Chapter 2516 The Secret Beneath the Tree (Teaser)

The Heaven Devouring Black Armor Corps and the long-tailed poison dragons were blasted to pieces and then burned to ash by the wave of fire.

The Daynight Furnace lit up, enveloping the Pill fairy. Its runes shone and it began to rapidly spin. The Pill Fairy also began to chant, activating the third volume of the Nirvana Scripture to block Long Chen’s flames.


Even the Daynight Furnace that had its full power unleashed was unable to endure the wave of fire and was sent flying. The Pill Fairy coughed up a mouthful of blood, and her chanting was cut off. She was sent tumbling back along with the Daynight Furnace.

“Why?! Why can’t I control these flames even with the third volume of the Nirvana Scripture? Do they only recognize one master? But that’s impossible!” The Pill Fairy was completely bewildered as she flew back.

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