Chapter 2559 Untameable (Teaser)

This terrifying phoenix was a soul art, not a true physical body. However, it was still cleaved in two by Long Chen’s saber.

As a result, Feng Fei instantly turned as pale as paper. Blood flowed out of her mouth, and the phoenix’s mournful cry rang out as it fell from the sky. At this moment, Feng Fei was filled with disbelief.

Last time, she had used this move in an attempt to suppress Long Chen in front of the headquarters of the ancient family alliance. However, that had provoked Long Chen’s Divine Gate Star, resulting in a fierce counterattack that ended with both of them injured.

Feng Fei had ended up treating that time as a mystery, but she hadn’t cared particularly because she had not used her full power. At that time, this technique had still been in an embryonic state. Its power was now many times greater.

This attack contained a phoenix’s soul essence that she used her soul to nourish. It was a priceless treasure of the divine families, something unique with no duplicate even within the divine families.

In her youth, this strand...

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