Chapter 2535 Also a Sovereign Sprout? (Teaser)

“Long Chen, are you feeling better?” asked Meng Qi concernedly.

“I’m essentially better. There are still some hidden wounds throughout my body that even Ling Xi wasn’t able to deal with, so I’ll probably need to rely on myself to heal those,” said Long Chen.

Ling Xi had helped Long Chen heal the majority of his wounds. But a portion simply would not recover.

According to Ling Xi, those wounds were not wounds within the realm of the Heavenly Daos. They were wounds from another set of laws that did not belong to heaven and earth. She could not do anything for those.

Long Chen could only guess that those wounds were from the Six Star Battle Armor. He hadn’t met the requirements to activate the Six Star Battle Armor but had forcefully done so anyway. This was the backlash.

However, as a nine star heir, this kind of wound shouldn’t be permanent. It should slowly go away over time.

“Zither Fairy, many thanks for your help this time.” Long Chen cupped his fists toward Zi Yan. She had truly saved them.

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