Chapter 2510 Fiend King’s Corpse (Teaser)

Up ahead was a giant altar embedded into the ground and wrapped up by the giant tree’s trunk. What was revealed was merely a fraction of the altar, a crescent moon that was so large that it was impossible to see the end of it.

This gigantic altar was made from countless corpses, which were some kind of winged dragons.

They had been piled into very particular diagrams. Those withered corpses seemed to have had all their energy sucked away, but they still emitted frightening auras.

Their auras were not of the thirteenth rank. It seemed that they had reached the peak of the twelfth rank, but the sense of danger that they gave off was far greater than ordinary peak twelfth rank Magical Beasts.

This was a type of dragon that Long Chen had never seen before. Although they looked to be dragons, there was one big difference.

According to what he knew, dragons either didn’t have horns or had a pair of horns. But these dragons had a single horn that was curled...

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