Chapter 2515 Nine Star World Extermination Flame Lotus (Teaser)

A divine light of annihilation caused the void to shudder. The Brahma Divine Diagram faded away as the Pill Fairy and Yun Tian ceased their battle.

The Pill Fairy stared in shock at Long Chen. Hearing the chanting in the air, she was filled with disbelief. “How is this possible? Why is this third volume of the Nirvana Scripture in his hands? This version of the scripture can only be passed down through the mouths of the gods… How can someone who has blasphemed the gods obtain a god’s inheritance?”

On the Martial Heaven Continent, the only one capable of receiving the third volume of the Nirvana Scripture was her. Not even her father, Yu Xiaoyun, could obtain it, nor any other past valley masters.

Theoretically, she should be the only one capable of controlling the third volume of the Nirvana Scripture. But most importantly, Long Chen’s third volume was different from hers. It seemed completely...

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