Chapter 255 Battle of Favored

A golden spear suddenly appeared in Yin Luo’s hands, smashing at Mo Nian’s arrow. The entire world shook the instant they collided. Huge cracks spread out across the ground.

“Good, you haven’t disappointed me! I didn’t run from my old man for nothing. This place is too small, so let’s switch locations.”

Mo Nian took a single step and appeared ten miles away. After just a couple of steps, he was thirty miles away, his speed causing others to be speechless.

Yin Luo snorted and also moved. His figure was like a phantom as he went straight for Mo Nian. The golden spear in his hands brought with it a heaven-piercing will as it stabbed towards him.

Mo Nian’s bow continuously shook, releasing a resplendent glow that lit up the sky. He shot out three consecutive arrows that appeared in midair, shooting at Yin Luo from three different angles.

Yin Luo roared, his long hair fluttering in the wind. His spear swung out, and suddenly thousands of spear images appeared around him, devouring those three arrows.

BOOM BOOM BOOM! Even from a hundred miles away, anyone could still sense the ground quivering intensely with each blow.

“How powerful!” Even Long Chen was awed. Mo Nian and Yin Luo’s fighting abilities far surpassed his expectations. Was that the strength of Favored?

“Kill them all!”

On that side were Mo Nian and Yin Luo fighting an earth-shaking battle. The spear and arrows caused powerful explosions, qi waves surging out whenever they collided. As for the Corrupt disciples on this side, they now began to attack Long Chen and the other Righteous disciples.

Their main target was Long Chen. Long Chen was clearly the spiritual support of the entire Righteous army. They didn’t know why a little Blood Condensation brat was their leader, but they did know that if they killed Long Chen, the Righteous path’s disciples would immediately become a pack of loose sand.

An extremely pale man, who almost looked like a zombie, went straight at Long Chen. His fingertips grew, his nails becoming like claws. His nails shone with a metallic lustre, and a piercing sound came from them that shocked everyone.

Most frightening of all was that his hands were covered with blood-colored runes that emitted a dense aura of death. Even Long Chen’s heart shivered. It seemed as if those two hands contained countless vengeful spirits.

“Little Blood Condensation brat, die!” The zombie man harshly shouted and arrived right in front of Long Chen. Long Chen didn’t dare be careless. He circulated all of his energy to hack his saber at this Favored.


That saber stopped the zombie man’s strange claws, but Long Chen was appalled to see his huge saber which was made of the finest steel essence shattered, and he himself was forced back.

As for the zombie man, he was also shocked. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so powerful and be able to block one of his full strength attacks.

He was a Favored, someone unmatched amongst the same realm. Although he was only in the early Tendon Transformation realm, other than Yin Luo, there was no one within the entire Tendon Transformation realm who could suppress him.

Even late Tendon Transformation experts would be killed in an instant by him. However, Long Chen had not only received his attack, but he also didn’t seem to have been injured at all.

“I’ll take your life with my second attack!” That man coldly shouted, his aura exploding. Faint blood mist came out of his body. As soon as that blood mist appeared, Long Chen almost heard the miserable cries of mournful ghosts in his ears.

That was one of the terrifying aspects of the Corrupt path’s techniques. Not only were their attacks terrifying, but their bodies had accumulated an endless amount of resentment and murderous aura which was specialized in breaking a person’s will. If your will wasn’t strong enough and you ended up being intimidated, you would immediately be done for.

However, Long Chen’s will was incomparably firm. He hadn’t even submitted in front of the pressure from heaven and earth. This little bit of resentment was unable to shake him in the slightest.

“Wood Rock Thorns!”

Suddenly, a lovable shout rang out, and the earth split apart as hundreds of wooden thorns shot out of the ground, covering an area of forty meters as they stabbed towards the zombie man.

He was at first startled, but then he sneered, swinging his claws to destroy those thick wooden thorns.

Those wooden thorns were thicker than a person’s thigh and were also as hard as steel. However, his claws still managed to break them to pieces. Unfortunately, the zombie man had underestimated the toughness of the wooden thorns. A single claw was only able to break a few of the wooden thorns at once and was unable to break them all.

And in the next instant, those thorns had already viciously broken through his defense.

Those wooden thorns encompassed all of heaven and earth, and it was impossible for him to dodge.

“You’re asking for it!” The zombie man angrily roared and a demonic red light shone from his body. He appeared to be covered in blood, and his aura became several times stronger.

The energy surging out his body directly broke those wooden thorns. Those broken fragments filled the sky, making him appear incredibly imposing.

The Xuantian Monastery’s disciples had never seen such a terrifying figure. That kind of person was someone impossible for them to defeat.

Even if they might not be afraid of death, they were unable to feel the slightest hope of defeating such a powerful person.

“Long Chen, leave this person to me. You have to be careful!” The person who had come was naturally Chu Yao. She smiled slightly to Long Chen, causing him to feel some relief, and then formed a hand seal.

“Ten Thousand Wood Thicket!”

The earth split apart, countless wooden stakes flying out in a range of several miles, going directly for the zombie man.

