Chapter 251 An Evil Man’s Accusations


The sounds of the explosion arrows rang out constantly. Flesh flew through the air, and miserable screams echoed throughout the battlefield. It was like a scene straight from hell.

As for the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples on the outside of the valley, explosions occasionally rang out from within their bodies. Cultivation advancements occurred again and again, their auras soaring.

This was the seventh wave of Corrupt disciples. Even Long Chen was starting to get weary of this kind of battle style. None of them had done anything differently from the first wave.

But the Corrupt disciples were simply like that. When they saw them actually cultivating on the battlefield, they were driven practically insane from rage and just crazily charged forward, easily falling for their bait. Who knew what it was, but young people these days really didn’t know how to keep their tempers in check.

Of everyone present, the most excited person wouldn’t be those disciples who had advanced, nor would it be those core disciples who had awakened their ancestral marks. The most excited person would have to be Guo Ran.

In all his lifetime, Guo Ran had never felt that his life had held as much meaning as now.

It was as if the entire world had become brighter. The crossbow on his shoulder became scalding hot from shooting arrows so rapidly, and yet he didn’t even feel it, only going all-out to shoot more arrows.

Seeing the flesh flying through the air, Guo Ran found his real life goal. Seeing those Corrupt core disciples dying under his hands, his excitement reached a level that only he could comprehend.

Of the seven waves of disciples, the majority had all died because of him. That was a kind of glory, an unspeakable glory.

Tang Wan-er and the others who had been cultivating the entire time had now woken up. Long Chen was pleasantly surprised to find that almost everyone had advanced a level.

That previous life and death battle had brought them huge benefits. They would have never thought that under that immense pressure, they would advance so quickly.

As for Tang Wan-er, she had originally been at the third Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation. Now she had advanced to the fourth Heavenstage.

The third Heavenstage was a large barrier. Once it was broken through, once you stepped from the early stage to the mid stage, your combat ability would be completely revolutionized. 

Furthermore, having made their advancements under the pressure of this battlefield, their foundations had only become more stable.

As for Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, and the other core disciples, they had all advanced to the third Heavenstage.

That filled the core disciples with confidence. That was especially true of those core disciples who had just awoken their ancestral marks. Feeling how powerful they were with their ancestral marks, they went crazy with joy.

When the dust cleared, those disciples once more swept through the battlefield. Guo Ran’s efficiency was especially shocking, and in less than fifteen minutes, everything had been cleaned up.

Just as they were preparing to set up the traps again, they were stopped by Long Chen.

Long Chen smiled. “That should have been the last wave. The traps are already useless now. The higher-ups have sent out news that the Corrupt path’s main army is quickly about to arrive. We should also get going and prepare for the final battle.”

“Hahahaha, finally! My fists are already starting to feel a bit restless,” said Gu Yang.

The others were also rubbing their fists in anticipation and excitement. Even Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu seemed to be looking forward to it.

This time, their strength had explosively risen. And most importantly, after overcoming that previous life and death battle, their mental states had greatly improved.

Although it couldn’t be said that they were completely unafraid of dying, they definitely wouldn’t panic. They would be able to remain calm even in the face of death.

Only with that kind of ability would they be able to release their greatest strength in battle. They definitely wouldn’t be oppressed by their opponents’ imposingness.

“Get up, Wilde. We’re moving out.”

Long Chen had to shout, causing everyone to laugh. Wilde had slept straight through the last two days. Whether it was the sounds of the fighting or the sounds of people making breakthroughs, he hadn’t so much as twitched.

Long Chen knew that this was Wilde’s way of conserving his strength. His body was extremely unique. If he were to become active, that would use up his precious energy. That was why he had to constantly eat just to maintain an equilibrium.

However, this battle had occurred too suddenly. Cang Ming had been too busy forging new weapons for the two of them, and as a result, he hadn’t had enough time to prepare rations for Wilde.

That was why Long Chen had Wilde sleep for most of the time in order to conserve his energy. Otherwise, as soon as he woke up, he would immediately need to eat.

And as expected, as soon as Long Chen woke Wilde up, his stomach let out a loud grumble. He took out a large Magical Beast leg from his spatial ring to eat.

Everyone was already used to seeing that sight by now. Long Chen gathered everyone and began to talk seriously.

“These previous battles were nothing but a little warm-up. We only ran into some second-rate powers, not any of the true powers of the Corrupt path. This was all just a senseless show.

“But what we’re about to face now are the true experts of the Corrupt path. Whether it is their cultivation base or their combat ability, they won’t be inferior at all to you guys. So under no circumstance should you be overconfident or careless.

“Currently, we’re still completely intact. Not one of us has had to sacrifice themselves. I also hope to keep up such a miracle.

“Unfortunately, miracles only exist in legends. Let me remind you all again. Even if only half of us manage to survive to the end, that would still count as the heavens looking after us.

“So in the upcoming battle, you must bring out your full strength, using the weapons in your hands to cut down your opponents.

“Use their blood to dye your battle robes; use their souls as offerings to your wills; use your unyielding wills to bear witness to your hot blood!

