Chapter 2554 Heaven Merging Realm (Teaser)

Countless eyes were locked onto Long Chen, unable to believe what they were seeing. An expert above Netherpassage had just been killed in one blow?

The fact that Ye Liangchen was able to silently injure that expert had shocked them. But Long Chen was even more exaggerated, blasting him apart with one punch.

For a moment, everyone was silent. They could only stare as the bloody mist fell and dispersed. That was the final brilliance of an expert above Netherpassage. It was exceptionally bright and spectacular.

Daoist Heavenly Feather shook her head, lightly saying, “The sea demon race has a short-term memory. Ye Liangchen didn’t kill that guy, instead injuring him as a warning. He didn’t realize though that Sovereign sprouts possess the power to fight across realms. If he was not on guard, they could kill him. After that, he wanted to use his realm advantage to trick Long Chen’s senses and capture him. Considering that he was suppressing his aura, even though the tortoise...

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