Chapter 2547 Ye Lingshan’s Heart-Devil (Teaser)

Ye Lingshan lifted Long Chen up, but he didn’t resist. He simply looked at Ye Lingshan with a smile that was not a smile.

“My wives are all watching from a distance. Are you not afraid of their vengeance?”

Ye Lingshan glared at Long Chen. After a while, her eyes reddened slightly and she let go, once more sitting down. She then lowered her head and lightly said, “Thank you.”

“Thank me for what?” asked Long Chen.

“Thank you for caring,” said Ye Lingshan quietly. “I know you came to talk to me and accompany me. I know many people care about me…”

“But you are unable to walk out of that shadow?” Long Chen sat down beside her. He then plucked a blade of grass and chewed on it. Looking at the clouds beneath the tree, he had an easy smile.

“Yes.” Ye Lingshan nodded.

Long Chen said, “I thought that Dongfang Yuyang’s death would make you feel a bit better. But now that you’ve heard that Dongfang Yuyang is still alive, your heart-devil is growing stronger?”

Tears silently fell down Ye Lingshan’s cheeks and dripped onto the...

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