Chapter 249 Shameless

People were startled by that. Long Chen continued, “Tell me, what is the goal of a battle?”

“To temper our will and spirits, allowing us to grow stronger,” answered a core disciple.

Long Chen shook his head. “What you said is an important aspect, but it is not the goal. Then let me tell you all: the ultimate goal of the battle is to slaughter your opponents.

“To slaughter your opponents doesn’t necessarily have to rely on martial might. What it requires is a kind of skill. And the highest realm of this kind of skill is to be shameless.”

Shameless? No one understood what he meant. Long Chen continued, “I’ve long since told you all that just because you have a strong fighting ability, that doesn’t mean you’ll have a powerful killing ability. The Corrupt disciples are an excellent example of that.

“You’ve all seen that their cultivation bases are extremely similar to yours. But they were extremely vicious, and every one of their attacks aims to take their opponents’ lives. That terrifies their opponents, making them incapable of resisting properly.

“That was why, in the beginning, I needed you all to first overcome that fear in your hearts.

“Now you’ve all managed to achieve that. Even in the face of a battle to the death, you won’t panic. And so this kind of tempering is no longer useful. Further tempering would just end up wearing you down.

“So now I will teach everyone a new kind of warfare. But you don’t need to be worried. This kind of tactic is extremely simple, and it will also allow everyone to have a great time…”

Two hours later, a wave of Corrupt disciples arrived at a valley where the monastery’s disciples were guarding. However, they paused when they saw how many of the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples were present.

They only had four hundred Corrupt disciples present. Although Corrupt disciples were vicious, they were not stupid. They naturally wouldn’t charge an enemy that was several times their number.

They had heard that the Righteous path’s disciples were all a bunch of cowards afraid of death, but now that they were so heavily outnumbered, they wouldn’t attack rashly without thinking.

However, what flabbergasted them was that these Righteous disciples simply ignored them. Other than a dozen disciples standing at the front, the rest of them were sitting down and cultivating. Some of them had already entered a meditative state.

There was also a large man who was actually lying on the ground, sleeping.

“Are the Righteous path’s disciples all idiots? Did they come to fight or to play around? How can they sleep at a moment like this?” cursed one of the Corrupt disciples.

“There’s definitely something fishy about this odd behavior. Don’t get duped. There’s too many of them, so let’s wait for more people,” warned the core disciple who was their leader.

They weren’t idiots. There must be some kind of trap for the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples to act like this. So they planned on observing them a bit before doing anything further. 

Both sides were watching the other from opposite sides of a valley. They were around twenty miles from each other. Seeing that they refused to come over, Tang Wan-er whispered, “They seem to be waiting for more troops. What should we do?”

Long Chen was comfortably lying on a mattress, a small parasol shading his face. At the top of the mattress was also some Queen Bee Honey.

He lazily took a sip, not even opening his eyes. “Let them wait for as long as they want. In any case, now that the meat has entered the pot, they can’t escape.”

Gu Yang glared at those Corrupt disciples and asked, “How about I bring some of our brothers over to kill them? I guarantee that they’ll all be dead in less than an hour!”

Gu Yang and the other warlike members’ hands were itchy as they watched those Corrupt disciples, wanting to go over and kill them all.

“Absolutely unnecessary. Now that everyone has gone through a true life and death battle, your auras have been tempered greatly. It is now the perfect time to consolidate your cultivation base and make an attempt to break through.

“Now that everyone is capable of staying calm even in the face of death, there’s no point of wasting time by killing those ants. Right now, you should all be focused on raising your strength as much as possible.

“Trying to break through in this kind of atmosphere is another kind of trial. You don’t need to worry about not getting your fill. The real battle is just a couple of days away.

“Don’t waste your time on them. All of you, focus on consolidating your cultivation bases and attempt to break through! Leave this place to me!”

Everyone sighed inside. Following Long Chen, it seemed that they had used up a lifetime’s worth of shocked expressions already.

All kinds of absolutely bizarre ideas would pop up from Long Chen. They were already able to stay calm in the face of his crazy antics.

They all trusted Long Chen completely, and so they began to cultivate. With the assistance of the Queen Bee Crystal, they were able to easily enter their meditative states.

Normally, entering a meditative state in the middle of the battlefield was no different than sending yourself to die. Once you entered a meditative state, then you wouldn’t even realize if an enemy were to walk right up to you while emitting killing intent.

To enter meditation in this kind of place required a great deal of courage. But they were able to do so because of their absolute trust in Long Chen. Since Long Chen had said he would take care of it, he would definitely keep them safe.

Just like that, both parties continued to stare at each other. On the side of the Xuantian Monastery, only a dozen disciples were guarding the perimeter. The rest were all cultivating.

Four hours later, two other powers had joined the Corrupt side. Due to the terrain, this valley was the only path to take within a thousand miles.