“Move out!”

Everyone let out an earth-shaking roar. With Long Chen at the lead, they began rushing forward.

Over two thousand miles from the mountain valley where Long Chen and the others had been, there were thousands of experts gathered atop a barren mountaintop.

This was the gathering spot of the Righteous path’s experts. There were over three hundred Bone Forging experts present. Tu Fang was also present.

Senior apprentice-brother Wan was standing at the head of the law enforcers. They and the senior disciples of the other sects stood behind their Elders gravely.

Those Elders were staring at jade tablets in their hands. There were faint lines as well as light spots that were slowly moving over it.

“I wonder how the monastery’s disciples are doing… How many of them have died?” One of the monastery’s Elders worriedly looked at the jade tablet in Tu Fang’s hand.

This particular battle between the Righteous and Corrupt paths had occurred too suddenly. According to the previous times, the Corrupt path should only have initiated a battle several years from now.

And there hadn’t been the slightest sign of this battle. They had been caught entirely unprepared.

The Xuantian Monastery was the strongest sect within this region. Therefore, they had to guard the most dangerous area. Under continuous battles, they knew that many of their disciples must have been injured or killed.

Unfortunately, their transmission jade was only uni-directional. They could only learn limited information from it, and they had no idea how their disciples were. They were only able to get a rough approximation of their position.

Currently, that spot of light was moving, meaning their disciples were currently moving to the final battlefield here. The other sects’ disciples were also doing the same.

But there were some Elders from smaller sects whose expressions were extremely ugly. The light spots on their jades weren't moving. In other words, their disciples had been completely exterminated…

Although the majority of the Corrupt disciples had been caught by the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples, there were still many small groups of Corrupt disciples that were able to make their way around them.

“Elder Tu Fang, your monastery’s disciple Long Chen secretly ran to the area my Bloodnet Sect was defending and mercilessly slaughtered my disciples, as well as killing four Elders. Please give my Bloodnet Sect an explanation.”

A senior with a long beard had angrily come over with a group of disciples.

This person was the Bloodnet Sect’s assistant sect leader. He had heard from his subordinates that his sect’s four Elders had been killed, infuriating him completely. He had immediately come to find justice for them.

Although the Bloodnet Sect was a small sect, they were still part of the Righteous path’s alliance. He definitely had to come to get justice for them, or they wouldn’t have enough prestige to attract more members.

Tu Fang indifferently glanced at the Bloodnet Sect’s assistant sect leader. “It seems you didn’t finish hearing all the details before rushing over.”

The assistant sect leader stiffened, as that was completely true. As soon as he had heard that their four Elders had been killed, he had immediately rushed over. He still wasn’t clear about any of the details.

But according to his understanding, it couldn’t possibly be Long Chen who had killed them. He thought Long Chen had been secretly protected by an Elder from the Xuantian Monastery, and it had been that person who had killed their four Elders. He didn’t believe a new disciple would have that kind of ability.

Tu Fang icily continued, “Maybe you should get the details first. Don’t you see the disciple behind you wanting to say something?”

The Bloodnet Sect’s assistant sect leader turned back to see a disciple trying to get his attention.

“Speak. What happened? What are you mumbling about?”

That disciple immediately began to sweat. He was about to complain, You directly rushed over here without even giving me a chance to explain…

Now, he didn’t dare say the truth in front of this many people. If he were to say their Elders had conspired to kill Long Chen’s father, and as a result had been killed, he suspected the assistant sect leader would slap him to death with a single palm. And so he didn’t dare say anything.

“Yao Qixiang, why don’t you just let it go? Do you not even understand what kind of morality your Bloodnet Sect’s people possess?

“They planned on getting revenge on Long Chen, borrowing another person’s blade to kill Long Chen’s father. In fact, they were willing to allow an entire city to be massacred by the Corrupt disciples for that.

“Sometimes I suspect that your sect must have come from the Corrupt path. Corrupt disciples are vicious, but even they aren’t as insidious as you guys!” said an Elder. He obviously had some enmity with the Bloodnet Sect.

“Nonsense, how dare you slander my Bloodnet Sect!” raged the assistant sect leader.

“Tch, don’t bother acting. You can’t tell me that you didn’t know anything about this matter, so what are you acting for?” That Elder wasn’t afraid of him at all and actually spat on the ground.

The assistant sect leader’s expression sank. He was about to reply when Hua Yu icily said, “I can testify that your Bloodnet Sect’s degenerates deserved their deaths for their crimes!”

Hua Yu’s words immediately caused his expression to change. He didn’t dare talk back to Hua Yu, as she represented the Skywood Palace.

The Skywood Palace didn’t possess that many disciples, but in terms of strength, they were not inferior to the Xuantian Monastery. They were both existences the Bloodnet Sect could only look up at.

Just as everyone descended into silence, Elder Sun suddenly stood up.

“No matter what, Long Chen abandoned his post during this great battle between the Righteous and Corrupt paths. He placed over a thousand disciples in danger, which is an offense deserving the death penalty!”

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