Chapter 252 Everyone Shocked

Chu Yao had been staying behind Hua Yu the entire time. Originally, she hadn’t thought about saying anything. After all, everyone present here was at the Elder level. It wasn’t that appropriate for her to speak here.

It had been Hua Yu who had dragged her over. But when she heard Elder Sun’s words, her expression changed.

“Your meaning is that Long Chen should have just watched while his father was killed without doing anything to stop it?”

Chu Yao’s voice was trembling. But that trembling was from rage. Chu Yao’s temperament was extremely good, and it was exceptionally rare for her to be this angry.

Elder Sun indifferently shook his head. “How could an ordinary mortal’s life be compared to the lives of over a thousand geniuses? Which is more important is something Long Chen should have understood as the commander. And so he deliberately committed his crime, not caring about the monastery’s disciples’ lives at all.”

“You…!” Chu Yao was completely furious. This Elder Sun was just forcibly twisting the logic!

Tu Fang icily glared at Elder Sun. Even without saying anything, he made Elder Sun feel extremely agitated.

“Did I say something wrong?”

Tu Fang indifferently smiled. “You didn’t say anything wrong. Long Chen may have made a mistake. However, a battlefield constantly changes. As the commander, he has the authority to make any decisions. This is also why the secular world has a saying: victory and defeat are decided in an instant. The sect leader has already made him the commander, so all the authority has already been given to him. As for what he decides to do with it, it’s not up to you to worry about it.”

Tu Fang’s words were extremely impolite. Elder Sun had truly infuriated him. He clearly didn’t know how to appreciate his kindness.

Tu Fang was extremely clear about the matter of him targeting Long Chen. As for his goal, Tu Fang could also guess most of it.

However, since Long Chen was a Divergent, he didn’t dare meddle too excessively. If Elder Sun had instead targeted a genius like Tang Wan-er or Ye Zhiqiu, Tu Fang would have immediately arrested him.

He couldn’t understand just what Elder Sun’s head was filled with. He had targeted Long Chen multiple times, but both he and Ling Yunzi had acted as if they hadn’t noticed. Did he not find that strange?

And now he actually wanted to entrap Long Chen again. Was he a legendary idiot amongst idiots?

“I simply feel that doing that will impact our monastery’s morale, and so-”

Tu Fang directly cut off Elder Sun, he icily said, “The sect leader has already handed all the troops to Long Chen. No matter how he leads them, the only important thing is the final result. Before the final result, you should just keep your mouth shut.”

No matter how good Tu Fang’s temperament was, he couldn’t help but feel completely infuriated now. The Xuantian Monastery had truly lost face. He had no idea just how such an idiot Elder had appeared.

Seeing how ashen Tu Fang’s expression was, Elder Sun knew he couldn’t continue trying to frame Long Chen. He retreated back into the crowd.

However, no one noticed a ruthless light shining in his eyes at that moment.

Ever since Long Chen had killed Wu Qi, Elder Sun had seen the sect leader look favorably on Long Chen more and more.

That was definitely not a good thing for him. He had already targeted Long Chen multiple times, completely offending Long Chen.

Now as Long Chen’s strength continued to grow, Cang Ming, Ling Yunzi, and Tu Fang were all beginning to treat him more importantly.

He could already tell that it wouldn’t be likely for him to ever be able to obtain Long Chen’s secrets.

At this time, he should just give up. But even if he gave up, would Long Chen give it up?

Currently, Long Chen was still unable to do anything to him. But with his terrifying growth rate, perhaps it would be less than three years before he also reached the Bone Forging realm.

With Long Chen’s decisive nature that always avenged his grudges, how could he possibly let him off? And so now he was thinking of ways to kill Long Chen.

Only if Long Chen died could he live in peace. Nowadays, whenever he thought about Long Chen’s style of conduct, he would begin to feel a chill deep in his bones.

And so the thing he hoped for the most was for Long Chen to die on the battlefield. That way, everything would be handled neatly, and all his worries would disappear.

However, would Long Chen’s life be lost so easily? He was someone who had even managed to walk out of the graveyard of the exiled. He felt Long Chen wasn’t so simple. In any case, he could only take it step by step. But no matter what, Long Chen had to die.

“All troops, everyone is to obey Long Chen as commander. Those who refuse to obey his orders will be killed!” ordered Tu Fang.

Everyone obediently assented. Via the transmission jades, they sent information to their disciples.

However, they were extremely worried inside. They had no idea how many of their disciples still remained.

According to past years, at this time, it would be not bad for even half of them to still be alive.

Although the Righteous path’s disciples were weaker when fighting against Corrupt disciples, they were fortunate to have a superiority when it came to numbers. They usually had double or more the disciples, and so by the end of the battle, there was no clear victor or loser.

Unfortunately for them, none of them, including Tu Fang, were aware that this time, the Corrupt disciples had appeared in larger numbers than ever before.

“The Corrupt path’s experts are arriving!”

Someone let out an alarmed cry. A hundred miles away, a large number of people had appeared on a certain mountain.

Those figures all possessed a savage aura as if they were fiends who had crawled out from the depths of hell.

