Chapter 2493 Two Paths (Teaser)

Long Chen paused and turned back.

The white-robed man said, “This ship has countless opportunities on it, as well as countless dangers. The Ghost Ship has temporarily lost its direction and is trapped within the dragon nest. But once it breaks out of the dragon nest, it will find its original path. The Star Field Divine World is just one of its temporary stops. Before it breaks the dragon nest, we must reach the aft of the ship. Otherwise, we’ll be dragged away by the Ghost Ship to unknown worlds. At that time, the barrier separating the Ghost Ship from the outside will strengthen in order to pass through the wall between worlds. If you were still here by then, you would be trapped here and die of old age.”

Long Chen’s expression changed. Mo Nian and the others were unaware of this. If they wasted too much time, they wouldn’t return.

“You don’t need to worry about them. They are walking normal paths. Even if they don’t reach the end, when the dragon nest breaks, they will...

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