Chapter 2520 Contemptible (Teaser)

A giant die revolved in the air, trapping the Six Horn Sea Serpent within. Divine light descended from the die, creating a strange space around it.

The die behind Hu Feng’s back had vanished, but it was now replaced by nine dominos. They were the Gambling Heavenly Dao’s inherited divine item, the Heavenly Nine Tiles.

Light floated out of the Heavenly Nine Tiles, constantly transforming into different shapes behind Hu Feng. It was as if they were manifesting the future.

“Sorry, brother Long. My Heavenly Fate Die fell into slumber after I repaired it. Without it, I can’t run around randomly. However, as soon as it woke up, I rushed over. It’s a good thing that I didn’t come too late,” said Hu Feng.

“You came at the perfect time. Help me trap him. I’m almost done.” Long Chen smiled.

Hu Feng really had come at the perfect time. Right now, Long Chen had gathered everyone’s Spiritual Strength. His connection to the karmic hell flames burning on the altar was growing increasingly stronger.

In a few more minutes,...

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