Chapter 2521 The Fiend King’s Revival (Teaser)

The Dragonblood Legion’s fury soared. Dongfang Yuyang’s despicable shamelessness drove them crazy. A generation’s heavenly genius had actually sunk to this level.

As long as Long Chen gave the order, the Dragonblood warriors would immediately charge over and fight Dongfang Yuyang to the death.

“You ants are not qualified to wave your claws at me. Or do you want to try it?” Dongfang Yuyang raised Ye Lingshan in front of him, using her as a shield.

Blood dripped off of Ye Lingshan. She clenched her teeth, refusing to make a sound.

It was unknown just how much pain Ye Lingshan was currently enduring. Dongfang Yuyang was intentionally tormenting her to provoke everyone. Despite her covering up that pain, the more she acted like that, the more infuriated people were.

“So, Long Chen, are you going to stop or not? Do you really need me to do some more? Do you want me to tear off her clothes and let every man here enjoy the beauty...

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