Chapter 2490 The Ghost Ship Reappears (Teaser)

Black qi flowed around Ye Ming and began to mix with the black flood. It seemed that he was borrowing its power to attack the white-robed man.

“Leave this fellow to me. You should know what to do!” shouted Ye Ming.


The white-robed man swung his sword. Ye Ming was instantly sent flying, but after retreating into the black torrent, he flew back out and attacked once more.

At the same time, Feng Fei, Zhao Ritian, and Di Feng seemed to agree with Ye Ming and went straight toward Long Chen.

“Long Chen, your death is at hand,” sneered Di Feng.

Three powerful experts were attacking Long Chen simultaneously, instantly putting him in an inferior position. Even fleeing would be difficult.

Suddenly, an arrow pierced through the air. Facing the arrow, Di Feng snorted and his body became illusory. As a result, the arrow passed through his body without causing any damage. The only one capable of...

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