Chapter 2499 Void Mirror (Teaser)

Long Chen felt like his body had been shackled. The shattered Heaven Shrouding Mirror reappeared in front of him.

However, this time, when the Heaven Shrouding Mirror formed, there was a tiny mirror beneath it.

As the Heaven Shrouding Mirror circulated, the small mirror below it began to change. One crystal after another came out of its back.

Long Chen suddenly understood. This was the process of how the mirror on the platform was born. The illusory Heaven Shrouding Mirror had created something real.

The Heaven Shrouding Mirror had no solid body. It was like a gateway toward the past and future.

No one knew its origins or how it was formed. It was unknown whether or not it was man-made. Everything was a mystery, just like the Ghost Ships. Not even Sovereign Yun Shang or Long Chen’s senior apprentice-brother were able to give an explanation about the Ghost Ships. Perhaps they knew but refused to say.

Just at that moment, the Heaven Shrouding Mirror faded away and Long...

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