favored icily snorted and suddenly appeared right in front of Tang wan-er.

Seeing that water-thorn stab towards her, Tang Wan-er surprisingly ignored it and formed a hand seal. A huge arrow appeared behind her.

“Die!” That Favored coldly snorted. His water-thorn mercilessly stabbed towards her neck, not holding back at all because of her beauty.

“Ice Crystal Shield!” A cold shout rang out, and a shield of ice appeared in front of Tang Wan-er.

That shield was clear, looking like crystal. Within the ice crystals were countless ice flowers, yet they weren’t ice flowers, but runes.

BOOM! The water-thorn smashed into the ice shield, but the Favored was shocked to find that this seemingly weak crystal was able to block his attack.

Crack. After blocking his attack, the ice shield burst apart. But at the same time, a huge arrow shot out from behind it.

“Storm Arrow!” 

This Battle Skill was one of Tang Wan-er’s family’s legacy Battle Skills, and it was specially made for wind attribute experts.

To release such a huge attack required a moment in order to store up enough spiritual qi.

That was why Tang Wan-er had ignored this Favored’s attack. She had known that there would be someone to help block him for her.

That was a trust that had been created through the tempering of life and death experiences. She had full confidence that Ye Zhiqiu would be able to block his attack.

And now that his attack had been blocked, Tang Wan-er had accumulated enough energy. With the shattering of the ice shield, her arrow shot forth.

That Favored hadn’t expected the two of them to be so well-coordinated. By the time he reacted, the arrow had already arrived right before him.

“Torrential Rain Slash!” However, it went without saying that Favored were incredibly powerful. Despite the attack being so close, he was still calm. His water-thorn became encased in a layer of light, slashing down onto the wind energy arrow.

BANG! The arrow burst apart, but that Favored also wasn’t well off. Having been caught off guard, he hadn’t had enough time to brace for the attack, and his blood heaved inside him as he was forced back.

“Six Yang Fist!”

BOOM! That Favored hadn’t realized that Gu Yang had already been waiting behind him. As he was sent flying back, Gu Yang ruthlessly punched him in the back.

The Favored coughed out blood, now sent flying in another direction.

“Lightning Slash!” Lei Qianshang’s lightning sword streaked across the horizon, smashing into him heavily.

BOOM! The earth split apart as Lei Qianshang’s attack cut a huge ditch into the ground.


Long Chen suddenly let out a shout. Lei Qianshang felt a chill and hastily retreated.

But it was too late. A cold light bored out of the ground, piercing straight through his chest. That cold light was the Favored’s water-thorn.

“Die you damn ant!”

The Corrupt Favored roared angrily, and his water-thorn cut straight across his heart, cutting Lei Qianshang apart. From the start of the battle, he was the first disciple of the Xuantian Monastery to fall. 

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