However, those two new powers were all minor powers. Even when all three parties were combined, they still had less than a thousand people.

A one-eyed Corrupt core disciple with a long scar on his face asked, “What are we still waiting for? Let’s go slaughter these Righteous idiots. They’re actually fake cultivating in front of us. That’s intolerable.”

Despite being so close, they acted as if they were ignoring them. That was definitely an insult to them. And the person that was most insulting to them was Long Chen.

He was lying on his mattress, one leg over the other, allowing the sunlight to fall over him. Occasionally, he would take a drink from his cup. That kind of relaxed and comfortable display made them feel like he was giving them constant slaps in the face.

They already knew from their seniors that Righteous path disciples were cowardly mice. Killing them was as easy as plucking weeds. 

So although they still had less than half their number, that one-eyed man still wasn’t able to hold back.

Their system of rewards was the same as the Righteous path for killing their opponents. But most importantly, the techniques of Corrupt disciples required them to kill a huge number of people in order to progress.

And so they all felt a thirst for a battle. They always treated the disciples of the Righteous path as just prey.

“This is clearly a trap. Is your remaining eye also blind?” That core disciple who arrived in the first group coldly snorted.

Of the three Corrupt powers gathered here, he was leading the most people, so he didn’t have any misgivings about telling him off.

The one-eyed man’s expression changed, and his one eye began to emit a harsh light. “Are you looking to die?”

“Yeah, I am. So what are you going to do about it?” That fellow didn’t care at all. The Corrupt disciples had never been a united front. It was a common occurrence for disciples to massacre even their fellow sect disciples.

They had only now gathered together for their own interests. Neither really cared about the other, and so all their words were loaded with gunpowder.

“Bastard!” The one-eyed man suddenly took out a saber, his killing intent surging as he walked over to that person.


They were just about to explode into an internal battle when a loud explosion rang out. They all turned to look in shock.

“Fuck, are they purposely trying to be mysterious? They actually made a cultivation breakthrough!”

Some people began to rain curses down on the monastery’s disciples. They had seen bullies, but they had never seen such an oppressive bully! If this wasn’t an insult, then the word insult must have never existed!

To actually be so brazen as to make a cultivation breakthrough when an opposing army was staring you in the face… The Corrupt disciples all turned green from rage. This was nakedly disregarding them!

They had been cautious before because they had thought that they were just posturing, purposely trying to bait them into a trap.

But now, all their faces turned red. This was a clear slap in the face. They were clearly completely looking down on them!

“Kill, kill them all! Smash them to mincemeat!”

The Corrupt disciples roared angrily, their eyes red. They quickly charged over at the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples.

On Long Chen’s side, a disciple had just made a cultivation breakthrough, advancing to the second Heavenstage of Tendon Transformation.

Even the outer disciples of the Xuantian Monastery had mostly reached the level of a flawless advancement because of the Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood.

A flawless advancement allowed their cultivation base to become incredibly sturdy. Due to having such a solid foundation, it made each step of further advancement much more difficult.

However, their combat ability would be over ten times greater than Tendon Transformation disciples of ordinary sects.

Now that they had already faced and survived a life and death battle, their Dao-hearts had become much more solidified and their bottlenecks had become much looser.

Due to that, their future advancements would also be easier. And it was due to this benefit that the monastery had been planning on taking the initiative to start a fight.

This was the process of using waves to cleanse a pile of sand. The sand would gradually wash away, and what was left behind were the golden particles that had been mixed within. Now under Long Chen’s arrangements, they had all truly become gold.

After one person advanced, more and more people began to make breakthroughs. Continuous explosions rang out as many of them began to advance into the second Heavenstage.

Those Corrupt disciples became even more sure that the Xuantian Monastery’s disciples were completely looking down on them.

“These bastards really deserve to die! I’ll personally cut them to pieces!”

The Corrupt disciples crazily surged forward. The dozen disciples guarding everyone couldn’t help but feel nervous, tightly holding their weapons.

Long Chen slowly stood up, stretching his back. He finished up the honey in his cup and glanced at Wilde.

Okay, I was just fake sleeping. But you’re actually sleeping... From looking at the pool of saliva on the ground, it was obvious that Wilde was deep in dreamland.

He walked to the front of those guards. When they saw Long Chen arrive, their nervous expressions immediately faded.

“Don’t be so nervous. Just treat it as watching a play.”

Long Chen indifferently watched those infuriated Corrupt disciples charging over. A glimmer of excitement appeared in his eyes.

They were originally just twenty miles from each other. With their speed, the Corrupt disciples were already just a mile away.

Suddenly, the ground beneath their feet caved in, appearing like a huge beast’s open maw as it devoured them.

“AHHH!” Miserable screams rang through the air!

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