Chapter 2498 Senior Apprentice-Brother’s Gift (Teaser)

“Heaven or hell, there is no one capable of forcing me to lower my head. What’s so great about a nine star heir? I, Long Chen, am Long Chen. No one can give me orders.” A heaven-shaking roar came from Long Chen and shook this world. It was like the roar from an ancient god.

This was an unyielding will that would not lower its head to heaven or earth. It would not bend to any pressure. This was arrogance from deep within his soul.

The current Long Chen was like a completely different person. His eyes were pitch black. He was like a devil god that had been sealed within hell for millions of years and had now escaped.

“How disgraceful. As a nine star heir, you have a duty to protect the lives of the universe, to save the world from its desperate predicament. But you have yet to condense the Hegemon Body Star Diagram even after reaching the level of the Five Star Battle Armor. You didn’t cultivate properly....

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