Those were Elders of the Corrupt path. They appeared to be around the same number as the Righteous path’s experts. The person at the front was a black-robed senior.

That senior was extremely tall, probably over seven feet tall. However, he was completely emaciated. He was essentially just skin and bones. 

He was just a skeleton with an extra layer of skin. There was practically no blood or flesh.

However, his aura was incredibly terrifying. Even from this distance, just looking at him could make a person’s soul hurt.

“So, Tu Fang, you haven’t died yet. Good, good!” That skeleton-like old man laughed sinisterly.

Despite the distance between them, his voice rang out clearly in everyone’s ears.

However, his voice was like needles stabbing into their eardrums. It was like even his voice possessed an offensive power.

“Old demon Gui Yan, if even an old ghost like you still hasn’t died, then how could I possibly die?” responded Tu Fang icily.

The two of them were old opponents who had represented the Righteous and Corrupt paths of this area for many years. Both their cultivation bases were extremely similar, and so it was difficult for either of them to deal with the other.

“Hehe, Tu Fang, this time won’t be the same. I feel like you’ll probably die in a little bit when you see all your Righteous path disciples slaughtered by our Corrupt disciples. I can foresee you coughing up blood from anger until you die, jiejiejie…” Gui Yan let out bizarre laughter that made everyone shiver.

Tu Fang sneered, “A large boast. Your Corrupt path’s disciples might be powerful, but the way you raise them is too cruel. Few of your disciples manage to live for long. Although many of our Righteous disciples end up injured or dying during our battles, in the end, everyone is still equal. Your little bragging is a bit too early.”

Tu Fang’s words caused Gui Yan to laugh sinisterly. “Tu Fang, I hope you can keep up that kind of expression.”

After that, Gui Yan didn’t say any more. He led the other Corrupt Elders to sit and rest.

For some reason, Gui Yan’s words caused Tu Fang to feel uneasy. This old opponent of his was too unperturbed. It was a bit strange.

“Eh? There seem to be a couple of youngsters amongst them!” 

Hua Yu was shocked, she exclaimed, “Could those be Favored like Yao-er?!”

All the Elders’ hearts began to pound. Just now they had seen maybe four young faces.

But they were all wearing conical hats, and it was impossible to see their faces clearly.

“Absolutely impossible! It’s rare for a Favored to appear even after many years! How could they have gained so many all at once now? It’s definitely just a deliberate trick.” One of the Xuantian Monastery’s Elders shook his head.

The last Favored to appear within the Xuantian Monastery had been over a hundred years ago. That was how rare a Favored was.

The fact that the Skywood Palace had gained a Favored filled the Xuantian Monastery with envy. However, the monastery also had someone who they suspected as a Favored.

“Our people have come!” Someone let out a cry. A large number of troops grandly walked over to an empty space for the Righteous path’s disciples.

“It’s Long Chen!”

Chu Yao was the first to recognize that familiar figure. He was still acting as lazily as ever, and yet he still gave off a superior feeling to everyone else around him.

“Heavens, how did he do this?”

The number of disciples the larger sects had sent out was known to everyone. They were all well aware of their troops.

They were absolutely stupefied now that all these disciples walked out. Counting the numbers, they were all filled with shock.

The Xuantian Monastery had possessed seventeen factions, but now that Qi Xin had died, only sixteen factions still remained. Adding on the Healing Hall’s disciples, they had moved out with a total of 1723 people.

And after counting them now, they all found that their number had not decreased by even one. They were still 1723 people!

“Could it be that they didn’t encounter any Corrupt disciples? But that’s impossible!” One person immediately corrected his own guess as soon as he said it.

Tu Fang looked at that calm figure and couldn’t help but clench his fists.

Long Chen, you are the hope of the entire Xuantian Monastery. The sect leader has aligned his entire future with your performance this time. You must work your hardest…

After Long Chen’s side arrived, the other sects’ disciples also arrived. However, they were not as imposing as the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples.

The majority of them had lost half their number, and some even more. The most pitiful group that arrived only had seven people! It wasn’t possible that they had only possessed eight people in the beginning, right?

Their morale was extremely low compared to the monastery’s disciples. There were even some disciples who were clearly tense with the terror.

By the time all the Righteous path’s disciples arrived, they had over five thousand people.

Those disciples all went to report to Long Chen upon arriving. They knew that once this final battle started, everyone would be relying on the Xuantian Monastery. Their disciples were the true fighting strength of this region.

That was especially now that everyone saw how high-spirited the monastery’s disciples were. They were like unsheathed swords, appearing incredibly imposing, filling the other disciples with veneration.

Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh when he saw this group of Righteous disciples. They might have been talented, but they had been raised into garbage. Even now, they were still incredibly nervous. That meant they still didn’t have the courage to truly face death.

However, the final battle was about to commence, and Long Chen didn’t have time to do anything about that. Furthermore, it was essentially impossible to fix their problems in such a short time. Long Chen didn’t consider himself to be a god.

So it would all be up to the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples to bear the brunt of this battle. However, Long Chen had absolute confidence in these brothers of his.


Suddenly, explosive ringing came from ahead. A tide-like swarm of Corrupt disciples appeared on the other side. Even Long Chen’s pupils shrank.

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