Chu Yao’s first attack had just been a quick move. Now she was releasing her full strength. Those thousands of wooden stakes moved like soft ropes that quickly surged over.

The zombie man was horrified. He had already seen from her previous attack that those wooden stakes were extremely strange, somehow being both tough, hard, and flexible. They were extremely hard for him to deal with.

Now seeing this many wooden stakes surging over, he hastily began to move, dodging as best as he could. 

If he couldn’t dodge them, then he would have to directly smash them to pieces. However, he didn’t dare release as powerful of a move as he had used to destroy those wooden thorns. That kind of move was something he could only use a few times before running out of energy.

Fighting a wood attribute expert in terms of stamina was just asking for death. Most wood attribute cultivators were specialized in assisting the real fighters. They had a vast ocean’s worth of energy, but their attacking strength was very ordinary.

However, Chu Yao’s talent was exceptional, and her wood energy actually contained a trace of earth energy as well, giving her both the hardness of stone as well as the toughness of wood.

That was also why the Skywood Palace’s sect leader had directly taken her as an apprentice. The Skywood Palace’s sect leader was extremely prideful, and she had yet to take an apprentice before.

After taking in Chu Yao, she taught her everything she could. So although Chu Yao had only been in the Skywood Palace for a short time, her foundation was extremely solid.

Furthermore, Chu Yao, in order to protect Long Chen in the future, put in all her effort to cultivate. That was why she now possessed such a terrifying combat ability.

Wood had surged into the sky now, appearing like countless huge snakes, crazily attacking the zombie man. It was an incredibly powerful display, and Tu Fang was looking in shock.

Only Hua Yu excitedly said, “Hehe, this girl is extremely powerful. She raises the prestige of my entire Skywood Palace.”

The zombie man Favored was also powerful, but under Chu Yao’s wooden stakes that covered the entire sky, he could only defend.

Chu Yao’s attack range was just too large. He had immediately been caught within a wood formation, and Chu Yao could be said to have placed herself in an invincible position.

Within that wood formation, she was the absolute ruler. All of the wooden stakes were under her control, essentially a part of her body.

The zombie man’s expression became increasingly ugly. In fact, he looked even uglier than a real zombie. He had been completely trapped.

If this continued, then this would really become a battle of attrition. But there was no way he could compete with a wood attribute expert in terms of stamina.

Most wood cultivators possessed over ten times the energy of a cultivator in the same realm. As for a wood attribute Favored, who knew just how much energy she had?

That zombie man suddenly broke those annoying thorns and went charging at Chu Yao. As long as he killed her, those pesky wooden thorns would also disappear.

His thinking might be correct, but it was extremely difficult for him to do so. No matter how he tried, there was no way he could approach Chu Yao, let alone attack her. She kept him at a constant range of three hundred meters.

That enraged him so much that he shouted, “Quickly help me kill this woman!”

But no one could help him. His fellow Favored had already gone out killing in the instant he had started exchanging blows with Chu Yao.

One of the Favored was carrying a huge hatchet the size of a desk. He was about to rush over to him when a huge spiked club ferociously slammed into him.

“You’re mine!” roared Wilde. Although he was normally somewhat foolish, this time he was smart. He found a target for himself without Long Chen even saying anything.

This Favored was extremely large, his muscles bulging out. As for his hatchet, it was incredibly huge. He was clearly a terrifying expert who specialized in brute force.

As for Wilde, he also specialized in power. Normally, he never got to experience any satisfying fights due to a lack of opponents. Probably, the only disciple who could exchange blows with him was Long Chen, but since he didn’t want to fight Long Chen, he had been extremely stifled during this period.

Now he felt as if the heavens had sent him a gift in this perfect opponent for him. Afraid of someone else fighting with him over that fellow, he had immediately charged over.

That Favored raged, slamming out his huge hatchet.


This time it wasn’t just the battlefield, but even the mountains where the Elders were watching from shook intensely. A couple of stones rolled off the mountainside.

“Is that the fool from back then?” Hua Yu couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Yup, that’s him.”

Tu Fang forced down his excitement. He really was worthy of being Cang Ming’s apprentice. That kind of strength was practically horrifying. A Favored-level expert had now come from the monastery.

The Xuantian Monastery’s senior disciples were filled with shock as they watched Wilde fight against that powerful Favored.

This generation of disciples were absolutely terrifying. They had only joined the sect for half a year but they had already completely surpassed their senior disciples.

“Fun, really fun!”

Wilde roared while brandishing his huge spiked club. His voice was filled with excitement. Other than against Cang Ming, he had never used his full strength to fight. This kind of battle against someone on the same level as him absolutely delighted him.

“Don’t just have a good time; if you can, kill him a bit faster!” Long Chen gave him a reminder. He was afraid Wilde would be unwilling to kill him because he was having so much fun.

“Ok!” Wilde roared back his reply.

Long Chen and Wilde’s quick conversation enraged that Favored. Were they looking down on him?!

“Damn brat, you better die! Golden Python Energy!”

That Favored became covered in a layer of scales, and most frightening of all, one of his eyes changed shape to become like a snake eye.


That Favored angrily roared. His huge hatchet cut across the space to viciously slash onto Wilde.

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