Chapter 2532 Mother God (Teaser)

As soil poured into the giant hole and covered the giant tree’s roots, a strange phenomenon occurred. The giant tree ceased fracturing, and its wounds slowly healed.

“The primal chaos bead has never disappointed me.”

Seeing that the soil of the primal chaos space was effective on the mother tree, Long Chen relaxed. The primal chaos bead was truly miraculous.

The Luo Spirit race’s warriors unleashed a heaven-shaking roar upon seeing the mother tree suddenly start recovering. More tears flowed out.

“Big brother Long Chen, you’re amazing!” Suddenly, a person ran over excitedly.

When Long Chen saw her, he jumped. “Qi Li, didn’t you…”

Long Chen had clearly seen her die. But now she had reappeared.

“The Life Spirit God saved me. Hehe, I’ve now been bestowed the position of divine envoy. You are our god, so I am your humble servant!” exclaimed Qi Li.

“There’s me...

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